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Synchronize preferences, or at least keyboard shortcuts
Good point Zenrain, but still:  CTRL<-->Command, alt<--> option etc.

I have great faith in PT and his buddies.  In fact, if they implement this I promise to get a tee-shirt printed with his face, TheBrain logo and a caption saying "I believe".  If they don't implement this, I may be forced to start a new Brain and log every post on the internet regarding Mac vs Pc - the ultimate data stress test for TheBrain!

(I use both platforms btw)
TheBrain 9 - assign thought type hotkey
Retracted.  Enter-tab-tab-enter is fine; I am nothing if not adaptable.
Synchronize preferences, or at least keyboard shortcuts
I realize I can export/import preferences....but how about synchronizing prefs automagically as is the case for the actual brain contents?  Does that sound snipey?  It's not meant to, I'm loving TheBrain 9.

If I decide a keyboard shortcut is a good idea on one machine, I'll still think it's a good idea on the next machine.  Such is my logic.
TheBrain 9 - assign thought type hotkey

TheBrain 9 appears to have lost the ability hotkey 'assign thought type'.  Is there any way to do that?  I have 81 thought types (hierarchical structure) - assigning type is something I do very often.

Report untyped thoughts
I switched to TheBrain9 recently and no longer see a way to search/report on untyped thoughts.  Has that feature been removed or am I simply being unobservant?

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