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Feature improvement request - copy-paste though with all children

Hello Gentlemen,

yes, you are right! Thank you so much. I must say that TheBrain is smarter than my brain [smile]


Unfortunately, I already copied the desired tree of thoughts manually, before got zenrain’s response [smile]

Thank you again for your responses and thanks to TheBrain team for such a great tool!


Bug: TheBrain update - MacOS - downloaded update gets lost if postponed update
When downloading an update for TheBrain.MacOS, it gets lost if the update procedure is postponed

 - you have pre-latest version of theBrain installed

1. Open TheBrain for Mac   --  it detects the update is available and prompts to download.
2. Accept update download  -- update is downloaded. TheBrain prompts for restart to complete the update
3. Say "no" (you have to finish the current work on your thoughts)
4. then run update again, manually (menu TheBrain -> Check for Updates)

AR: update gets downloaded again

ER: TheBrain detects the update has been already downloaded and prompts for restart to complete the update procedure
Feature improvement request - copy-paste though with all children
I have several brains. And would like to create thought-tree templates. For instance, diary. Thought having years as children; each year has months as its children.
Then I'd want to copy this structure as a template to another brain. But what I can do is just copy-paste a single thought.

Could you please add the possibility to copy-paste a tree.

Cannot uncheck todo-list items(#166)
1. Make a list of checkboxes in a thought (by a desktop client)
2. Check some checkboxes
3. Open the thought by iOS version (iPad,
4. Tap on the checked checkboxes (by finger or Apple Pencil)

 nothing changes

  checkboxes get unchecked
Harlan Hugh Gives the Scoop on Development of TheBrain 9
Let's say perpetual license is a car.
Cloud services - highways.

Option 1: you can buy a car
Option 2: buy a car + permit for highways for one year for $289. Following years will be $159.
Option 3: buy permit for highways for $180 per year. And you will get a car for free to drive.

But nowadays cars without highways are almost useless.
So option 1 we can just skip.
Options 2 and 3 are actually the same thing: if you stop paying for highways, you still have your car, but where to drive it?
3 alternatives without a choice.
But users spend much time to understand what is the difference between #2 and #3 as it's not so clear from the description (or it's unbelievable that there is no difference).
Harlan Hugh Gives the Scoop on Development of TheBrain 9
Yes. It also marvels me sometimes how the people see one keyword in the message and make conclusions based on it instead of understanding the whole message [smile]

1. Search and mapping do not exclude each other
2. TheBrain is much-much more than just a mind mapping. I used many mm-tools and all of them live fine without typification of the items (minds and maps).
3. What I'm trying to tell is just about one more layer in the price model. Current model offers virtually the same thing twice. Which means "no alternative".
I just wanted to express my thinking to help the team find more paying users.

Harlan, I do understand how much efforts is TheBrain.
I will try to reword little bit my concerns.
Let's say the light version I mentioned in my previous post, costs $180 per year.
And current ProServices - $220.

I would buy the $180 one without so much thinking as there is no such stopper in my head that " I'm paying for things I won't use."
And another stopper was: "hard to understand Combo vs Services". Actually this is the same option (Combo is just a bit cheaper if I'm planning to use it for 7+ years).
But for me it took a while to understand that there is no more difference in these two pricing models.

As a user I wanted to see real and clear alternatives in pricing that I can choose from.

The 3rd stopper: 1 month of testing was not enough - I would buy 2 or 3 months before making annual subscription.

Those three stoppers did not actually stop me from buying (but delayed for a couple of months).
However, it might stop many other clients. Or delay (which is also a sort of losses).

Again, I agree I can be wrong. Please understand me correctly: I just wanted to express my thinking to help TheBrain to get more paying users.
I believe, this is important not only for your team, but also for all the current users : the more of us you have - the better thing you will make [smile]

Thanks again, 
Harlan Hugh Gives the Scoop on Development of TheBrain 9
Thank you Harlan for your response.

Yes, I did purchase the Pro, and I'm happy to join the great family of thinking people [smile]

  1. Your tool is really the state of the art. It has plenty of features and use-case scenarios. Therefore, I think 1 month of testing period is not enough. From the other hand, I understand that you cannot make infinite testing.
    For this reason, monthly-pay option would be the great alternative. I was thinking of it only as "pay a month or two to extend testing period".
    For such a tool I think 2 or 3 months is sufficient testing period.
  2. For me it was a big challenge to choose between "Pro Combo" and "Pro Service" options. It took days to understand that "Combo" has no advantage over "Service" in my case. Nowadays it's hard to think about things without cloud-sync. When I stop using services, then stand-alone TheBrain is virtually useless (I do not know people having just a single device, but even if so, then permanent backup in cloud is essential).
    From the other hand, for you as a company selling perpetual licenses means maintaining old infrastructures (if you make TheBrain 11, you may need to support 8, 9, 10 and 11 users with perpetual licenses). It's nightmare and expensive.
    So, from my vision you offer 3 options, but one of them is just useless, and the other two are as similar to each other as confuse the new users.
  3. The application itself is looking (just my opinion) a bit over-engineered.
    For instance, taking types of relations, types of thoughts, directions of the relations. Great features, and they sound sexy. Of course, they give some value.
    but... to get the value I have to invest much time setting all those attributes in my thoughts. I did start doing that, but later realized that the value I can get is not worth of the investment (time for adding those attributes to every new thought). With great searching capabilities that TheBrain already has, most people do not need typification of thoughts and relations.
    I try to evaluate the things I'm doing with 2 main parameters: [investment and value]. And sort them by [value / investment] ratio.
    Then it's easy to cut the expensive features not producing much value off.

    If it had been possible to choose a plan where:
    • no file-attachments (but should be linking with relative path, like I mentioned in another thread "feature-request..."]
    • no thought-types
    • no relations-types
    • no relation-directions
    • automatically resize images (icons in thoughts,...) so they occupy less space in TheBrain cloud (actually, I would add this feature anyway since it will save some seconds and bytes on further synchronization)  
    • less cloud storage space (if we link files instead of attaching into the thoughts, we do not need so much space from TheBrain cloud)
    • fewer bucks in price
------------ I would buy such one without so much thinking. This time I had a feeling that I would pay for something that won't use. I've seen so many complains about TheBrain's price so far, so I guess some middle plan would turn that negative emotion into paying users.

Thank you again for making this great tool, and for listening to your clients!
[Feature Request] please improve file-linking feature (integrate with other cloud services)


I would like to request a very powerful feature that is really easy to implement.

I have both Windows and Mac machines. The thoughts in The Brain have file-attachments.
TheBrain stores absolute path when linking the files. So links made on Windows do not work on Mac and vice-versa.

I guess this will be real nightmare for TeamBrain, when thoughts from different people and different platforms won't work.

I suggest that:
 - make integration with different cloud storages (Dropbox/GoogleDrive/iCloud/OneDrive etc, or just any folder (share on a server in local network).
The integration should be really simple: just add the directory path to the settings.
Then links in TheBrain thoughts will have 2 properties: [cloud service] and [relative path in the sync-directory].

For instance, when saying about dropbox.
On Win client I configure that DropBox dir is C:\Users\user0\Dropbox
On Mac - DropBox is /Users/user0/Dropbox

Then, linking a Document1.docx that is located in Windows machine as C:\Users\user0\Dropbox\Project1\Document1.docx
will be stored in TheBrain as [folder=Dropbox; path=Project1/Document1.docx]

This file will be easily accessed on Mac if Dropbox syncs.

I know that I can copy that file to TheBrain to sync them among different platforms, but:
 - it's more convenient to have files in the file-system instead of having them in theBrain as attachments
 - it reduces cloud-costs for TheBrain (big files will be stored somewhere else)
 - Some documents are not allowed to be stored in the cloud (important for corporate users) - then internal servers will do the job
 - OneDrive supports simultaneous edits by different users for Word-files. And online edits of Excel/Word files stored in OneDrive. The Brain can keep this powerful feature for the users if offers such a simple integration with OneDrive
 - iOS and Android versions of TheBrain also can access files from all the cloud storages
 - TheBrain-users can work with the documents which are shared with other people who do not use TheBrain.

To implement this feature you need just one tab in settings form, where users can add settings as key-value list like
  - name: path
(for instance:
 Dropbox: /Users/user0/Dropbox
 GoogleDrive: /Users/user0/GDrive
 CorpShare: smb:///server1/share1

The keys should be synced by TheBrain, values not (or values can be synced if the platform is the same)
On the other machine the user should select the path for empty keys.

Harlan Hugh Gives the Scoop on Development of TheBrain 9

Thank you Sean for your response.
Is it possible that you share a bit of your schedule for the features/defects listed?
I am really thinking of joining the group of the clients of your great tool.
But please understand me: it's quite a big investment of money (annual subscription) and huge investment of my time (migration of the knowledge from one system to The Brain).

I'd probably accept some inconvenience if it is not going to take "forever" but has some clear milestones.

Thank you,

Harlan Hugh Gives the Scoop on Development of TheBrain 9

Really great tool. I have been thinking about purchasing it for months. But most likely I won't.

There is no one big reason of that though. But a couple of things joined together driving me to the negative decision.


1. Pricing model. I understand great and premium things should cost much. But:

 1.1 there is nothing in between of FREE version and Very Expensive Pro. Just huge gap. FREE version is useless for me, but Pro is too expensive, since I'm not going to use 50% of the features (I think nobody uses all features, but some subsets).

 1.2 only annual subscriptions are available. I'd think about to pay small amounts monthly. But not ready to spend $180 and risk to meet a stopper-issue that would block me (for instance annoying crashes). The Brain is a great thing, but far not as stable as, for instance Adobe Photoshop (for which I pay ten bucks a month, and I know for sure it will never crash). It'd probably take "it's beta" and pay for a month, then - for the second, and then stop if see no progress. But I do not have such option.


2. The Brain is not stable. Period.

   2.1 It does crash a lot. Wanna paste image from clipboard as a thought icon? Get a crash instead (I reported that crash, sent logs months ago, but it still crashes when pasting image).

   2.2 It gets crazy on my MS Surface Book, when connected multiple displays:

      2.2.1 poorly handles events when it moves from the main screen (resolution 3000x2000, with 200% scale) to a secondary screen (1290x1200, scale is 100%). After such move you cannot even add a new though: the dialog is displayed somewhere I cannot see)

      2.2.2 when 2 external monitors connected to my surface, TheBrain cannot "Capture Image" from screen#3. Weird. Exactly the same display #3 is ok for capturing images from.

3. Lack of modern features.

   3.1 poor integration with one-note:

      3.1.1 Drag-and-drop a page from one-note? No! Just copy-paste link

      3.1.2 Open a OneNote page from TheBrain? Yes, but it goes to WebVersion of OneNote

   3.2 Hand-writing notes? No. Hand-writing/voice recognition/digitizing? No. Search in hand-written or voice recorded notes? no. Crucial things to be single-solution for knowledge. And for such a price I'd expect this to be a single tool where I store/track/map my knowledge items.


I understand that stability (items##2) requires some time. The features I would expect (##3) too. I understand that and would accept some limitations (such as using TheBrain only on the primary screen of my Surface, manually search OneNote pages in Desktop version of OneNote (where I have tons of hand-written and voice-recorded "thoughts", no image pasting).

But what I see - even crashes are not getting fixed within reasonable time (#2.1). TheBrain9 has been being available for many months, but the QA team does not test it on multi-display systems with different scales). You might say "it's beta". But reported crashes may not live so long, even if it's beta. And too expensive for poor quality.


From one side:
 - great futuristic tool!!!

 - Premium price
 - long-term stability from the clients is requested (only annual subscription)

From the other side:

 - no premium quality

 - lack of premium features.


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