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My crash report.

I did following zenrain's advice.

Honestly I did contact support and they did reply, but it took some time and I was getting impatient. The response I got from support was short and underwhelming. ( empty your clipboard and try to start up again. ) Well I did, I even went the extra mile of downloading an app that could show me what was on the clipboard. ( it was empty ). Of course it did not solve the problem.

Instead of going on into what would probably be an extensive back and forth that could take a long time to reach its conclusion. I just did what Zenrain advised and it worked like a charm. I got my main Brain / Plex cloud synced anyway. So I was back up in no time after that. Any customization I have to redo is a small price to pay for not being locked out of the desktop software.
My crash report.
Thanks for the quick reply. It's sunday. I will give the support team a break and wait for the morrow. I have a ticket open. If it happens again or isn't addressed in a timely fashion. I will try again with URGENT. If all fails, I will follow your subsequent advice and try to reset the whole thing. Thanks again.
My crash report.
TheBrain Windows - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
2018-01-28 18:30:04
Origin: XWT Terminal: False
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at ##.#T4x(BrainGraph ) in #5cN:line 833
at ##.#Vuw(BrainContext #3my, Boolean ) in #XcN:line 1984
at ##.#yfb(BrainViewControl ) in #2dN:line 669
at ##.#jcA(BrainTabContent ) in #KfN:line 188
at TheBrain.Desktop.MainWindow.#l0() in #neN:line 474
at #UWp.#4gq.#P0p.#l0() in #6dN:line 94
at ##.#VYq(#J1p #Df, Action ) in #ceN:line 433

At one point in the recent past I was just moving through my mind map and then it crashed all of a sudden. Since then I have not been able to open any one Brain file.
Just endless crashes. I must have logged 30 or 40 something of them.

As things are now. I can't use the desktop software. I tried reinstalling. Did not help.
The cloud version still functions.

Hope something can be done. I don't mind the random crash now and again, but this is fatal.

Kind Regards
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