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How does sync work?
I have my brain installed on my desktop and my laptop.  If I add a thought on my desktop and synchronize, it shows up in webbrain.  The same is true with my laptop.
However, the synch does not receive any changes I made on my desktop on the laptop and vice versa.  It appears as if changes are only going up from each computer but are not being received by either computer.

What am I doing wrong?


No one else is having this problem???
Live Mesh

Well, I haven't heard any negative comments, so I'll try it and see what happens.  I'll let you know if it corrupts the files or not.....

Live Mesh
Anyone tried keeping your PersonalBrain synced across 2 computers using Live Mesh folders?

Drag & Drop Still Not working
Thanks jostber...
I had tried all of those hints several times, but no luck.  Guess I should have mentioned that before.  So........I tried once more......and all is well.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Drag & Drop Still Not working
I still have no drag & drop functionality (dragging files and dropping them onto the plex to include in Personal Brain.

Draggin a file on top of the 'auto hide' button for PB will not open PB.

Using Vista, but not running the app as an administrator.........

Any ideas?
Recorded PB101 Session

A picture is worth a thousand words....Thanks!! Learned so much by watching the examples!

Indexing Hangs

Both files attached.

Indexing Hangs

Mine hangs also.....

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