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Disappointed about licensing inflexibility
They treat us just fine, thanks!
@TAG just died?
better output.log attached
@TAG just died?
Ah... OK. The no children issue is what is causing the "Create Tag..." contextual menu to not be there. However, the "Create" and "Properties" buttons still do not work properly.

output.log attached
@TAG just died?
Created a tag from an existing thought beginning with @ character (@BSG) . No problem though it took a while. Suddenly, the "Create Tag from thought" option has disappeared from my contextual menu for any thought that begins with @ sign of which there are several.

Any ideas why this would happen? I am trying to find some consistency with which thoughts provide me with the options. It appears to be only the thoughts that begin with that character.

The create button (manually in the Tags panel) is non-functioning as is the properties button.

Is this functionality not yet implemented or am I in the middle of a bug?

OPML Import loses text
Upon import of OPML, only the headings are imported, Content in outline items is not imported to the notes field. See attached sample of OPML with notes. The notes do not import. Click image for larger version - Name: opml.jpg, Views: 84, Size: 93.39 KB
Loading Expanded View Issues
1 - Upon Loading an Expanded View, I keep getting the "add attachment" dialogue.

2 - Loading an Expanded view often crashes PB: on first load of an expanded view I had saved, it crashed PB via the java virtual machine. 2) on a second attempt it did not load the view I had saved. It loaded an expanded view, but not one that I had saved. I had to select the saved view a second time to get the view to expand completely to the one I had saved.

There have now been three times that the program has crashed when loading a saved expanded view. It seems to occur after having worked in the program for more than a few minutes.
Overwrite Warning
There is no overwrite warning when saving an Expanded View with the same name as another.

FEATURE REQUEST: Can we add a "Save" feature to a saved expanded view so you can change it without needing to re-enter the name? Given that there is no overwrite warning, this is a bit kludgy.

Index Broken
The Indexing feature appears to be broken in beta. Upon each launch of PB 5, I get a warning that the brain search Index needs to be recreated because of an integrity failure. However, choosing to rebuild or selecting the rebuild option from the Utilities menu results in no activity. My brain's Instant Search index was complete before the upgrade. Now it is not and won't rebuild.
v5 upgrade motivators
The single biggest motivator for me is the introduction of a USEABLE Notes editor. One that doesn't change the HTML code I paste into it. One that doesn't slow down with larger notes.
HTML Capture
So... here's my dilemma. I'm wondering if this is simply a feature request or if someone has the scripting experience to help me find a way to accomplish this task:

I have thousands of html documents on my computer. They are in file trees that function perfectly well if I want to browse via my browser. Mostly, they are texts.

I want to find a way to grab an html document, set the title of the page as the thought name, and drop the text into the notes field.

I had hoped that the web spider feature in 3.0 would remain and/or be brought back in v 4.0. This hasn't happened. But I'm not sure if that feature would have done what I'm looking for anyway.

Any Apple Script coders out there know a way to help? I figure the easiest way might be to compile a script that would take the html files and format them in the XML format used by the brain so I could just cut and paste them into the brain.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Br. Karekin
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And perhaps you might take a look at whether there is a direct correlation between your view of people in general ("arrogant", "condescending", "idiots") and your assumptions about my intentions, motives, and mindset when asking my initial question on this thread.

All is good. I do thank you a lot for your help. And your insights. And I'm sure there are plenty of folks down the road who will benefit from your patience in walking me through the issue and finding a solution.

And if I particularly came across as escalating this, I'm sorry. Certainly not my intent. I just generally react poorly when total strangers treat me like I'm stupid - and even worse when they call me arrogant. Forums are the last place anyone should feel armed with enough information to make those assumptions.

Cheers friend... see you around the shop.
Spider Web Page feature
Here's my scenario for such a function:

I have a TON of archived HTML based content on my hard drive. They are generally CD-ROM versions of websites that contain texts I study and reference.

A spidering feature would ideally:

1 - Scan an html page and drop the name of the page into a thought and the content into the notes field
2 - Download links as children grabbing the link title as thought titles for children
3 - Drop text content of the linked page into the notes field for the thought.
4 - When a link exists to an existing page, create a link to that thought in the plex

I'm not really sure if this is how the web spidering feature ever worked in PB 3. But it sure would be a great benefit to me to take the data that I now have residing on my hard drive as web pages and incorporate it into my brain.

Much of my issue as is plain from this and other posts is to take data that I have already collected and to incorporate it into my brain structure so that I eliminate the need for redundant information. And to automate it as much as possible.

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Oh... and Thanks!!
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Ah... I see. So as far as your first answer goes:

"It's a basic computer issue--- that thought name is a STRING. As strings go, "900" is greater/higher then "2008". That's why you have to have the leading 0--- "0900" is less than/lower then "2008".

You were just full of crap and it's not really as "basic" a computer issue as I was supposed to believe which is why I took offense in the first place.

Your second attempt at helping me solve a legitimate problem I was having (and asking for help on) was more to the point:

"The key seems to be that spaces and periods are treated as parse points, so as long as your thought starts with purely legal numerics and has a space or period to terminate it before any alphabetical characters--- and all of its siblings are equally pure, the thought is treated as numeric and sorted accordingly.

And by your own admission:

"That isn't very intuitive--- "

which, of course, is why I asked.

So... I appreciate your help, even while glimpsing enough of your other "normal condescending internet self" to make me feel a little gross.

Most of us, btw, are neither idiots nor arrogant and condescending. Most of us simply when asking why something doesn't work the way we intuit that it should based on previous behaviors exhibited by the program.

I come to user forums to ask questions, report unusual behavior, report the bugs I find, and swap ideas with other users.

I do not come to user forums to shoot other users in the foot for asking questions, belittle them for not figuring out the answer on their own, to prove how much I know or don't know, or to other wise engage in obnoxious exchanges with strangers willing to hide behind the veil of "normal condescending internet selves" as though that in and of itself were a badge of honor.

Life is far too short... and yes... my time is way too valuable.

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