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Crash on import from Brain v. 8

I am trying to import from v8. and if I check the log it exits with an error:

2016-12-26 12:07:21.9925 | DEBUG | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConverterBase | [909] Failed to convert using connector : #5MA. Reason: Illegal characters in path..
2016-12-26 12:07:32.5037 | WARN  | TheBrain.Core.DataExchange.Converters.ConverterBase | [86] Import Java Brain failed with message Illegal characters in path..
2016-12-26 12:07:32.5187 | ERROR | TheBrain.Sys.Logging.Logger | [25] [console only] : Illegal characters in path.
   at System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional)
   at System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2)
   at #F5x.#Jpu.#4Tz(String #Gpu, String #Hpu, Boolean #3Tz, #XMA #Iyr)

How can I identify the right attachment in the brain to check where it goes wrong?

Attachment: 11040 / 14755

This was the last entry before it logged the error

Can I go to this attachment?

Please advise yup, database corruption is back...

I reverted back to a backup that dit not have the integraity issue. For one reason or another the contamination spreaded to the good working backup under version whilst I thought that the corruption was only possible on a limited release. An that issue was solved....

Seemingly not

Siegfried yup, database corruption is back...
After the first corruption I started from fresh from a backup from one year ago. I exported some thoughts from the corrupted brain and everything looked under control again. Until personalbrain instant search became slow and I did a rebuild. Lo and behold the random crosslinking and orphaned thoughts reappeared and I am stuck with an untrusted system once again. Sorry guys, you promised a version with tools to repair the corruption a while ago and the corruption is apparently importable from a corrupted brain? What the heck is going on here? How come v displays the same behaviour? I thought it was a temporary glitch. I can not come to a stabilized database without the corruption reappearing again and again.

The system is slow, it hangs randomly, instant search stalls regulary.
This is really not functioning as it should.

A very, very frustrated user...
Where is the trustworthy, agile, swift and nimble PB from the early days?
Pardon me the expression but this is a camel trying to look like a horse.

Create (Exclusive) Parent
If I hold the shift key whilst dragging from the parent gate I get the option to create an exclusive parent. I did  check the manual but could not find something about this feature? Any Ideas?
Trusted Systems and Thanks
@mcaton, Matt,

Since the integrity of the database is gone, and attachments and notes are randomly crossreferenced/copied and scattered around, removing the sensitive data is impossible because it can sit anywhere and I don't know where because there is no logic in the madness.

Could you explain how you actually can reverse the situation because as far as I know there is no log file that tracked the changes applied during the corruption. It is a random process. So how can you fix this? Some notes have changed thoughts, attachments are crosslinked with random thoughts and can only be removed by deleting both parents first...


Trusted Systems and Thanks
"but the small number of Brains that were effected are being repaired as well."


As you know, I've been impacted by the database corruption.
I have asked you to get access to the tools to repair my database. Unfortunately, I have not yet received any reply on my query.
I can not forward you my brain because it contains confidential information. So I would appreciate recommendations how to fix the mess.

Best Regards

Trusted Systems and Thanks

I feel your pain. I've been hit by the infamous database corruption as well. This is a nightmare come true. I've been grumpy for weeks trying to scavenge what is possible from this wreck. I am gradually rebuilding at great expense of time and TRUST and wonder what went wrong. Seriously considering if it is worthwhile investing this much effort in recovering. What went wrong after all those years of excellent stability? PB is/was the software that I installed first for more than a decade on all my systems. This is the first time I am looking very hard at alternatives (if any). The reputation of this product/company received a serious dent. Quite some customer experience after all these years!

Best Regards


PB Thought/Database Corruption

I have the same issue.

What happened is the following:

a) attachments show up under different thoughts
b) attachments dissapear from a thought but are apparently still there because if I want to re-attach them, I get the message that this link is already there and if asked to go to the thought with this link it is the thought where the attachment is missing
c) cross linked attachments. Two thoughts now share the same attachments. If I delete the attachment, it will dissapear from the other thought as well.

I hope it is possible to clean up this mess. I am quite surprised by the level of corruption of the database. 

Facebook URL Icon not being retreived
I've the same issue. I've a type template with an icon. The icon appears on the thoughts typed previous to 6063 but not on the new thoughts created after upgrade to 6063.  I think the issue is not related to the above....

windows XP sp3 - PB6063
Create Child dialogue not rendering properly
Windows XP SP3
Java 1.6.0_21

Please see the screencapture

Click image for larger version - Name: PB_Create_bug.JPG, Views: 54, Size: 5.53 KB
Calendar resizing in presentation mode
Don't know if this helps:
docking on screen 1 and switching to presentation mode works like it  should. Docking on screen 2 and switching to presentation mode cuts away a part of the display as described above.


Calendar resizing in presentation mode
Still happening in latest beta output log attached. PB thinks the screen is actually higher than it is (2nd monitor 1280*1024 1st monitor 1280*800). PB is docked on the 2nd monitor. When put in presentation mode part of PB drops off at the bottom of the screen with no way to actually go there to resize (this is presentation mode).

Calendar resizing in presentation mode

In presentation mode, a part of the calendar is cut off (see attached picture, the bottom row is missing).
Normally this would resize automatically to show the whole month.
The notes area suffer from this as well. Apparently PB thinks the screen estate is larger because the bottom end of the scroll bars are off screen. In normal presentation everything works fine. This only happens in Presentation mode.

Best Regards


Click image for larger version - Name: calendar.JPG, Views: 174, Size: 36.89 KB
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