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synchronizing without a web-connection
The only way to do what you want is - buy a windows tablet (not RT) and sync with your pc via TheBrain Web Service. Dropbox is not the best way. The Android Version has no local database to sync. It is a viewer with editor functions.

FF 4.0.1
I can't confirm this. With W7-64/Java 1.6.0_24 and FF401(32) i can display someones webbrain. I don't have my own webbrain. So i don't know witch version is used for this webbrain.


Thought type selection with keyboard
I use the advanced tools layout "Properties & Attachments" to selecting thought types from the drop down box and there it was possible to type the first character of a thought type to select the right one. (bef. 5.5.)
Thought type selection with keyboard
Hi, it isn't possible to select an thought type with the first character of  the word after v.5.5.


Java 1.6.0_15-b03

URL D&D not working under Vista 64Bit
I have no problems with a comparable config.
I've tested with Minefield (Firefox 64bit).


I use:
Vista Ultimate 64Bit
Personal Brain Pro
Java 1.6.0_11 Beta - Lot of Fixes

Harlan wrote: Version

December 9, 2008

·         Indexing Fixes

o    The document conversion process for indexing under Windows, kvoop.exe, has been limited to spawn a maximum of 4 instances. All instances are removed once PersonalBrain exits.

I can't confirm this.
See my procexp for v.

Click image for larger version - Name: kvoop.jpg, Views: 259, Size: 305.86 KB
Installation of "Indexing Libraries"
Great work! I had the same Problem with Maybe an installer problem?

paste to search box
I have this also in Vista64 at home with the same JavaVM.

paste to search box
When i put the cursor in the search box and use Ctl-V - the Text is in the Notes field.

(XP, Java
PB - Explorer Integration Error
I use PB with jdk1.6.0_10 on XP. Always when i use funktions that opens a little explorer window PB is frozen and must closed with the taskmanager. That funktions are like "Make a Brainzip and locate the file" or "Make a file attachment" or others.

I hope it helps.

How to link a working directory to a file
You can use a batchfile with batch commands, or you can use a little special program.
I use batchrun (http://www.outertech.com/index.php?_charisma_page=downloads) for links with parameters. See the att. below.


Click image for larger version - Name: batchrun.jpg, Views: 132, Size: 78.89 KB
Error insert web link in

I had an error when i pasted a weblink into a thought. See att. errorlog below.


Click image for larger version - Name: brainerror.jpg, Views: 34, Size: 28.76 KB
4216 Icons randomly disappear
Hello Harlan,

the first thing, i have a link with a good old MS e-icon.
See the plex on the screenshot below.

On the second screenshot you can see the icon in the properties area when I have a properly link end with an "/".

Only when I insert a thought type than the favicon are displayed in the plex. 

At the end my output.log

move files into the brain

Hello Harlan,
it is right, the file is stored internally in my Brain and the link to the file is still there and the file has disappeared from its original location.

At the end from output.log is the result from my last test today: "Icon file was missing for Kopie von REPL-LOG3 - D:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\oprtoma\Desktop\Kopie von REPL-LOG3.TXT"

My new test thought has no (txt)icon. I think, icons are a little problem for PB4 when they related with the OS.


4216 Icons randomly disappear
No, it isn't. :-(

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