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file drag and drop from outlook (#731)
This is one feature I used tens of times per day as I am extremely "Office" oriented.  I always liked the ability to drag an outlook email into TB8 where it not only become an attachment to the thought, but the body of the email would be posted in the notes section as well.

There is an available app that attaches to Outlook named Outlook2web which does work nicely allowing one to drag & drop outlook files to TB9 -- BUT -- it does not copy the body of the email to the thought notes.  I had sent this in to the DEV team many months ago hoping it might spur some thoughts on how others have addressed this issue.  If Outlook2web can do this, then I am sure Harlan & Company can do likewise.
No longer possibe to synchronize brains between Desktop and Cloud
This happened to me as well, but after closing and restarting TB9, the issue has stopped - at least for now.
Cannot Enter New Local URLs (#3739)
I use OneNote as well and always link OneNote URLs to TB9 -- BUT, the link, as you note, does not work in the 'attachments' section, but does insert the URL in the Notes section.  In TB8. the link as you know always went into the attachments section. However, the ON link in the Notes section does work very nicely.  It provides 2 links - one that opens ON on your desktop and one that will open 'web view'.
How to delete a thought?
hold down the shift key when you right click on the thought.
Attachments list - sorting (#4124)
I am using attachments as a list and dragging the attachment to order it does not work in version 0.206.
Attachments list - sorting (#4124)
Matt, in version .205 drag and drop to order the attachments does not work.  In trying this, the attachment simply reverts to its original location.

Also, shouldn't there be an option for an alpha sort which I believe was the default in TB8?
9.0.205 check for update says this version is latest
After reading another post indicating that .206 was available I did a check for updates and was told that the.205 version was the latest. So, it appears that I can't have TB9 automatically download the latest version.
Attachments list - sorting (#4124)
Has there been any action on sorting of attachments in TB9. It isn't apparent on how to get TB9 to properly sort the attachments alphabetically.
TB9 file preview
The preview functionality works nice for PDF files but I'm getting an error for a simple Excel file. Is this because there is still more to do on the previewer? 2017-07-13_13-36-16.jpg 
link to existing thought instead of create new one (#4070)
Harlan wrote: 9.0.201 is up now and fixes this.

hmm...when I ask 9.0.200 to check for updates, it says I am using the latest version.
Beta 9 - Window Auto-hide, transparent? (#117)
This is unfortunate that TB 9 will not have the auto hide feature. That was so useful to keep the brain active and in front of the user but out of the way when it wasn't needed. The other beauty was that you could simply drag a file onto the auto hide icon for dropping into the brain in the current thought.

Unfortunately, I have scoured the Internet for programs or apps that might emulate the auto hide icon and have not been able to find any that do exactly the same thing. There are programs to hide/unhide applications with keypresses, but nothing that I can find that can create a similar icon that remains on one of the borders. So, I'm not sure why it was stated that Windows will do the same thing so it is no longer necessary as a fixture in the brain. I must be missing something because I do not know how Windows will place an icon on one of the borders for immediate access. Does anybody know how Windows 10 will do that?
Brain 8.02.2. browse local files does not work
Patrick - appears to be the same problem I have been experiencing with TB8.  Rolo - this could be a Java error which was pointed out by Patrick the other day.  Instead of fighting this (for a long time) I decided to completely switch to TB9.
Time to Finally move to 9?
Thanks. Yes I was specifically interested in the drag and drop capability of moving Outlook messages into the brain. It is so convenient now in version 8 and I am heavily dependent on it working properly before I make the final switch. I'm somewhat intrigued as to why it is more difficult to do in version 9 than in version 8 where the redemption.dll file was required.
Time to Finally move to 9?
The development on v9 looks great but the one thing holding me back to finally moving over is the D&D capability to Outlook.  I don't believe this has yet been implemented, has it?
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