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How to make sync work?

Thanks for you reply and your words of caution are well noted. It makes completes sense to backup after each edit. Having followed zenrain's advice and used the desktop to forget the test thought I wanted to forget it seems to have now synced perfectly (fingers crossed). So, I will proceed with entering thoughts on both desktop and browser and just use the desktop to administer and modify.

No plans as yet to go public but I shall see how it goes - I am certainly going down the road of just having one brain so who knows what will emerge!
How to make sync work?
Thanks for your response,

Having had the chance to spend an hour or two on the desktop version now this seems like sound advice; seeing how the desktop version handles forgotten thoughts it seems that the browser may still sometimes display thoughts which have been forgotten but not deleted.

So, I think the browser will be good for entering and, as you say, viewing thoughts but I will leave any modifications until I can access the desktop version.

This is beginning to look very promising - I am feeling quite excited to develop my Brain!

How to make sync work?
I am editing this rant because upon reflection it was a little too ranty.

Rantensity notwithstanding I have a couple of concerns as I am testing my Brain.

1) I gather from elsewhere on this forum that v9 is in fact a Beta; should we then be expecting performance issues? Would it be irresponsible of us to trust our data to a beta?

2) Sync seems to be unreliable. I have entered thoughts into the web browser which have indeed synced to ios but have come across issues when forgetting thoughts in the browser. Those thoughts seem to remain in ios and also seem to hang around in the browser as some kind of ghost thought which is isolated from all other thoughts but which can be searched for and will not disappear not matter how often I click 'forget'. Then, after some time I will click on forget and the thought is gone. The Brain software looks great but the whole browser / ios / mac integration and sync is a huge selling point for the way I currently work.

3) If I were to forget a thought in error is there anyway to recover it?

Any comments or input most welcome.
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