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Command Line parameters for file links (#3252)
Actually, the CMD approach is essentially equivalent to the Windows LNK -- it will launch the PDF browser externally and jump to the page.

The feature request is to recognize that the portion of the link in double quotes is different from the rest of command line parameters.  The file extension of the portion in double quotes determines what browser to launch -- SumatraPDF in the example given; but the entire command line is passed to that browser to make it do something with the file -- navigate to the page in the example given. 

The best scenario would be to scan for the file path portion which is in double quotes and use that file's extension to determine what application to launch.  Some applications actually want the parameters before the file so they are more troublesome than my simple example.

This is a bit more sophisticated than the current behaviour which simply delegates all the responsibilities to the operating system, and doesn't allow changes to the linked file path.
Command Line parameters for file links (#3252)
On Windows 7, I drag PDF files onto TB9 v136 and the lightening-fast SumatraPDF reader displays them in the embedded browser pane as expected.  Nice.  (When installing SumatraPDF be sure to select the Option "Let Windows show previews of PDF documents", and then make SumatraPDF your default PDF viewer.)

Like most PDF readers, SumatraPDF accepts command line arguments for jumping to a page or named destination.  I can create a windows shortcut by enclosing the target in double quotes followed by the argument, e.g. "C:\eBooks\Target.pdf" -page 123

I can drag that shortcut into the brain, but it's a LNK rather than a PDF so the embedded browser window doesn't know to use SumatraPDF to preview.  Clicking the link opens SumatraPDF externally as expected and jumps to the page.  Yuck.

I would like to edit the link created by dropping the PDF directly onto the brain, but that Properties dialog is really just the underlying Windows dialog.

I thought maybe I could use Enter URL to trick it, but that just crashes TB9.

Any other tricks I'm missing or is this a feature request? 

I imagine there are probably lots of other things one could get going if we could pass command line arguments to file links.

Some URL's not indexing
PB Pro with Indexing Libraries Feb 23, 2009.
Vista 64

In a desperate attempt to get all URL's to appear in the index I deleted the folders index and txt; the files IndexBuilder.*, UrlBuilder.*, Indexing.log, Search.log, and BrokenURLs.dat.

When I opened the brain it correctly observed that indexing needed to be performed and dutifully did so.

Reviewing UrlIndexBuilder.log reveals that the URL has been indexed:
  1074. Indexing thought attachment 2,525.1383 - Thomas Baker Scientific Commons
          Downloading attachment Thomas Baker Scientific Commons from http://en.scientificcommons.org/thomas_baker [Success]
          Converting attachment Thomas Baker Scientific Commons to txt\1383.txt [Success]
          Indexing attachment Thomas Baker Scientific Commons [Success]

A look in the txt folder reveals that 1383.txt does not exist.

Reviewing Indexing.log reveals that the URL has been indexed:
    Status message: Indexing 1071 of 1277 Web pages (84%)
    Updating index registry [Safe point: 1378]
    Loading attachment 2,525.1383
    Reading index registry [Safe point: 1378]
    Processing attachment 2,525.1383
    Writing thought attachment 2,525.1383

The URL does not appear in BrokenURLs.dat.

Saving the URL's html to disk reveals that it is about 89,900 bytes.

Doing an Advanced Search for an Exact Phrase, which appears near the end of the page, yields the following in Search.log:
Searching for: "Captain Charlotte polka"    [1:::1]
  Search panel found.    [0:::1]
  Search tab activated.    [1:::2]
  Search engine found.    [1:::3]
  Searching in PersonalThoughts index...    [0:::3]
  Searching in PersonalThoughts index complete.    [339:::342]
  0 results found in PersonalThoughts index.    [0:::342]
  Searching in PersonalContent index...    [0:::342]
  Searching in PersonalContent index complete.    [288:::630]
  0 results found in PersonalContent index.    [0:::630]
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ PersonalThoughts
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ PersonalContent
  Search completed in 632 milliseconds.    [1:::632]
  Showing searching message...    [3:::635]
  Showing searching message complete.    [39:::674]
  Showing search results...    [0:::674]
    [Display] Results manager found.    [0:::674]
    [Display] Total results: 0    [0:::674]
    [Display] Thought results: 0    [0:::674]
    [Display] Content results: 0    [0:::674]
  Showing search results complete.    [0:::674]
    [Display] No results found - No thoughts, notes or attachments were found matching your search.    [16:::690]
        [Display] Showing search toolbar...    [15:::705]
        [Display] Showing search toolbar complete.    [0:::705]

Searching for a string that appears near the top yields similar results.  Both are in the html I saved to disk.

This URL is the second attached to this thought.  The first URL attached to this thought works just fine.  So I deleted the URL from the original thought, created a new thought and re-attached it.  Still no joy.

Finally I created another dummy thought and moved the html file that I had saved to disk into the brain.  As expected this works fine.

What is it about this URL that the indexing utility hates so much?  In fact, it appears that there is never anything from any http://en.scientificcommons.org URL, although I haven't checked every single one.

I have lots of other URL's from other sites that are indexed and work as expected.

What are the rules that kvoop.exe uses for ignoring the content of some URL's?  Could we maybe get some notice that the content for a URL is being ignored.

Sort Order in SiteBrain
The sort order in a SiteBrain is determined by the ordering of the thoughts in the XML files, which unfortunately are currently sorted by ID.

The ideal solution would be to respect the setting from user preferences which can be name, type, or one of the dates.

If you have a very small SiteBrain, you could manually open each of the XML files and re-arrange the thoughts. Just don't mess with the first one!

A good editor like XMLSPy would allow you to sort the thoughts by Name or Hint (Label). Unfortunately, Type is not in the XML export so if you want to sort by Type you'll have to think of something else.

Note that thoughts are repeated in any XML file that links to the thought, so just sorting the children in a parent thought will only display them sorted when that thought has focus. When one of the children has focus the siblings that appear on the right would not be sorted unless you also sorted them in the child's file too.

Which explains the caveat about this only working for a very small SiteBrain.

Hopefully, Harlan will come through with an improved XML file export that respects the user preferences. I mention user preferences, because I arrange by Type.
Windows Control Panel says "PersonalBrain"
It's been saying that since I first installed PB4, but I just installed in a new Vista virtual machine on my Mac and the version is still 4031, so I guess it's hard-coded somewhere in the installer.
Patent reference is wrong in Help, About
As controversial as it may be, you should still reference the correct patent in your Help, About box.  Your patent is 6031537, not 6031547.
Export XHTML instead of HTML
The html templates supplied in the PB4\res\export directory are not valid XHTML, which makes them a real pain to use with an XML editor.  The attached aren't technically valid XHTML either, because they lack appropriate headers and probably also have some other minor technical flaws w.r.t. the XHTML specification, but at least they validate in XMLSpy.

Spelling Errors in Tips.txt
A corrected version is attached.
2 Instances of KVOOP.EXE running?
On Win XP, v4071 of PersonalBrain.exe (PID 3124) started two instances:
bin/filter\kvoop.exe 1384 1392 0 1396 1400 3124
bin/filter\kvoop.exe 1268 1288 0 1292 1296 3124

The handles used by each are identical expect:
bin/filter\kvoop.exe 1384 1392 0 1396 1400 3124 uses:
   File \Device\NamesdPipe\Win32Pipes.00000C34.00000013
   File \Device\NamesdPipe\Win32Pipes.00000C34.00000014

bin/filter\kvoop.exe 1268 1288 0 1292 1296 3124 uses:
   File \Device\NamesdPipe\Win32Pipes.00000C34.00000015
   File \Device\NamesdPipe\Win32Pipes.00000C34.00000016

Also when I quit PB it takes them about 30 seconds to go away and the first quits before the second.

Hope this helps.
Indexing files in virtual thought folders

When attaching a folder as a virtual thought could we please please please get a Preference Setting to index the files in that folder, and a further setting to crawl and index sub-folders.  You would then need some type of synchronize command, because the first thing people will do is drop their Documents folder into PB, and do away with external indexing programs like Google Desktop Search, but the complexities of monitoring the file system are probably beyond the scope of this release – thus the need for a synchronize command.

I know this isn't a trivial request, because you aren't persisting any of the information about virtual folders and files inside the database, but if you could squeeze it into this release, you'd have a pretty viable interface to the file system that would allow us to get rid of a lot of other junk like external indexers and browsers.


virtual thoughts containing links

I have a folder called Papers which contains hundreds of sub-folders for various authors.  Each author's folder contains PDF files for which that author is the primary author.  There are also links to files in other folders where the author is a secondary author.

I can drag the Papers folder into PB4 and it becomes a virtual thought, which when selected shows all the authors' folders as more virtual thoughts.  Selecting an author's folder shows me all the pdf files and links in the Properties & Attachments tab.  As expected, I can open a pdf or link from the P&A list.  All very nice.  Thank you for such an intuitive interface.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, one very pleasant surprise is that links show up as virtual jump thoughts.  Selecting the jump thought for the pdf link shows me the virtual thought for the primary author's folder as its parent and all the secondary authors as virtual jump thoughts.  I can't even begin to express my appreciation for this brilliant handling of the links. Well done!

Unfortunately, I notice that all those links are using the folder icon, which leads me to wonder what happens when I try to open it, and sure enough PB is very confused.  Too bad.  What I'm thinking is a great feature may actually be a bug, which Harlan confirms by saying that all links are just interpreted as sub-folders, but I'm hoping that can be fixed.  If this had worked as I initially hoped the virtual thoughts that are actually links to pdf files would open the file just like it does if you select that link from the P&A tab.

Which leads to the question of the link appearing as a child of the primary author when selected from a secondary author's jump.  To me, that works exactly as expected, but selecting the primary author directly doesn't show the pdf files as children, which feels a little odd.  I understand why – it's because PB doesn't know there are links pointing at that file.  

Perhaps there could be a Preference to display files of virtual thoughts as more virtual thoughts.  Of course, this assumes that "fixing" the above mentioned bug that all links are assumed to be folders doesn't break the wonderful behavior I've already observed.  If you really want to be slick that setting should be associated with each virtual thought, but that would require finding a place to store the attribute, which may be too much to ask for this release.

Normal View - can't drag active thought "up" anymore

I was never able to grab the active thought and drag it to the top.  The trick is to click an empty space in the plex and drag the entire workspace up.

I guess I should be using this thing more often.  Then maybe I wouldn't forget features from one session to the next.

Normal View - can't drag active thought "up" anymore
In normal view I can drag parents, children, and jump thoughts, but the active thought refuses to budge.  I note that even though nothing appears to change, dragging the active thought (actually just the pointer since the thought refuses to move) all the way to the top edge pins it, which indicates that dragging is sort of working.

Jim are you running Windows?

This is what I'm running:
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
java version "1.6.0_01"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_01-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0_01-b06, mixed mode, sharing)
Help About confirms that PB is using J-1.6.0_01

Maybe it's a Windows XP feature, because it behaves the same on two different computers -- this notebook and an XP Media Center. On this notebook I totally un-installed PB4 and then re-installed 4064.  The other machine was a PB4 virgin.

I even went as far back as and see the same behavior.  Unfortunately, I've deleted installers prior to that, so I can't say when it stopped working.

When I was un-installing I noticed that Windows said that I had PB, which I think must have been the first PB4 I ever installed.  It still ran the 4064 un-install, and all the files went away as expected.  After the re-install Windows still says I have, but 4064 runs so I perhaps the installer needs a little attention.

I'm open to further suggestions.

Normal View - can't drag active thought "up" anymore
In using normal view it's no longer possible to drag the active thought up the screen.  When it doesn't have any parents this is particularly annoying, because the top half of the screen is blank.  I think it started in when we got the new distant thoughts, but it might have been earlier.

It's almost like the expanded view preference to automatically recenter is stuck to true and being used in normal view, but I turned it off and it had no effect on normal view.  I even exited and restarted with it off hoping that would clear it, but still no joy.

If this was a design decision, I would certainly vote against it, because I spend much more time in normal view than expanded view.  Could we please get the old behavior back or at least have a preference setting.  I have no problem with everything else in normal view ignoring any attempts to move things around, but the active thought should be the exception.


Request - Export Style Sheets
Could we please add something like ThoughtTypeName and LinkTypeName to the export functionality.

I think it would prompt development of some interesting XSL style sheets.  One could even imagine them being used as CSS class names, which opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities in the html.


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