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Unable to right-click on any thought
Email has been sent. It's working for me now, but hopefully the logs will have what you need to see what happened earlier.

Unable to right-click on any thought
I have version in Windows 7 and I every time I right click on any thought in any brain it crashes. Other things seem to work ok, and I've been using this version without any problems (including right-clicking) for a couple of weeks so far.

Any ideas what this might be?

How see the the Brain dbase toughts on different devices
Harlan wrote:

Please clarify where you are trying to do this... In a browser? Which one? Or are you trying to use the Android App? If you are using the App, there is no need to change the settings - just make sure you are using version 9, as explained here:  http://forums.thebrain.com/post/8526090

Sorry, I'm referring to the Android app. The instructions on the linked page says "To access the new features and sync your Brains from version 9, you must select the menu icon in the top right corner and choose "Version 9" before you login". On the app's startup screen there's no menu icon in the top right corner, and on the login screen there is a menu icon, but there's no option for version 9. Only a field to enter a server address.
How see the the Brain dbase toughts on different devices
lkane wrote: Hello,

If I am understanding your question correctly, you are trying to understand why your Brains are not syncing across platforms? If so, it helps to confirm that you are using the same versions of TheBrain across devices. It appears that you are using TheBrain 9 on your desktop, so if you wish to see the synced Brains online, please log into  http://app.thebrain.com/login. To make sure that your Android device syncs with these Brains as well, please make sure to follow the instructions in this link (http://forums.thebrain.com/post/how-to-install-thebrain-9-for-android-8526090?pid=1295841716) if you have not already done so.

To clarify, you are logging into webbrain.com which will sync with TheBrain version 8 but not version 9.


Hi, I have tried setting the server address to http://app.thebrain.com/login (and also tried https), but it just says "No Connection" when I try and log in. It does work with my version 8 brains though if I type in webbrain.com.
How to merge two brains in TheBrain 9?
I've read older articles that says to go to the report view of a brain you want to copy, select all, and go to the brain you want to add it to and paste (ctrl-v), but nothing pastes. 

Is there a different way to merge brains in TheBrain 9?

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