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Generating a Citation Forest
I'd like to create an automated method for adding new papers to a brain that serves as a repository for my "important" scientific articles.   I already have a system to import new journal articles with relevant keywords, journals, authors and/or categories into Endnote.  However, Endnote and most other citation libraries don't create a map to link these articles, it's hard to connect individual articles with each other.  

My goal is to create a Brain that contains links between all of these identifiers.  Here is a smaller version (app.thebrain.com/brains/a1112d55-f93d-4968-a75f-a012c13fb6f4) with only ~10 articles.

In my mind the benefit of the brain is the ease of transitioning between different parents, siblings and children.  But creating each link and node is very time consuming (journals, authors, keywords, read/unread, funding agency, etc).  

Any thoughts?
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