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First impressions (#117)
I'm not seeing a way to auto hide and dock the brain Beta to the top.  Am I missing something?
Calendar is Missing
That fixed it.. Thanks
Calendar is Missing
I installed the update and calendar is missing...
Memory Used - Memory Free
Thanks.. Great Feature..
Memory Used - Memory Free
I have 16 gigs of memory in my desktop computer where I'm using PB 6.  In the upper right hand corner is: Memory Used 150 MB/50 MB Memory Free... Could someone point me in the direction where I can find out what this is or explain it to me... 
BUG: Link in Notes activating a Thought, seems to disable/malfunction the Back & Forward button Accelerators
My question is, Will there be mouse click, or gestures to go back and forth?
2 Instances of KVOOP.EXE running?
I seem to have 2 instances of KVOOP running as well.  I only noticed it a few weeks ago, but there is alway 2 running.  I'm using Windows XP Home and PB
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