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Importing browser bookmarks into PB4
Is there a way to import browser bookmarks rather than one at a time?  I'm using Firefox  Ideally, I'd like to be able to drag and drop my bookmark folders into the plex and have PB4 translate each folder into a parent thought and its contents into child thoughts.  I experimented with this.  When I dragged a folder that contained bookmarks onto the plex, the folder appeared as a link before I dropped it.  When I dropped it, nothing happened.

I also tried dragging a thought link from the plex to a bookmark folder.  The thought link disappeared as soon as my cursor crossed the border of the PB4 window.  I couldn't even drag it onto a Web page displayed in a Firefox tab.

To sum it all up, I'm asking a question about getting browser bookmarks into PB4 more quickly AND I'm reporting a problem I'm having with creating thoughts by dragging a link from the plex to a Web page or a browser bookmark.

Thanks for any help.

I just installed  Each time I open my brain, PB4 opens a dialog box with the title "Search Index Requires Rebuilding.  When I click <OK>, I now see the indexing status displayed in the upper right corner of the plex (the indexing status never displayed for me in the previous beta release).

PB4 first indexes my thoughts and then Web pages.  However, it appears that the indexing process quits before all the Web pages are indexed, so each time I open my brain it needs to be reindexed.  I've attached a copy of my output.log file.

Small Bug
When you detach a Web page from a thought, the indicator disappears from the plex but the text and fields in the dialog box remain.  If you close the dialog box and then reopen it, the text and the fields no longer display.  Just a little something I noticed.
Feature Suggestion
With multiple Web pages attached to a thought, would it be possible to place a small indicator, like a "+", alongside the icon?  Could this also be done for each type of file (.xls, .doc, etc.)  a thought has as an attachment?
I have the same issue.  I noticed it started when I exited the program.  The interface wasn't visible but the program was still running when I rebooted the machine several hours later.
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