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Integration with ZAPIER, IFTTT and the Inbox of TB
GerSch wrote: Now we have on the mobile version an Inbox where we can send p.e. url links. It would be tremendous if ZAPIER and/or IFTTT could send informations to this Inbox. So I could capture p.e. web content with the great Evernote WebClipper or Pocket and it will automatically flow into TheBrain with titel, url and content. What a productivity boost ;-)!!
YES, Exactly[biggrin]!!! I would love this feature, too! 
Cool interface for future PB4 use
I know the resources are limited but.... yes! The iPhone! Now, that would be truly an awesome application and interface for PB4! That would be awesome!

opening documents inside PB
Now, that is truly my dream of features for PB4! Yeah! I second this request, completely!
Version Default Notes Font
Harlan, for the pastes into Notes, it would be text from a web page or a selection of formatted text and images from a web page. It would also happen with copy & paste from an open image file (jpg or tif) into Notes and would paste nothing.
I just tested the copy & paste into Notes with selections from a Word document and a PDF document; no selection pasted.
There must be something wrong with my install upgrade from to
Is anyone else having this problem pasting into Notes?

Font size reporting
I've noticed that, too! I would copy text from a website at one size and it pastes in to Notes at a much smaller size... and as mentioned above, it would say 10pt Arial but appear as 8pt. The point sizes are not indicated correctly, at all.
Disappointing notes tool
Also, with Notes, in the FILE drop-down list are SAVE, PRINT and, OPEN IN BROWSER. I only see a shortcut key for Save. Are there shortcut keys for Print and Open In Browser? That would be nice.
Disappointing notes tool
Once again, I would like to emphasize this request: "In due course, I am hoping that it will be possible to faithfully save web pages into Notes - and have them reproduce like the originals - thereby doing away with the need to use other local web archiving tools - for example, even EverNote free saves web pages a great deal better than PB4." - (comment by igoldsmid)
I really like the way EverNote allows you to just right-click in Explorer or Firefox and "Add to EverNote." It would be really nice if we could do the same with PB4, giving us an option to save as a link or save the page (as a functional web page) or a selection in Notes. I truly need that feature, terribly! The pasting of web pages or sections within a web page into Notes creates all sorts of encapsulated boxes that makes the end result something that requires a lot of editing to make it look close to its original web page. Please, tell me you have been trying to find a way to remedy this issue.

Version Default Notes Font
Yes, I experience the same thing with; the default font changed to Times Roman. I don't want Times Roman, I'd like it to be Arial or whatever it was before this version. We need to fix that, please.
Also, with this version, I cannot PASTE into Notes! Please, fix this!!

Import favorites (booksmarks)does not complete
I experienced the same problem, importing IE bookmarks; I had the (i) in the upper right corner there like it seemed forever and all the bookmarks did not import - not even close to all. 
Feature Request: overview window
To have this feature would be awesome and much appreciated!
Disappointing notes tool
I can agree with all of the above. I had mentioned, with Harlan answering, to the ability for Notes to allow hyperlinks to connect to Thoughts; to which he said that we will have that feature in a future version. I have also had the serious problem of trying to copy and paste text from webpages into Notes (PB4.0.4.9) where nothing would paste, over and over again. I had, at one point, stepped away from my PC and came back several minutes later and tried it again, and to my surprise, it pasted. Go figure? Do we have to wait a determined amount of time to copy and paste into Notes? That would be quite unfortunate. Like everyone else above, I would love to see the Notes feature be on par with PB4; as for now, it is much less than expected. It would truly be great to copy a webpage into Notes, with all of its formatting and layout intact, like the way EverNote 2 can paste just about anything into it; I would love to see PB4's Notes have that ability. I would rather have the ability to have the webpage saved in PB4's Notes rather than just a link to a webpage that can change or get deleted by the website's webmaster, at any time; making my PB4 webpage link absolutely useless.
PB Tip 57 of 86 error
In the second sentence, there's an extra "to" in the statement that can be removed:

"Set your home thought to the place you would like to people to start at."

...maybe it should say, "... you would like the (HTML) Brain user to start from."

more crazy ideas: Batch operations on selections
LOL I knew you had that feature somewhere! That will be great when it is available in PB4.x. And the additional capability to suggest thoughts to merge, awesome! You rock, Harlan!
more crazy ideas: Batch operations on selections
Could there be a way possible to have a feature (where you had inadvertently created duplicate thoughts, each having their own links to other thoughts) where a batch feature would allow you to combine the duplicated thoughts into one thought, with all links combined?
I have a situation like that from spidering a website, where there are duplicated thoughts linking all around. I would just like to make these duplicated thoughts one thought and have it (as one thought) link all around, instead. LOL
drag selected text from Note to make a Thought
I second the request for the internal cross-linking Notes hyperlinks to thoughts.
Is this possible, yet?

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