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[Feature Request] Create a Thought Link from Internal Attachment (#3657)
May I put one on top?

Got thought A, with (internal) attachment A1.
Got thought B, with notes. Here I want to insert a link to attachment A1.

See also: contextual menu on thought, item "Copy Local Thought URL" ...

indicator: link got attachment(s)

the difference: the "attachment exists"-icon for a thought is added automatically by TB, the @-sign manually by you, as part of the link label.
I thought, TB could display automatically something (e.g. "@") right in the middle of the link, maybe as extension of the link label, if the link got an attachment ...

indicator: link got attachment(s)
There's a neat indicator on a thought when it's got some attachments.

But what about the links? Right now, there's no indicator at all if a link has one or more attachments...

Pin gets focus (#3277)

I know the feature you describe, I use it quite some time.

When TB tries to link a child/parent/jump thought to the pinned thought as described above, the mouse cursor was neither pointing to the pinned thought, it did not even hover over TB.

Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906)

thank you for you explanation.
I'm used to check the release notes whether there's an issue solved of those appr. 50 issues I stumbled accross ...

My intention was more to give a reminder. This tiny, little option is an open issue for appr. eleven months, and I would really appreciate if this small thing could be fixed, now...

Pin gets focus (#3277)
I've created a pin thought with an external attachment, a TXT file.

Now, I stumbled across this small detail:
Click the pin thought
--> the attached / linked file is opened in TextEdit
Cmd-Tab brings the focus back to TB.
Now I want to add a linked thought via keyboard, e.g. Alt-Cmd-Down for child thought.
--> TB offers to add the linked thought (here: child thought) to the PIN THOUGHT!

As soon as you navigate using the mouse, anything is fine...

And, btw, same happens, if you open the attached file from a thought within the past thought list at the bottom of the plex...


Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-02 um 10.12.09.png  Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-02 um 10.12.47.png 
Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906)
Any news about that?

[Feature request] Group thoughts, Arrange Thoughts by ... tag(s) (#3705)
I use tags for tracing the status of items, e.g. open, pending, solved.

Currently, I have to check each time all (child) thoughts for a tag/status in question.

I would like to see something like a "group by tag", at least a "sort by tag". Just take the tags as displayed beneath each single thought, and sort the thoughts by this, and the names.

Search "Edit | ..." menu items (#3664)
Just a small detail, please try:
  • Activate menu item Help | Search.
  • Enter "Duplicate"
  • Press "Cursor down"
  • --> Menu item activated: Help | "Menu items "Duplicate Thought"
  • --> Menu item activated: Edit | Copy Local Thought URL

Searching menu item "Edit | Undo Paste Thoughts" works fine.
You can NOT search for menu item "Edit | Cut".

Searching all other menu items "Edit | ..." mal-function as described above.

Bulk rename (replace) in thoughts (#3666)
It's a long-term feature suggestion, but wouldn't it be nice to have this included into TB9, now?

Find all x in thought names (within selection list ...?) and replace it by y.
Maybe flags for "case-sensitive", and "whole words only"...?

Should be easy-peasy.

Selection list - arrange thoughts by ...? (#3625)
For the plex (only), the contextual menu offers an item "Arrange thoughts by ...".

What about the selection list? It seems to be just a stack, want to stay - thoughts/types/tags are just added to the end/bottom? No sort option, no rearrangement via drag&drop?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a sort function for the selection list, too?

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
So, we seem to stick to the "timeline".


OK, now, let's look ahead.

What's up next?
I have a new proposal: let's add an "address book".

The "address book" will be displayed in a separate view, fixed to the bottom.
A new "contact" within the "address book" will be added just as an attachment to a single thought.
"Contacts" will be visible just and only within the address book, nowhere else.
At the beginning, and for quite some time, you won't be able to search for a "contact". But that's no problem: just scroll the "address book".
Forget reports and "contacts". We'll cover that later.

You've already added contacts as thoughts to your brain?
No problem - just define new "contacts", or just do not use the "address book".

You want to link (ups, sorry) - add the same "contact" to two or more different thoughts?
Well, than, ehm, add copies of the "contact" in question to these two or more different thoughts.

What's right for the "timeline", can't be wrong for the "address book"?

In my opinion, the basic idea behind the "timeline" as currently implemented is wrong.
In "Timeline", an "event" is (something like) an attachment to one, single thought.

I (... and quite some people...) use "date thoughts"; the format (!) of the date may differ.

With "timeline", TB does NOT offer a smooth transition from these, existing, and numerous date thoughts to "events".
We will have a duplicity of function - "event" on the one side, date thoughts on the other.

The "timeline" is visible - well - just and only within the "timeline" view at the bottom. Nowhere else.
Date thoughts, on the other hand, are supported by any view currently existing, or new to come: Normal, Extended, Outline, Mind Map. Time. Geographic.

You can't imagine to integrate time information into the plex?
Well, I do. [And I've been using date thoughts, beside the "time view", for almost a decade, since version 2, December 2007.]

Here's another proposal of mine, for a "time view" [for details, please feel free to contact me]:
Please note the active thought indicator for "letter I got". A date thought here is represented by a diamond (for a point in time), or a rectangle (for a period). Parent, jump, and child thoughts without links to dates are displayed only for the active thought.
Please forgive me, that I could not mimic the nice, curved links from TB - but I think, you get the idea even with straight lines.

The same information, as displayed in normal view:
00018535, b2.png 

A date (a point in time, or a period) is represented by a thought. Due to the fact, that the name of a thought is just text, the date format is fixed - the date/text is displayed just the way it has been entered. If we had "date thoughts", we could specify the date format either within the preferences (for all date thoughts), [second, maybe on "date types"?, ] and, optional, for each single date thought.

To me, there's no need to add a note, or an attachment directly to a date.

So, again: please rethink the "timeline", the "events".
You've presented a nice item, put in quite some effort. I appreciate this, really!

But it's not at all compatible to the big heaps of thoughts we all put into our brains.
To me, "Timeline" does not have a potential for the future.
Without real integration into the plex, is stays a dead end.


P.S.: The "address book" proposal was just an ironic sample. I would prefer geographical informations instead... [wink]
Link to existing thought instead of create new one
Tested for parent, child and jump thoughts:

Precondition, in my example:
  • thought "2016, tax" exists, has a type X
  • thought "2017, tax" does NOT exist yet

Activate a thought T
  • Press Alt-Cmd-'Cursor up' to create parent thought (or ..'Cursor left' for jump thought, or ..'Cursor down' for child thought)
  • --> thought creation dialog opens
  • enter "2016 tax"
  • press cursor down to select "2016, tax"
  • --> name of new thought changes to "2016, tax"
  • edit the name, change "2016" to "2017"
  • press cmd-y to list types
  • --> just for information, that's ok and correct: (new!) thought is untyped
  • --> set type to Y
  • Press return
  • --> T is linked to existing thought "2016, tax" (with type X)
  • --> no new thought "2017, tax" is created.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Date attributes are not suffitient. A "birth date" on a letter? A "due date" on a person?
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
If I need a calendar view for events, and periods, and overlapping stuff, and all that - well, I use a calendar.

To me TB is the plex. Thoughts. Links. Notes. Attachments.
I want to keep this, but I also want to make a step ahead.

The problem: thoughts and links are just text, strings.
A thought can not be (so far) a date, or a number, or whatever we need.
A thought is identified by it's name. Text.
There are no functions, no API (so far).

There's a need to have a time aspect in TB, but imho it MUST be integrated into the plex.
To me, just attaching a "timeline" to the bottom, and adding an "event" as attachment to a single thought is no solution.

Regarding my sketch: it's just a proposal and does not raise the claim to be perfect or "the" solution. To be honest, it's wrong in one central aspect: I shows just one thought, in the middle. But I'm not sure whether the middle should contain (...all?...) thoughts linked to the dates on the left.

I just know that I want to have date thoughts in the plex, and some functions to support this (zooming, scrolling), and just some kind of "time view", as an alternative to "Normal View".

To me, the "timeline" does not cover any of those wishes.

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