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Brain Getting Too Expensive
gpatten wrote: I think Zenrain is right: TB won't be dropping the desktop application. What troubles me a bit, I suppose, is the prospect that synchronising it with the coming mobile app(s) might turn out to require this very expensive web subscription, or, worse, that the mobile app might rely crucially on WebBrain in order to function at all. That would be a deal breaker for me.

I haven't visited the forum or used PB in quite a while and only arrived again here because I was reading a thread on another forum about personal dashboards. I used PB as a personal dashboard for many years. I decided not to upgrade to V7 for two reasons. Firstly, that a great deal of my personal computing is done on my iPad and secondly, like another poster I used PB at work, but paid for it myself. It has become just too expensive to do that.

I guess if/when an iPad version appears I might think about it again, but since I'm pretty sure use of that will involve some sort of subscription, I will no doubt rule it out because it is too expensive.

Is is just me or is there a conflict between high cost targetting it towards business use and the increasing use of cloud services which most companies dislike due to proprietary information issues and storing information outside corporate networks?
Auto-hidden panels change position after being restored
In my experience going for anything other than the default tools layout is a waste of time.

Installing updates, changing themes, maximising the plex or switching windows modes were all likely to result in everything being reset to default in PB6 and it sounds like these bugs are still there in V7.

Link animation
Just to add that I fired up v7 this evening to have a look. Hated the link animation. Definitely need an option to switch if off. Did like the new options for link thickness. Not sure if I will ever use all the additional link functionality.
Good news Matt. I look forward to it.

I have the admit that my use of my desktop PC and hence PB has dropped dramatically since I got my iPad.

Ability to add child thoughts in mini mode

PB sits in mini-mode on my PC most of the day & being able to drag & drop items to a new child thought would significantly increase my ability to quickly add items to my 'inbox' thought for later processing.

IOS Client and seemless synchronization
I think the variety of ways which people can use PB poses lots of conflicting demands upon a mobile OS version.

Funnily enough, I did wonder how good a solution remote login would be when I was writing my post. However, my PC isn't on 24/7 (the kids keep thinking about the environment and switching it off. PC yes, lights no!), so remote login wouldn't work for me.

I agree that attachments pose a problem for the reasons outlined by Jim above.

I have to admit that my main PB database has all the info in the notes, plus URL attachments since it related to information for website publishing. However, I'm probably atypical.

For me, the real benefits of a mobile version would be the ability to easily add thoughts, rather than necessarily have the complete db accessible. I think there would have to be a way of 'tagging' thoughts for mobile use, so that only selected thoughts got tranferred.

IOS Client and seemless synchronization
After I recently purchased an iPad, which is rapidly becoming my main computing platform, with the desktop left mainly for the kids, it looked like PB use was in the past. Quite apart from the cost, webbrain simply doesn't work on an iPad. Thanks to those on the forums who pointed out that GoodReader can be use to carry a sitebrain with me, but that just allows me a way of still having access to the info, without adding to it

I would love to have a PB app on my iPad. 
Copy Text Outline With Notes

I think the problem is to do with the note content. The command works OK for some of my thought notes, but unfortunately not for the ones I want to copy. I will email a test brain & the details you asked for to the support email address.


Copy Text Outline With Notes
I can't seem to get this working. If I select a number of thoughts, do 'copy text outline with notes' all I get when I paste into a text editor is a list of the thought names, no notes.

PB to Wordpress
The data for my website is in PB, as I currently use an embedded webbrain for publishing. I will continue to use PB to gather the information & prepare info for my website, but want to change to Wordpress for site publishing.

The first thing I need to do is a bulk transfer of my data from PB to Wordpress. Has anyone any experience of exporting info out of PB into Wordpress? PB XML to Wordpress WXR?

Tools Layout reset with 2 or more brains
Not sure which one or if it is the same specific cause, but one of the recent updates also reset my tools layout

PB & website publishing

Below are a few thoughts about the using PB for website publishing prompted by the changes at http://www.thebrain.com.




  • A major issue  with sitebrain is that sitebrains aren't indexed by search engines, therefore if you use sitebrain for your website it disappears from web searches.
  • The other major issue that I hit was that I had a few customisations incorporated such as colours, disabling logos & footers etc in my brain. The files containing these customisations get overwritten when I install a new version of PB. As I am a bit of a beta junkie, I eventually had to give up on adding customisation as they were constantly being overwritten.
  • The good thing about sitebrain is that it maintains the sort order from your brain which meant that my news page had most recent articles displayed first.
  • The other good thing about sitebrain is that it only relies on my ISP keeping their servers up to make it available.


Simple HTML


  • Suffers from the same issues as sitebrain. I'm not sure about search engine indexing as I've never actually used it to publish info online.




When webbrain first appeared I thought it was the answer to many of the problems I had with sitebrain.


  • Publishing using webbrain relies not only on my ISP server being up for the container page, but it relies on the webbrain server being online. Certainly when I first started using it there were a few weekend outages. Yes, it was during the early beta/alpha stages, but it highlighted the fact that there was now another link in the chain.
  • Having the sync built in is a definite bonus as it does away with the manual upload that I did when I was using webbrain.
  • The good things about webbrain include that it is that it can be indexed by search engines.
  • My brain only has url attachments so the free version is OK. Slight worry is that if the pricing structure changes then  my website brain will no longer meet the criteria for the free edition. Purely from a website publishing point of view I couldn't justify an additional cost above my ISP charges for a personal website.
  • At the moment to plain HTML button at webbrain doesn't work, therefore it won't display in all browsers/environments.




  • For me it is interesting that PB have moved away from a 'brain based layout' for their website. When I first started publishing using PB format, I had a section explaining how the navigate the site which maybe highlights that the UI of PB, whilst good for a application, isn't necessarily ideally suited to a website.


I still think PB is an ideal way of collecting and containing the information for a website, but I'm not convinced that either sitebrain or webbrain are a great way of publishing an good website (yet). If I had the time, I think the best solution would be to export to XML and then run a custom script to process the XML to generate the HTML for the website pages.


I would be interested to hear the thoughts of anyone else who has been using PB to publish a website.

Pinned tags not working in [Fixed]
I'm missing all pins in after I switch brains using brain buttons. OK on initial open & if I don't change brains.

Create thoughts from Notes
I tend to have a 'today' thought open and I create notes in the note window in an outline type format throughtout the day. At the end of the day I would like to be able to turn these notes into thoughts for correct filing under the appropriate parents.

However  the current 'paste outline' doesn't work, even with 'copy/paste in plain text enabled' because the editor replaces tabs with spaces so the hierarachy is lost.

Maybe not easy to do given the editor is third party, but it would  be good if bulleted lists in a note could be easily transformed into thoughts whilst maintaining the hierarchy.


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