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Time to Finally move to 9?
Thanks. Yes I was specifically interested in the drag and drop capability of moving Outlook messages into the brain. It is so convenient now in version 8 and I am heavily dependent on it working properly before I make the final switch. I'm somewhat intrigued as to why it is more difficult to do in version 9 than in version 8 where the redemption.dll file was required.
Time to Finally move to 9?
The development on v9 looks great but the one thing holding me back to finally moving over is the D&D capability to Outlook.  I don't believe this has yet been implemented, has it?
Version 443 will not update to 447
I have TB9 v443.  When I check for updates it indicates that I have the latest version.
9.123 does not check for updates.
Thanks, that did it!
9.123 does not check for updates.
I see that 9.128 is available. On version 9.123 I clicked on check for updates and nothing happens.  I then tried to download the latest release and noticed it was still 9.123 so that may explain why my current install did nothing.
Brain 8 Terribly slow on start up and use in poor wifi environment
Thanks Matt.  Yes, I am loading a local brain.

What's happening is strange.  If I turn off off wifi on the SP4 while in my office, the TB8 loads fine and operates normally but with no connection to the cloud.  But...if I am in a meeting outside of my office where there is very weak wifi, TB8 takes forever to load (even after I have made those adjustments you recommended above).  There is no logic to that at all.
Using TB 8 with TB 9 Beta
Thanks Matt.  
Using TB 8 with TB 9 Beta
On my desktop systems I am still using 8.0.22. I would like to become more involved with TB 9 Beta on my Microsoft surface Pro 4. If I start using TB 9.123 beta and access my cloud services, will TB 9, write any new entries thoughts or changes to existing thoughts to the cloud such that when I am in my office with my desktop systems those changes/new entries will show up in TB 8?
Brain 8 Terribly slow on start up and use in poor wifi environment
When I am in a terribly poor Wi-Fi environment, or no Wi-Fi at all, on my surface Pro 4,TB 8.0.22 is extremely slow taking several minutes to start up and to show the Plex. Even then when I click on a thought, it takes even more time. Is this because it is trying to access cloud services and doesn't understand how poor the Wi-Fi environment is? Is there any way to prevent this such that the brain can then simply start up using the local files?
Use Microsoft OneNote as Notes editor

I have mentioned this before that the integration of TheBrain and Microsoft OneNote would present an ideal powerhouse combination. I am extremely heavy user of OneNote and TheBrain and only wish the 2 would work together in a more efficient fashion. I am also a heavy and dedicated user of Microsoft Outlook which works seamlessly with OneNote.

Considering that all users may not want to work the same way, it would be ideal if development could allow the user to select from a list of editors, one of which would be Microsoft OneNote. When a thought is created, the thought note is actually a page in a OneNote notebook (also selected by the user in the notes window). Different thoughts within TheBrain might have different OneNote notebooks defined.

When the user accesses a particular OneNote page created through TheBrain there is also an embedded link on that page taking that user back to the particular thought, if the user needs to access more information from the thought.

This would be a significant and very productive environment.

Can't preview file
I am getting an error message that TB9 can't preview a file (which happens to be a PDF file).  Hasn't this been implemented yet?

No Brains showing
Matt, the brains simply disappear. The only way I have found to get them back is to uninstall TB9 and start over. But then the same thing happens again. I am hoping that you will find something from the logs. 
No Brains showing
Patrick - well, this has happened again.  I am 'testing' TB9 on my SurfacePro 4 (8 GB, i7, 256 GB SSD).  Here are the files you requested.

brains dir.PNG 

Sync failed - you are not authorized to sync this brain
Sorry, I did not reply to Patrick's message. No this was not a brain from a template.
Rearrange Notes area & Instant search box & Speed of transitions
OK, I give - how do I re-locate the notes area underneath the plex as in the classic TB8 setup?

Instant search box - TB9 is on a 22" monitor and is maximized.  I am so used to having the instant search input box in the lower left-hand corner of the plex.  Can it be moved there (user configurable)? With the input box on the upper right-hand corner that is quite a bit of mouse travel to get to it.

Speed of transitions - somewhere I read that TB 9 is much faster than TB 8 with transitions. That does not appear to be the case on my set up as the transition on a Windows 10 machine, i7 4 core processor, with 12 GB of RAM is quite slow compared to the same brain open on TB8 and in clicking the same thought.
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