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Version - Release!
Congratulation for this release which is an excellent product .Probably the most usefull I bought this year ...

I which you a great commercial success with this release !

Kind regards to TheBrain Team  and all Beta testers here, and thank you all for your help and advises


4067 Property and attachement annoyance
Dear Harlan

I don't know why , this morning it works perfectly . I assume that something java in memory was wrong yesterday because "location" colomn desapeared .
( I'm always in fullscreen with PB on the secondary monitor)

The more I use Windows and the more I think OSX should be a good alternative expecialy since Vista was born !!

Have an happy Independance Day

4067 Property and attachement annoyance
We can't see any more if an attachement is internal or not and if not what path it is stored on the computer.

It is very important to get a fast view of what is internal or not in order to avoid any problem when creating a webBrain or whatever
webbrain display info
Some links appear not displayed in webbrain

see pic
Click image for larger version - Name: WebBrainVersion.jpg, Views: 86, Size: 28.70 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Personal-Brain-Version.jpg, Views: 85, Size: 79.48 KB
4055 Freeze

I have many problem with PB4055 , it freeze  evrytimes I add a task in calendar .
The only things I can do is close brain and load it again ... too bad

I like brain buttons thanks for that

Dramatic crash again ( all brains)
Hello Harlan
I did what you say but it is still the same .
Sometimes I open a brain I can see some of the thought but not all and sometimes not linked .

Yes it is appearing on all our brains .
I do not restore now because I don't want you to lose a chance to see what's appened.

( and I have a gotomeeting account now )
Feel free to "skype" me when you want /can .

Dramatic crash again ( all brains)
I've probably some black magic on myself ?? I have a second dramatic crash just after installing a wibukey dongle on my PC ... :

The "add a new hardware" windows wizzard attempted to automaticaly find the driver for my wibukey dongle . When dongle installed I tried to open my brain on the secondary monitor as usual then he told me some very bad words

Lucky I get a fresh backup that I can use with the laptop ... My datas are still on the MyBrains folder so I'm not worrying a lot , I know Harlan will find the solution .
Pleaaaaase help meeeeeeeeeee

Click image for larger version - Name: Poor-lonesome-cowboy.jpg, Views: 108, Size: 29.37 KB
How to merge brains in 4PB 4053a
Could you please help me to find how to merge PBV4 brains?
I have seen that import a brain can import brains created with ver 3 and control drag .brain  file just create a short cut  which run  a new  instance of  PB4 ( so not really merge brains) 

Thank you for helping

Selection feature suggestion
Whaoo , I havent seen it  !

A great feature suggestion:scanning
The more I use PB4 and the more I store my files inside my Brain . This way it is easy to carry all my important stuff at once and keep the advantage of Brain.

"Scan a document and add it in thought folder" feature will be absolutely gorgeous ( using twain and generate a PDF document for example ) ...

Selection feature suggestion
By now we ctrl click each thought we want to add to selection. It will be nice to get an option which allow user to control  some kind of selection behavior for example :

- normal behaviour ( ctrl + click each though we want to add to the selection)
- select all tought connected ( one click far , 2 clicks far 3 clicks far .... All connected)
-add / do not add connexted jumps ....

This will be very usefull when we will have the possibility to export sub-brains

4503a win Can't see folders...
I can't see folders placed in thought folder in the Properties&Attachements panel
Click image for larger version - Name: Sans-titre-1.jpg, Views: 36, Size: 21.21 KB
Sometimes erratic display when forgettiing /deleting thought
When an activated thought is like at the center of a tree , when we try to forget it , sometimes everything deseapear except the thought we want to forgot /delete .

Fortunately this is a display bug only , activating another thought and the display becomes ok again .

I was not able to reproduce this issue at 100 % of the case  ... hope you can reproduce this

feature request please : advanced search option
In advenced search  , it will be pretty cool to have an option allowing user to include forgotten thought in the search .
In customer case : A client which have been helped can be forgotten with easy way to be remembered if he call again
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