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Icon-Only Thoughts
It would be nice to have icon-only thoughts (i.e. for pin-ups) or for creating broad categories (i.e. 'Books', 'People', 'Places', 'Links').
At the moment there can be no thoughts without a title.

Settings are gone
pthompson wrote: Reinhard,

There is a .xml and a .bak. The .bak is a backup of your preferences.

It's the .bak that causes the problems. It only contains NULs (lots of them).
The .xml is completely gone.


Settings are gone
pthompson wrote: Reinhard,

Yes, preferences are saved live and as a backup in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\TheBrain

That doesn't always help!
When the system crashes and TheBrain autostarts with the next system start, the preferences are gone forever, because the one and only (!) backup of the settings is overwritten automatically. TheBrain does not recognize if it was closed abnormally.
(Just happened again.)


Settings are gone
If my system crashes for some reason while TheBrain is open, then after a restart of the system all my settings of TheBrain are gone. I have to reenter each and every setting (pins, colors, etc.). This happend four or five times this year and was a real nuisance.

Don't you save the save the settings while TheBrain is open, so that the settings file can not be destroyed when the system crashes?
Save images from the Internet locally
Thanks! Something more:

Using HTTrack (http://www.httrack.com/) you can put whole websites (not only single webpages) into a brain (i.e. software documentation that's only available online).
Save images from the Internet locally
Quote: Normally, the copy and paste method works finds (see above for wikipedia). When saving the webpage as file in Firefox, the images are unfortunately lost too. Maybee I should go the way over a generated PDF, but very often, webpages don't look good as PDF....

How are the images lost? I've no problems saving the images from Firefox (see video in the attached zip file).

PS: Sorry, here I was wrong: 'Ctrl-A wouldn't work on the workpage, because it captures only the text and images of the current webpage (its own HTML code) but not images that are referenced from the webpage.' Actually, the image IS SAVED with the webpage.
Save images from the Internet locally
Quote: What do you mean exactly with "images of the current webpage (its own HTML code) but not images that are referenced from the webpage"?

Sometimes small images (i.e. icons) are embedded directly into the HTML code using hex strings.

Save images from the Internet locally

What do you want to accomplish?

The webpage of your example URL( http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-1QLGACN&ct=140210&st=sb) is way too long for a note and makes TheBrain search function choke.

A. If you want to save the whole webpage in TheBrain you could use the following:

Drag the URL of the web page into your brain to create a new thought and to save the link locally. Then, in Firefox, right-click on the page and save the page locally.
Then drag the page into the newly created thought of your brain.

Ctrl-A wouldn't work on the webpage, because it captures only the text and images of the current webpage (its own HTML code) but not images that are referenced from the webpage.

B. If you want to save only part of a webpage:

B1. You could use 'Edit|Capture Image to Clipboard' to capture only this part and then paste it into your Notes. Of course, this gives you only an image but no searchable text.

B2. You can mark part of the webpage and Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V it into your brain. This is only reasonable for smaller amounts of text. It does not work with text/image combinations if the images are referenced. Then only method B1 works.

I've been using either of these techniques for years, depending on which information is important for me. Mostly, images suffice, because I have deactivated the search in attachments and URLs. Classification by thought names, types, and tags works well enough for me.

Too nice to be true!
Sorry, Patrick! I don't buy this.
Your statement in the release notes is misleading. It states expressly:
Fixed: Link direction changes during drag and drop rearranging of thoughts (#1732)
(emphasis mine).
After two years of waiting I'd preferred to wait another day or two to get a clean solution.
Quality is in the details...

Too nice to be true!

I use SgnatIt 11 by TechSmith (http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html).

Thanks for testing!
The handling of this bug is really annoying.
Too nice to be true!
Thank you, enkidu!

Whatever testing is required ... This is ridicolous!
After installing the new version, I took me five minutes to detect this bug.
That makes me wonder if this was tested at all.

Why I don't report bugs any longer
See my new post 'Too nice to be true!'.

Too nice to be true!
The promise and the reality!
See the movie in the attached zip file.
What do you do when testing your software?

Click image for larger version - Name: ThePromise.png, Views: 161, Size: 32.99 KB
Why I don't report bugs any longer
I've reported a certain link direction bug several months ago (http://forums.thebrain.com/post/link-changes-direction-6623949?pid=1280396998#post1280396998).
If one can't depend on TheBrain to keep the link direction straight, this feature is useless.
This is not "feature request" but a real bug.
Because nothing has happened (pertains to TB I've given up to report bugs.

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