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Nostalgia -- PersonalBrain 3.03 with Windows 10

Despite the myriad of changes in TheBrain over the years, there's still a hankering in me for simplicity.

I believe 3.03 was the last Windows based version before TheBrain Technologies decided to switch to Java. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Now with the latest iteration of TheBrain 9.0, TheBrain Technologies has returned to its roots. I am sorely tempted to upgrade, but am going to see if I am hindered by the simplicity of PersonalBrain 3.03. I do not require cloud storage.
I am running PB 3.03 in Windows 10, 64 bit version.

1. Installed in the root directory ( C:\ ) in its own folder. Installing in either the Program Files
directory or in the Program Files (x86) directory caused problems with functionality.

2. I am not running it in either compatibility mode or as an administrator. Running it as an administrator or in compatibility mode didn't allow me to drop web links into it.

3. It is necessary for me to have Internet Explorer (version 11) open in order for web links to work. If IE is open and I click on a web link thought in PB, then the page is opened.

4. If IE is not open, clicking on a web link thought will not open any browser. Even if I set IE as my default browser, the links will not open it. Again, though, if the browser is open, the links in PB will work. I can even select a web link thought in PB and use the spider web page feature.
With the Windows platform, PB 3.03 was and still is speedy. Yes, I can see the hundreds and thousands of improvements that have been made since the early days. I do have the demo/free version of TheBrain version 9 and am continuing to test it. I think, though, that it's definitely cool that the early version, a solid piece of software still works. Kudos to Harlan and the original team.

Suggestion for Future Plex Styles
What's going on here? Are your suggestions screen shots of the InfoRapid Knowledgebase Builder software?
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