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Personal Brain on secondary monitor
Grab the center ring and pull out.  This will enlarge things.

Mini-Mode Accelerator Tips

Thanks for sharing ...

It's nice to have you back!  Always appreciate your ideas ...
Icons for your Brain

Thanks for sharing ...

Going to make use of some of those in my brain ... 

One good reason against one brain
zenrain wrote: I also upload my last backup to DropBox Given the amount I use PB it would be catastrophic if I could't access the data for a while. After all, its not just a PB issue that could corrupt your data, but also OS issues, hard drive crashes etc.  


Good advice.  A couple of years ago I lost most of my data when I had OS issues. Now I do pretty much what you do.  This year I had a hard drive crash, and my huge Brain was back up and running as soon as my new drive was installed.  Lesson learned: back up, back up the backups, save a recent back up to a safe place like DropBox.
An Evolution of Structure, Part I & II
Hey Zen,

Thanks for sharing.  I took a look, and found some things that I've forgotten.

Like you, I've went through some of the same struggles using the Brain since its 3.0 days, and have found some of the same resources helpful (Jerry's Brain, Omer's Webinar, etc.).

Part of the Brain's strength lies in it's community of users, who are willing to share their experience with one another.

Thanks for sharing yours.
PB Doesn't Remember Tab Locations
pshanks wrote: This has already been reported in this Thread


Thanks I missed that thread. 
PB Doesn't Remember Tab Locations
I like to put my tabs at the side (Notes, Thoughts, Calendar, Tags, Reports, Search).

This latest update reverts tabs to the default position (bottom) when the Brain is closed and reopened.

Disappearing Brain program files on USB

Thanks for posting this solution.  I suspect that I've been having a similar problem on my portable hard drive.

When the beta for 5 started, I lost everything.  Over 24,000 thoughts, and all the attachments that went with them.

I rebuilt my brain--same thing.

Tried again--same thing.

Disappointed, I decided to quit using Brain and didn't upgrade my Pro version to 5.

For me it wasn't worth the price.  But I've been severely disappointed and hindered, because I had the Brain incorporated into so much of my everyday workflow.

Maybe, it's time for one more attempt . . .

Here's hoping . . .

PB5 Losing My Files !!!!

I ran into the same problem with the first beta release of 5, I lost a lot of information (I had over 24,000 thoughts), and am still rebuilding my Brain.

However, the problem wasn't due to the Brain, but the upgrade seemed to bring to light some issues I had going on with my laptop. (And our friends at the Brain can't predict every issue on all the laptops, different operating systems, different set ups etc.).

That's the first major problem I had, and I've been using PB since version 3.

The biggest problem was my failure to do what we all know we should do.  Back up consistently and regularly.

So I'd encourage you to not let your enthusiasm wane.  Like any software, take necessary precautions, and in cases of major loss, sometimes you just have to rebuild.

I've had more problems over the years with other software/web apps than I've ever had with the Brain.

Version 5 Beta Now Available
Love many of the new features.

However, I do have a couple of small problems with the upgrade to beta 5.

My attachments (pdfs, Word, etc.) and weblinks have disappeared.  The links are gone completely, the attachments are in the thoughts, but aren't showing up.

Anyone else experience this?  Any ideas for a solution?

Importing bookmarks by drag-and-drop
Here's your solution.  On your Brain toolbar go to:

Firefox Bookmarks

And away you go!

PB as an Electronic Document Management System
Great article zenrain.

Thanks for sharing it along with your thoughts.

adding notes on links between thoughts
I agree.

It would be great if we could add a comment box on the links.  Right now I usually solve this by adding a note to one of the thoughts, and a "pointer" label into the link.

However, it would be really nice to be able to hover over the link and read a comment.

Linking To An External File
You can add a file attachment from a USB drive without any problems.

How to contact PB support??

Usually, the support team responds right away to any emails sent to support@thebrain.com.  It's possible that maybe yours was somehow lost in the shuffle.

If a problem is posted on the forum, it may or may not get address quickly.

I'd just try shooting out an email again.  I've always had a good experience with the support team.

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