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Children of a certain type
Harlan, thanks!
Search in Android App
In the application for android very much is not enough search in the text of notes. Add please
Children of a certain type
Is there any way to choose all the children of thought, having a certain type?
The report does not provide an opportunity to do this.
Selecting relevant thoughts also does not make it possible.
Such an opportunity is very scarce.
Google calendar sync two-way in vers. .234? (#4047)
Please add the name of the thought to the name of the event or to the description when synchronizing. So it will be much clearer what the event looks like when viewed from the calendar.
If I add an event to a synchronized calendar, what thought will it be added to?
TB9 Mac OS
TB9 for Mac does not start. Hangs on a circle initialization and all.
Version Mac 10.16. TB
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