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Webbrain not syncing with Android app
Still pretty new to TheBrain (towards the end of my trial) and can't get the Android app to work.  I installed it on my phone and logged in.  

I am logged into the app, and seeing a "Welcome to TheBrain" screen.  In the lower half, it says "Existing Brainiac?  Go to TheBrain on your desktop.  Click on the Sync button to get your Brain on this app."

I did that, but nothing is changing in the app.

One thing I noticed is that when I go to the "Account Info" in the app, it lists me as "Free Service Account
Expires today
Server: http://webbrain.com"

It has been saying "expires today" for the past few days, so seems like some kind of bug.  I still have a few days left in my trial.  I was planning to purchase the cloud service before the sale ends, although I don't want to commit until I know whether or not my whole account is bugged somehow.  

It's also worth noting that the IOS version of the app appears to be working fine.
Bulk Color/Icon Editing?
Thanks, just got it working.  Thought I'd gone though all those videos, but it appears I missed a couple on second glance.

To answer your question, I'm in TB9.  

To get this working, I didn't create a unique thought type, but instead assigned a unique tag.  I couldn't find the way to assign the desired color to the "thought type" when I added them all to selection via the thought select window.  But if I created a tag then when I clicked the "activate tag" dropdown on the upper left, I was able to see #(tagtitle) in the main window and click on it to change color. 

No way to override/wipe custom formatting though?  I manually changed the colors of a lot of these tags previously, and they are stubbornly holding onto the colors I assigned rather than taking on the type colors.  Still a step in the right direction, anyhow...  Thanks again!
Bulk Color/Icon Editing?
I'm loving how TheBrain works so far (still on trial) and have almost 400 nodes and counting.  However, a problem:  I can't figure out how to change the color of multiple nodes at once.  Color is an important piece of information for the way I'm organizing things, moreso than types and tags.  

It feels exceedingly tedious to change one a time when I am trying to change, say, 30 at once.  I have a hard time believing this isn't a feature given the polish this software has and the fact that multiple nodes can be edited in other ways.  Fingers crossed it's possible!  
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