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I think I have a perpetual license for TheBrain version 9, and a one-year subscription to the online features, but the \help\About text says the following:

Pro license and services to (one year date)
Version (current version)
License does not qualify for Version 9.

Shouldn't this read:

Pro License Perpetual
Services to (one year date)
License does not qualify for Version 10.
Printing (#1158)
Looking for an update. Still a workaround? I thought that 'print' would be a basic feature, no?
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
Right all, thanks for your help. Suggest we follow up on this to make sure there is a simple, failsafe way to open a brain that is in its original form, and not a *.brz file. Just for the same version, I mean.

I mean, there is no reason not to be able to, other than the "feature menu" - really need that? I would trade for reliable, pls.
(Also got a reply from Support that it's been added as a ticket item. thanks.)
Replying to: ZenRain
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
Hi Metta - I was working on that, so I don't know. I tried putting the brains in their original directories - under two users. I noticed that when I logged into the second user it had recreated three blank brains, which is what clued me. I deleted those and replaced them with the original brains, and it worked! So they are opening and okay. This does demonstrate another 'feature' that has no failsafe, however, and needs to be addressed.
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
FOLKS, There HAS to be a way to just OPEN a local V9 brain. It just has to be there. Why wouldn't it be there?
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
Dead in the water. Rocks on the shoreline. It's Holloween around here.
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
Nope - dead end there as well. I don't even know what's going on between cloud server and local. This is not transparent, and has become totally unmanageable. Exactly what I expected - which is why I asked Brigette to take care of it on Thursday.

(Well - they're supposed to know when to call in a heavy hitter for an assist, no?)
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
APPARENTLY, there is no way to import or open a version 9 brain, that is not already in the system. It has to be a backed up or exported BRZ file. But I can't create a backup or *.brz file unless I can open it to do so. FYI, it was created using the free version on a different account in a different directory on the same machine. Does anyone have an idea here?

I have a critical deadline. This has been since Friday.

I guess the only work around is to swap accounts, which will give me the free version, open the brains in the original directory, and then export them. And then switch accounts again and import the BRZ files. Mind you this is all to open a brain in the pro version. Okay? Harlan...
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
Still not resolved. Does anyone know how to tell the brain CPU where the brain is? When I attempt to import the BRZ file that was made in a brain's main folder, it refuses. The error message says "the brain already exists" - and I can "change the GUID" or "delete the brain." It also won't open it - there is no thumbnail and no brain name for any of the four brains sitting in that directory, and it reports a problem and offers to send email.

Also should mention that I got an email with a link from my first emailed support request late Friday, but can't find an entry in the support section - don't know what's going on there.

Yeah - How's your Sunday going?
Impossible to have access to my Brains
My understanding was that in TB8 the user authentication was only required prior to syncing, and I don't understand why it would be an improvement to create this kind of dependency on web server access when attempting to open and use local files. Am I missing something here?[/QUOTE

I think this would be a disaster. What if there is an emergency and we're running on gas generators, etc. LIKE I AM? Please don't get me started.

Finally got to the end. Hopefully the issue is resolved. Concur with all those squirrels like me who like their nuts to be secure.
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
These brains were created with the same revision, whatever it is. Read the OP. Thank you ms Metta. I don't want to have to assume things - like that the brain can figure out that I'm trying to import a brain that doesn't need to be imported and just open it. Every time I give an inch it costs a foot. OUCH! So, onward.
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
I got twisted in a new account / old account that I trusted sales to resolve (It's taken 48 hours on the clock and two hours of my time.) And I'm still going because I ended up losing brains - they're in there, but I have no idea how to open them since there is no "open a brain" command - just import.

Okay, I know that Harlan wants to eliminate every non essential button - but both sales and support left me 24 hours so far waiting, and I've got a critical deadline, and the answer is NOT ANYWHERE - to the question, WHY IS THERE NO "BRAIN/OPEN" command? I really shouldn't have spent more than FIVE MINUTES / ONE EMAIL - Boom! on this upgrade (from a 1998 purchase, fyi, thank you Harlan.) instead of a COUPLE HOURS in 2 days and counting.

So I assume I have to use the command that IS universal (I am feeling the light from above) - import - even though yesterday I had all these brains working. Cause the only file that's available is a *.brz. I'm just worried there's another gotcha coming - yes I "backed up" the directories by making a copy. Why don't you guys work weekends? I have to.
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