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Routing of "directed links"


I am finding new useful features every day... lately I have discovered the "directed link" feature which allows me to indicate a direction for a link.

However, under certain circumstances the rendering of the feature can be quite "miss-leading" --> see attached screen shot 1.

Even if I do get rid of the label the arrow is still "miss-leading" --> see screen shot 2.

Extending the distance between any two thoughts improves the situation a little bit --> see screen shot 3.

Question: Why is the link between two thoughts closely situated together rendered with this "loop" sort of link instead of a simple short arc?


  • Render links between closely situated thoughts as an arc (instead of a loop)
  • In case of very short arcs display the label "next to" instead of "on" the link/arc. à see screen shot 4
All of this is just a minor issue but if anybody is working on the rendering engine it might be worth considering…

Click image for larger version - Name: Screen shot 1.png, Views: 67, Size: 169.29 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Screen shot 2.png, Views: 68, Size: 166.16 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Screen shot 3.png, Views: 67, Size: 181.58 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Screen shot 4.png, Views: 68, Size: 178.12 KB
Why I want an API (was: A tool I would like)
Hi Brigitte,

first of all thank you for the quick reply.

However, working in the IT Business myself I have to  say that the standard answer "XYZ is on the roadmap but we are unable to give a timeline" (and the support team is giving this answer to practically every feature request someone raisers) is not particularly helpful from a customer perspective.

While I understand that giving a release date for a particular feature carries the risk of disappointing a lot of your customers in case of delays I know from own experience that giving sort of a "roadmap" helps in satisfying one's stakeholders (and your customers should be considered stakeholders, I guess 😉).

So my question would be: Could you share your thinking on a **high level** roadmap for TB9? Something of the sort: 
  • Focus on a stable V9 release first
  • V9.1 will then focus on: 
  • Improved reporting capabilities 
  • Tweaking of XYZ and
  • Version 1.0 of an API
  • V9.2 will focus on: 
  • New XYZ
  • Improved XYX
  • ...

Don't get me wrong: as outlined earlier I love TB and do not want to offend anybody! But exactly because I like the software I am highly interested in the plans you guys have for future development...

It's there anything of that sort you guys might want to share?


P.S.: ... the request for a high level roadmap is still valid even if it turns out that the API - which this thread is all about - is not yet scheduled for any of the next (sub-) releases because there are so many other features which take priority on your list.
Why I want an API (was: A tool I would like)
Hi together,

I have recently discovered TB and have to say I am enthusiastic about the possibilities it offers... this program really has the potential to be a game changer for me !!!!!

However, the possibilities of an API (and thus the possibility to automate certain tasks) would make TB... a dream come true.

Since the last update on this topic is close to 8 months old I would be interested if someone could share some more insights on the direction you guys are working and a **rough** estimate on when we could hope to see a first implementation.

No invitation?

I have received an invitation now... already downloading, than you.

No invitation?

I have filled the application form some days ago and did not receive any reply.

Is it still possible to join the beta? 

Thank you for an update and BR,
Feature Request: Date field for thoughts
Hi Harlan,

thank you for the quick reply and your suggestion.

However, I have to admit that I did have something else in mind. Sorry for not being precise in the first place.

I am looking for a possibility to integrate structured information (that's where TB excels) with task management (i.e. follow-up activities associated with a proposal I am working on).

To that end it would be helpful if
  1. a thought would have a due date (and ideally also a start date) associated with it and
  2. one could create a report based/filtered on these two dates.

That would give us the possibility to create reports like:
  • Show me all thoughts of type ["Active Task"] with a start date of "today or earlier" - i.e. do not show task which I cannot start working on as of today
  • Show me all thoughts of type [Not "Completed Task"] with a due date of "this coming Friday or earlier" - i.e. everything that needs to be completed before the end of the week.
It seems to me that both additions (date fields, additional filter criterion for reports) should not change the nature of TB at all and would integrate quite nicely in the existing system.

What do you think?

Feature Request: Date field for thoughts

I am new to TB and have to say I like alot what I've seen so far. Great tool!

I have seen that there has been discussion on adding date fields to thoughts some time ago.

Since this feature would be crucial to using TB for task management as well: Can anyone please give an update on the status of that feature request, thank you.

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