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Brain Update service exe got tagged as a Trojan by Windows Defender
Harlan, I'm getting a similar issue with the latest release.


Is this a real threat, or just a false positive?
Process illustration and PersonalBrain
Hi all!

For a long time I've been expecting PersonalBrain to become a system which will help me manage projects and processes.

I see PersonalBrain as having a huge potential in this respect indeed!

While looking for something to illustrate processes, I've stumbled over http://2c8.com/

2c8's way of illustrating processes is impressive, albeit not very different to other similar software packages, but still a good system for companies to produce process descriptions for ISO certification, and thus, everyday work processes.

PersonalBrain is GREAT at storing this from the past (looking back), but bad at planning anything for the future (looking forward).

Can PersonalBrain do this soon?

I dare to say, that with this innovation, PersonalBrain will become the best software to organise your life, personal and professional!
You will be able to store everything digital and link it to a whatever you want, and with the process diagramming, be able to plan future work much, MUCH better than today.

I'm so looking forward to this feature, and to see TheBrain.com go to the next level of planning and storing.

My two-cents.

Thanks for reading my rant!
Thought names change 'automativally'
I'm running

Some of my thoughts keep changing names. I correct them, but then they change back after a few minutes, even while I'm watching!!
Really spooky! Sometimes I think I'm scizophrenic (sp?)!

Anybody else experienced this?

100% CPU usage CPU loading issue is gone on my machine.

@Harland: Thanks!
100% CPU usage
10 thoughts being displayed, and running 50% of CPU (hogging 1 core). Only when PB is NOT minimised. When minimising, the CPU useage falls to normal levels (0-3%)

Version 5.5.02 does not have this problem.
100% CPU usage
I'm experiencing EXCACTLY the same!
It's bordering on making PB useless!!

Please provide a fix very soon!
Adding "linear" representations
Quote: Creativity research strongly supports that it is not the mere presence of non-linear thinking that is correlated with creativity but the ability to integrate non-linear with linear thinking- a constant interplay between the two. This would take PB one big step forward.

I completely agree! This feature is the missing link in PB!

My analog brain works in sequences, e.g. (1) Get into car, (2) start engine, (3) drive. Not just in links, e.g. (1) Driving car, (1.1) Start engine, (1.2) Sit in car, (1.3) Get into car

This type of sequence is difficult (I knonw it IS *possible*!) in PB, and will be a 'killer app' for planning and project management (my main field of use). My main use would be to go from Work Breakdown Structures to Work Sequencing/Planning in a single window.
PB Does Not Remember Window Position on Dual Monitor Setup
I have had the same issue!!

Incredibly annoying!!

My situation was the second screen was the primary (desk screen), and PB was in the secondary screen (Laptop). Normally I opened PB on the laptop screen, and everything else on the desk screen.

So why is this wrong? 
When I go home PB starts on the laptop screen, PB opens, BUT (BIG BUT!!) the pop-up screen for "Choose file" is on the Desk screen which is not present! 

The end of the story is that I need to go to work, start PB and click the right buttons on the Desk screen!

Off topic: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Best holidays to all TheBrain-employees and Beta-tester,

Everyone, keep up the good work!!


PS: If moderator finds this post removable, he is lacking the Christmas spirit
5011 has forgotten my settings
Me too!

Even my user name and serial number are lost.

PB doesn't even recognise the activation file which I downloaded from TheBrain approx 10min ago. PersonalBrain unresponsive after 2 hours of use.
I have the same experience as you. It seems better with, but PB still accumulate (hogs) memory, and becomes unresponsive over time.
Visualising bank transfers and PB inherent limitations
I've started to experiment visualisation of money transfers and payments with PB. It works well, BUT I MUST have directional links!

As long as I can keep the money flow going downwards in the hierarchy, it works well, but I need to visualisee the money flows.

PB is potentially an EXCELLENT tool for this type of visualisation, but the limitations are too big to ignore.

I've found these limitations:
* Directional links (arrows)
* Summing (or make equations) of numbers on the links

Please share your experience with using PB as a money manaagement tool.
Dynamic Background Image
We should have a way of distinguishing (sp?) thoughts from the rest of the brain, using 'elevations' or 'temperature' or 'heat'. This could be a dynamic background which changes color, and also group thoughts which have a high degree of connectedness or other similar metadata.

I have (along with others) suggested such features before:

If you have many thoughts shown on the screen it can be helpful, similarly benefitial for analysis work.

Hopefully we will see this in the future.
New release much faster!!!
"I feel the need, the need for speed!"

Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell (acted by Tom Cruise)
Lt. JG Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw (acted by Anthony Edwards)
From the film "Top Gun"
CPU loading with PB5.0 then closes
I'm using PB all the time during the day! At work, at home, wherever. This means I have PB active practically 100% of the time on my second screen.

What I'm experiencing is that PB starts to grind slower and slower, as it gradually becomes larger on memory. I'm adding more and more links to PB and that seems to make it work much slower. It grinds to a halt at CPU 50%, and then suddenly PB closes completely.

Anyone else had similar problems?
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