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[bug] bullet list won't lock bold formating
Within a bullet, bolding will not hold. Instead, after typing a space it will:

  • release bold
  • revert the just bolded word to normal

Archiving: "Print-Friendly" for smaller PDF's
Sometimes I want a complete page saved as PDF, sometimes just the pure content of it.

In that case  https://www.printfriendly.com comes in handy. I have their browser extension installed. It's a breeze to use and makes for very compact, small file size PDF's.
[general] do you "parent" everything?
Quote: I'll hunt it down and either modify the name or add a label or relationship to another thought so I will find it next time. This is how I optimize my primary databases, not through hierarchical pruning.

Yeah, I do that in Evernote too. If I search for something I know should be there but didn't find it on the first tries, I add more terms to the note (obviously including the ones I just tried).

Hierarchical pruning == premature optimization [wink] 
[general] do you "parent" everything?
I especially like certain jump thoughts to not be attached anywhere. They just don't need to be in some cases; it's like  sidebar note. But...the more you have, the less valuable the Parentless report becomes. There my "parentless" parent solution comes in.

Quote: I've gone through a slow process of loosening my hierarchical system over the years of using TheBrain, drifting towards information centers that make sense to me and the way I use the information

That's one of the things I like from A-Z. Everything has a logical place without needing to overthink it. Don't know where it goes? Put it under the right letter.

As for using information, I agree that hierarchical just isn't so important; associations are. Sure, drill down is valuable up to a point but we have search and the connections. For me it's important, like Metta says, to make those connections. "Sitemaps should be like this" → hey, there is a module for Wordpress that makes sitemaps, etc.

So, back to parentless thoughts; how do you deal with those in reporting?
[general] do you "parent" everything?
Love to share 😉 But there's nothing much to the index:


I didn't want to go into a whole classification scheme; existing ones often don't make intuitive sense to me. An A-Z index however is always easy to understand and is ready for anything.

I currently have these for topics, movies, people.

The A-Z have a "binder thought" Type (the yellow folder). This tells me a thought isn't so much a standalone thought, a topic, but a place in which other stuff lives:



Most of the time I leave real topics default but I'm experimenting with a Topic type -- basically because I like'd zenrain's icon on them. Probably going to stop that as setting a Type is yet another step in getting stuff into the brain.



So in general something starts in either "People" A-Z or in "Topics" A-Z.

Add the movie Fried Green Tomtoes? Topics → M → Movies → F → add movie.

Add the fascinating article about how media & government work? Topics → M → (create) Media → add article. Then associate with other thoughts.

I find its the easiest way to place new topics.

Few topics are left "dangling". Usually I connect these to a Parentless thought. I'm thinking about making those links one-way so you still have the nice visual effect of a standalone thought. 
[general] do you "parent" everything?
On the one hand I like organic growth of the brain.

On the other hand, running a Parentless report can help you find disconnected islands of thoughts (which wouldn't show up in Orphan reports as they're connected).

So most of the time I make it a habit to Parent thoughts that don't go into a specific group like Movies, TV Series, or Books, to a general A-Z index.

Pro: you see random other topics
Con: you see random other topics

Search Feature Request: Find All Directional Links (#4579)
mcaton wrote: Feature Request to find all directional links -> Documented

I like it that you put a directional link in there 😋
[bug] orphan thought linking results in phantom entry
  1. Create orphan thought
  2. Use keyboard to link to an existing parent

  • unlinked orphan thought
  • in the recent thoughts bar a second, linked thought with the same name has appeared


Virtual folders slated to come back?
hahahhaa, well played

As the filenames weren't in the index it wasn't a big thing for me. Plus, shortcuts can do more things, like having one per thought if you want
TB9 Feature request: Scoped or hierarchical tags
<slaps forehead> of course, he was talking about types

OK, move along; nothing to see here [smile]
TB9 Feature request: Scoped or hierarchical tags
Hierarchical tags are already possible (just learned about it myself so don't feel surprised).

Here's how zenrain explains it
Explicit index
The way I see it happening is that the Sort Order in the Options menu comes first: sort by Date Created and that will override dot notation. Likewise with Type.
Are 1-Way Links Working in the Local Version of TB9?
In my case it at least helped me find where things were really wrong vs where they're acting as expected.

Keep us up to date
Virtual folders slated to come back?
Ah, thanks Metta. 

Well, nothing that a well placed shortcut can't fix [smile]
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