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removing time stamp in sitebrain
Sweet. To recap instructions to edit SiteBrain HTML

1. Edit settings.js and add "PB" to the bottom licenseKey = "PB"
2. Edit res\main.css

.unitContent {
  background-color: #fff;
  font-size: x-small;
  display: none;

3. also in res\main.css comment out .tr line

/* .tr {background: url(images/tr.gif) 100% 0 no-repeat; padding:5px} */

This gives a nice clean ad free page!
Thank you so much.
removing time stamp in sitebrain
Same question, trying to remove the "Created Using PersonalBrain" and the logo...
Removing author and date from exported brain HTML
I feel bad asking this question because I am sure I've seen the answer here somewhere. I think it was in one of the "how to" videos, which can be hard to search through.

I would like to remove the time and author stamp that appears on the bottom of the page of each note on exported SiteBrain HTML.

I did find the spot in Settings.js that allows me to remove theBrain logo. Thanks for that.
V7 Sitebrain example wanted
pshanks wrote: FYI, If you purchase a new V6 license after April 30, 2011 you should be able to get a free upgrade to V7.

=> http://www.thebrain.com/store/upgrade/

Sadly, not possible. It took a year to get V6 of PB approved through Government IT department due to software policies. If I ask for an upgrade it will take a year to get it, and I risk loosing the version that I have. TheBrain marketing department has long missed out on Gov't usage opportunities due to a lack of understanding of the IT policies, and the desire to hook "the big fish" with the BrainEKP.
Site Brain to start minimized
Is there a way to have my exported (V.6) Sitebrain open with the plex minimized (Red Arrow upper left corner) rather than Maximixed?
V7 Sitebrain example wanted
I'd like to see an example of what V7 has to offer for export of sitebrains.

It would take a major ammount of work to get our organization upgraded to V7 ( I just got V6 a few weeks ago!) but I'd like to see any potential improvement of the sitebrain product since that is how I show clients the info that I am producing. (as I have the only PB license)

Primary, secondary, even tertiary links
Let's bump this topic a bit since it just came up again at work.

I am building a very large org chart. Many of the thoughts are things that I want a link to, but I'd actually like to be able to turn that link and/or that thought off in certain views. For example:

Jim is currently posted as the head of production and has three positions under his control, however one of those positions is currently vacant.
Bob was the head of production before Jim, but is now posted as head of Engineering.
George is VCEO and both Jim and Bob answer to George. George used to be Head of Engineering prior to his promotion.

My org chart is simple, George(personnel thought type) is Jump connected to the VCEO (position thought type) on top, Jim(personnel) is jump connected to the H.Prod(position) which is a child of VCEO, Bob(personnel) is jump connected to H.Eng(position) which is a child of VCEO, and H.Prod has three child thoughts (position) of which two have jump connected (personnel)thoughts.

The org chart as described above does not show the history of the personnel and the positions. I don't want it to show everything all the time, but there are times that I'd like to know. ALSO, There may be more than one link that binds some of these thoughts.

I'd like to make a link type (previous posting) that I can turn off.
I'd like to make a thougth type (part time staff) that I can turn off.
I'd like to have a comma separated prefix or suffix in a thought name that connects to a parent thought so I can turn off the visibility of the prefix/suffix by turning off the visibility of the parent.

Oh yeah, and I want a pony ;-)
Disected document

I just had a crazy idea in my brain.


I am just starting a new project in which I'll be rewriting a document. I've done this before and the first step is always the same, I disect the document by chapter, section, and break it down as far as I can go, making each title a thought with the body in the notes. Then I link references and start building. When I am done, I'll rip all the notes back out to reform the new document.


It occured to me that it would be a neat feature if I could import/export a document into thoughts this way. Perhaps retaining the base document and doing my editing inside my brain.  

Read only viewing (simultaneous multi users)

Hi Tracy,

I work for the government. The Web Brain service would never be allowed on our network unless it was resident on our own servers and operated exclusively on an Intranet. It is amazing how hard it is for me to get PB(pro) on my work machine.  

Here is a bit of trivia I just learned. The basic version of PB can not be installed on a government IT asset because it is available as freeware. Apparently this opens up some legal liability issues and the easiest was to solve the issue is to say no to the software requests. If it were available as a Limited Edition version at any nominal cost, then it could be installed.

I just read up more about TeamBrain. The same IT rules would apply. It has to reside entirely and operate independant of any outside network. Unless it is available to operate as an independant intranet server (at a nominal cost) it will not be allowed on internal IT assets. In fact, the ability for PB to access your server may hinder it's ability to pass internal IT security controls. If PB "phones home" or attempts any automatic outside network access, it will be shut out, shut down, and removed.

I love my PB. But I have to follow the rules of the org until they make me emperor. After that, everybody will have PB!

Read only viewing (simultaneous multi users)
I know I know...  go buy EKP. But that just isn't going to happen for me.

I'd like my supervisor to be able to thought link from his brain to my brain and the brain of my co-worker, such that he can navigate and see my thoughts while I am working. Right now only one user can read a brain file at a time. It does not open a thought, or a brain file in read-only mode in the way a word or excel file does. Maybe if he could even add a child thought to mine.

Working in isolation  
Primary Parent
I'd like to have an option to assign a link as the primary parent/child, and then any subsequent priority numbering. The current structure organizes alphabetically and, although all animals are created equal, some animals are more equal than others..

Intranet WebBrain
I am one step closser to getting PersonalBrain back onto my work computer.
I have authoring privileges for my work intranet site and would love to put up the org chart as a (mini)brain like is done on the theBrain home page. I believe this is an example of a siteBrain. There is no way that the corporate intranet site would allow a link to anything on an external server. Is it possible to publish a brain to a mini "window" brain as per those examples?? 
Restructure of Military Headquarters
This thread came back to mind while discussing another topic.

Right now I have my org chart for the year and I have another org chart for last year etc.

What I really want is ONE org chart with the positions which I will use to link people to the positions. Then, those links will be date/time dependant so that the links are Dynamic rather than static. Maybe even include a tool so I can look at history and see who was in a position (or member of group) on a certain date.

This would be VERY helpful for anyone using this program for organizational structure.
Calendar Event Reports
I'd like to add to this thread if I may..

I am using the program to manage info about a student population of about 1300 persons. It would be very helpful if I could link students members(children) to a group(parent) based on a link type with a time dependancy.

The link would have a start date and an end date, with the option of an alert for the start and/or end. Thus, I could enter details of vacation away dates and then when I clicked on 'Vacation away' the persons who are away would be a member of that group. Group membership would self adjust.

I would not want a different link type for each day, but rather a simple method so that members can come and go from the group based on date.

Dynamic vs static membership! 
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