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iCloud dropbox and seagate external hard drive connection
HI Guys,
 I would like to use thebrain as my go to place from which I can organise my information and hooking in to the above mentioned services how do I go about doing that in v9? forsomethingo that I would have thought to be so simple - I have tried many things for hours and looked up tutorials for hours and have still found nothing specific in this regard - i.e. I just want  thought cared iCloud which would take me to all my folders - not specific files so that I could see those folders within thebrain - when I tried to move iCloud into v9 it said there were multiple files with long names and couldn't do it and thebrain went into a fritz and whats worse thebrain suggested I copy the error log report and it gave me a file pathway but I couldn't locate that on my own Mac ? can someone please help with these multiple issues?
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