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Win: Auto-hide Bug
Still NOT working with  PB v6.0.0.7b.

Status still as with first post.
Timed double-click work-around works still as described.

Good luck on finding the bug.
If I can be of any assistance for tracking down the bug, please let me know.

Win: Auto-hide Bug
Not solved in

I just installed version

The bug however has not been solved.
Still behaves as described in first posting of this thread.

Win: Auto-hide Bug

I can confirm: PB v

OS: Windows XP SP3 all patched
Java: up-to-date   (v 1.6.0_20)

output.log has been sent to above eMail address.

Greetings from Switzerland,

Win: Auto-hide Bug
When one has selected Auto-hide - eg. <Window> <Auto-hide right> - the brain wants to stay on top. It doesn't hide when another application is selected, clicked at/on.

I did some testing. Here my findings:

When I select another window next to the brain by clicking to it, Personal Brain looses the focus for a very short time. About half a second.
In this time the title bar changes the color from active (eg blue) to inactive (eg. grey). It then comes back to active right away (within less than a second, approx. half a second).

Work-around-"solution" (not really)
When one does perform a medium speed manual (!) double click, the brain hides.
The trick is, to catch the right timing. A configured double click (eg on a special mouse key) does not work.
After the first click, one has to wait for Personal Brain to react and change the color of the title bar. Then one have immediately to click again.
Too fast doesn't work, too slow doesn't work. On my system it is about half a second between the clicks.

Sometimes I've got the feeling, that the success also depends on the background app or spot where one clicks.
Sometimes I have to take a few attempts. But the clicks always need to be within the above mentioned time sequence to make the Brain hide.

This is a very nasty bug and hinders me for using the brain effectively for testing.

Thanks for fixing.

Greetings from Switzerland,

Not sure if this is normal : thought name cropped
mnolte wrote: It's a feature


Well. Didn't see or remember this tip.

In my case: 
The thought name came straight from the website title.
But since it didn't show the same as the title, it was very confusing.

This might be good in some cases and confusing in other cases.

I feel: Such a 'feature' should be in the preference list to be switched on or off.

Just my 2¢   

Not sure if this is normal : thought name cropped
I found a similar issue

When a thought name conains the name of the parent thought AND commata are used, the part of the thought with the parent thought name disappears in the plex.

In the properties, it does however show the complete and correct thought name. (See attached print-screen)

This behaviour can be replicated and happens both, on drag-and-drop thoughts (eg URL-links) or manually generated/written thoughts.

If one removes the commata, the thought name appears correctly

Click image for larger version - Name: PB4Beta.jpg, Views: 55, Size: 40.75 KB
Drag/Drop URL
Congratulation 'Online!'

This is
a) a great idea
b) well presented / illustrated with your graphic.

I really like this behaviour very much.

I support this request 100% (or more )

A great idea of having the URL as the thought name and the site title as the label, which is shown when you are hovering over it with the mouse:  Wow . I am impressed. Just what I want.

I also support your proposal to have this behaviour as an option to be switched on or off in the Preferences (Settings).
So one can decide self which behaviour he likes more.

Is it possible to include this behaviour in one of  the next releases? (Before Gold or even before public beta?)     That would be great!

Umlauts in
Harlan wrote: We will address this shortly.

Thanks a lot. This is helping us European (and other non-english speaking people) a lot. This is so far one of the most annoying things on PB4.

Looking forward to this fix.

BTW: This fix will also be implemented in the other versions (Windows, Linux) as well, won't they? accentuated char missing
I also experienced this issue. (Running under Windows)

I guess most people around the world will have it. Also english speaking, since those also use some not-only-english sites. 

Yes, a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Umlauts in

I do have the same issue when importing an URL with international characters in the title.
I therefore get about the same mess.

PS: Running on Windows.

bug: attachement icon "runs" away
Hi Harlan,

Thanks for this work around (until the bug is fixed). Tried it and worked. Thanks.

bug: attachement icon "runs" away
When dragging an internet link to the brain, it often generates long tought names.
(However, you can create the same issue by just entering a very long thought name.)

If one wants to click on the link (attachement icon) to launch the attachement - in this example to launch the browser with the web site, the following happens:

- you move the cursor over the thought -> it now extents to all/more text lengt of the thought
- now you move the cursor to the left towards the attachement icon (which is now far left of the cursor)
- if you leave the area of the original (un-extended) thought width, it collaps back to the non-extended length -> the attachement icon is now right of the cursor
- if you move the cursor towards the thought and reach it, it now again extends and the attachement icon is left of your cursor

So your trace the icon, but it jumps left and right and you can't click on it.

You can't click on the attachement to launch it, unless you edit the thought name to a shorter one.

PB4 Software Icon
Harlan wrote:

Thanks for your input. Everyone at TheBrain agrees with you.


New icons (brighter, much clearer, and cooler IMHO) are coming right up... New autohide button icon also!


OK. With the we got the new icons.

Hhhmmmm...... actually, I liked the old one - the light grey version of the old one - much better. (The version, the auto hide button had until now.)
It's not a big deal, but for me, the light grey circle with the gentle blue in it, was great.

I did not like the modified one with the dark background. But the original one was great. Just keep it.   

Feature idea: controlling expanded view via +/- keys
Harlan wrote: Only even numbers are used since odd numbers would make the links to thoughts directly below the active thought all overlap. Thanks for your feedback.


....that's right. One thing, I never thought of.   There seams to be a lot of thoughts behind what ever have been done a certain way.

Thanks for your answer.
Feature idea: controlling expanded view via +/- keys
Harlan wrote:

PB4 dynamically calculates the optimal number of columns. So, you get 2 columns if everything will fit, 4 if there's to much for 2 columns, 6 after that and so on...




Hi Harlan

Your above comment (and some similar comments in some other threads) triggered some questions:

a) Number of columns
Does it only take even number of columns (2, 4, 6, ...) or also uneven (3,  5, ...).
If just even: It might not matter too much if 6 or 8. But if you are on the lower end, 2 or 4 is quite a difference and having the option of 3 would make a difference.

b) Forcing to use certain / minimal number of columns
Space available for thoughts is dependent of selected font size and name length of the thoughts. Most of time several to most of the thoughts are cut off any how.
So I wondered, if one could force / preset in preference, the prefered number of columns? (eg automatic, minimum, maximum, standard, ....).
Then it would either cut off more of the text or show more.

Just my 2 cents.

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