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Suggested redesign of the P&A box
I second that. A revision of the P&A panel would be much appreciated.
At least one row could be eliminated without any loss of function.
Personally, I too wouldn't mind loosing the icon/image preview and the thought name.

Maybe in the future there is the possibility of fully customizable toolbars and menus, like most browsers have by now.

Click image for larger version - Name: pa_gui.gif, Views: 65, Size: 13.41 KB
Does anybody know where the editor icons are located?
I can't find the location of the icons used on the editor toolbar besides the time stamp icon which is in the ...\PersonalBrain\res\editor folder.
I searched through all the .exe and .jar files without any luck so far.

Icon thought
Same problem here.
I also noticed that in the reports tab some icons only show up after i hit the refresh button a couple of times.
Feature request: Show unconnected thoughts
Originally Posted by Moritz

  • An option to find unlinked thoughts would be a useful feature, because right now the only place they become visible is in the reports tab.

Originally Posted by Harlan

This is a pending feature.

Miscellaneous suggestions and annoyances
Quote: Do you mean so the details would open in a dialog box?

Yes, that was the idea. To me an extra tab just for the details seems unnecessary, but that's because I don't consult the details information very often.
Maybe other people use it more frequently, in that case a tab makes sense.

Quote: What would you suggest if you were to have no icons?

In PB3 attachments could be opened by clicking the thought name, but the consequence was that one could only open the attachment of the active thought, and the ability to open non-active thoughts attachments is definitely something you don't want to loose.
So the only solution that I have right now, would be open attachment entry in the thought right-click menu.

In general the icon has a lot of different functions at the moment
  • preview of attached image
  • indicator for number of attached files
  • indicator for type of attached file
  • activator for attachments
  • visual help to make thoughts more distinguishable
and I wonder if that is a good thing, because you always end up loosing some of the functions. e.g. if you use a custom icon, you no longer see if there are multiple files attached...
Maybe separate indicators would produce relieve — something along the lines of the modified (M) and activated (A) indicators in PB3.

I attached an image to illustrate the issue I have with the blur, since I'm not sure that my language skills were enough  to explain it before.
In prior versions I think icons were not extended beyond their original resolution, which in my eyes was a lot more pleasing.

In the meantime I found a bearable solution by overriding all occurring icons with solid colored squares, which obviously don't get blurred and minimise the visual clutter.

Click image for larger version - Name: iconblur.gif, Views: 103, Size: 1.81 KB
Miscellaneous suggestions and annoyances
I'm quite aware that some of these things are rather subjective and probably of minor importance...

  • Different font styles and sizes - It would be great to be able to set the labels/types to a font style/size that differs from the the one used for thoughts.
  • Hide labels/thought type names in Plex?
  • Hide icons? I'd love to have the option to deactivate the icons in the Plex, especially the favicons. I understand that the icons are currently the primary activator for the attachments, so Ii guess that won't happen. It's just that I really don't like the blurred appearance most icons end up with because of the fixed resolution.
  • MailTo command generates no icon
  • When backgrounds and background colors are deactivated, on mouse-over thoughts are still highlighted with the thought background color. Is this behavior intended?
  • 'Arrange by' still doesn't work correctly for me. I tend to use arrange by last active date but the order doesn't change after I activated a thought and return to his parent.
  • While activating a thought, the thoughts that go out of- and come into sight seem to take on the color set for forgotten thoughts. Wouldn't it make more sense to have them fade like the distant thoughts in the expanded view?
  • The old scroll interface in PB3 was way more elegant than the new one, and not only that, it was also more functional because of  it's better visibility.
  • An option to find unlinked thoughts would be a useful feature, because right now the only place they become visible is in the reports tab.
Notes Editor
  • The editor seems to insert <p> tags instead of <br>. So at the moment it is not possible to have a line break without a paragraph, unless one edits  the HTML.
  • Hide toolbar - an option to collapse the notes toolbar analog to the main toolbar  (see attached image)
  • No icons in drop down menus
  • Insert time and date button shares the same icon with the calendar's day view button.
  • Is it really necessary to have an extra tab for Details? Wouldn't it be enough to have an entry for Details in the Thought drop down menu?

Click image for larger version - Name: edtr01.gif, Views: 150, Size: 3.09 KB
expanded view
I wish the expanded view would be similar to Benjamin Fry's Valence.

resizing circle/rotating indicator and plex font size?
Thanks Harlan.
Didn't know about the scroll wheel, but most of the time I'm navigating with the IBM UltraNav and neither the scroll function of the trackpoint nor the one of the touchpad seem to work inside PersonalBrain.

resizing circle/rotating indicator and plex font size?
When I disable the rotating active thought indicator, the resizing circle also disappears from the plex. While I can't see it, the resizing function of the circle remains when I manage to hit the area where it used to be.

It would be nice to be able to turn off the indicator without loosing the resizing circle.

Another thing I noticed is that the plex font size always returns to default after PersonalBrain was closed. Would it be possible to have the last adjusted font size remembered?
Or maybe even the default font size of the plex could be adjustable?

Start up with Windows
In order to load PB4 at startup, you can always create a shortcut to the PersonalBrain.exe file in the Windows Autostart folder manually.
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