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Search "Edit | ..." menu items (#3664)
Just a small detail, please try:
  • Activate menu item Help | Search.
  • Enter "Duplicate"
  • Press "Cursor down"
  • --> Menu item activated: Help | "Menu items "Duplicate Thought"
  • --> Menu item activated: Edit | Copy Local Thought URL

Searching menu item "Edit | Undo Paste Thoughts" works fine.
You can NOT search for menu item "Edit | Cut".

Searching all other menu items "Edit | ..." mal-function as described above.

Bulk rename (replace) in thoughts (#3666)
It's a long-term feature suggestion, but wouldn't it be nice to have this included into TB9, now?

Find all x in thought names (within selection list ...?) and replace it by y.
Maybe flags for "case-sensitive", and "whole words only"...?

Should be easy-peasy.

Selection list - arrange thoughts by ...? (#3625)
For the plex (only), the contextual menu offers an item "Arrange thoughts by ...".

What about the selection list? It seems to be just a stack, want to stay - thoughts/types/tags are just added to the end/bottom? No sort option, no rearrangement via drag&drop?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a sort function for the selection list, too?

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
So, we seem to stick to the "timeline".


OK, now, let's look ahead.

What's up next?
I have a new proposal: let's add an "address book".

The "address book" will be displayed in a separate view, fixed to the bottom.
A new "contact" within the "address book" will be added just as an attachment to a single thought.
"Contacts" will be visible just and only within the address book, nowhere else.
At the beginning, and for quite some time, you won't be able to search for a "contact". But that's no problem: just scroll the "address book".
Forget reports and "contacts". We'll cover that later.

You've already added contacts as thoughts to your brain?
No problem - just define new "contacts", or just do not use the "address book".

You want to link (ups, sorry) - add the same "contact" to two or more different thoughts?
Well, than, ehm, add copies of the "contact" in question to these two or more different thoughts.

What's right for the "timeline", can't be wrong for the "address book"?

In my opinion, the basic idea behind the "timeline" as currently implemented is wrong.
In "Timeline", an "event" is (something like) an attachment to one, single thought.

I (... and quite some people...) use "date thoughts"; the format (!) of the date may differ.

With "timeline", TB does NOT offer a smooth transition from these, existing, and numerous date thoughts to "events".
We will have a duplicity of function - "event" on the one side, date thoughts on the other.

The "timeline" is visible - well - just and only within the "timeline" view at the bottom. Nowhere else.
Date thoughts, on the other hand, are supported by any view currently existing, or new to come: Normal, Extended, Outline, Mind Map. Time. Geographic.

You can't imagine to integrate time information into the plex?
Well, I do. [And I've been using date thoughts, beside the "time view", for almost a decade, since version 2, December 2007.]

Here's another proposal of mine, for a "time view" [for details, please feel free to contact me]:
Please note the active thought indicator for "letter I got". A date thought here is represented by a diamond (for a point in time), or a rectangle (for a period). Parent, jump, and child thoughts without links to dates are displayed only for the active thought.
Please forgive me, that I could not mimic the nice, curved links from TB - but I think, you get the idea even with straight lines.

The same information, as displayed in normal view:
00018535, b2.png 

A date (a point in time, or a period) is represented by a thought. Due to the fact, that the name of a thought is just text, the date format is fixed - the date/text is displayed just the way it has been entered. If we had "date thoughts", we could specify the date format either within the preferences (for all date thoughts), [second, maybe on "date types"?, ] and, optional, for each single date thought.

To me, there's no need to add a note, or an attachment directly to a date.

So, again: please rethink the "timeline", the "events".
You've presented a nice item, put in quite some effort. I appreciate this, really!

But it's not at all compatible to the big heaps of thoughts we all put into our brains.
To me, "Timeline" does not have a potential for the future.
Without real integration into the plex, is stays a dead end.


P.S.: The "address book" proposal was just an ironic sample. I would prefer geographical informations instead... [wink]
Link to existing thought instead of create new one
Tested for parent, child and jump thoughts:

Precondition, in my example:
  • thought "2016, tax" exists, has a type X
  • thought "2017, tax" does NOT exist yet

Activate a thought T
  • Press Alt-Cmd-'Cursor up' to create parent thought (or ..'Cursor left' for jump thought, or ..'Cursor down' for child thought)
  • --> thought creation dialog opens
  • enter "2016 tax"
  • press cursor down to select "2016, tax"
  • --> name of new thought changes to "2016, tax"
  • edit the name, change "2016" to "2017"
  • press cmd-y to list types
  • --> just for information, that's ok and correct: (new!) thought is untyped
  • --> set type to Y
  • Press return
  • --> T is linked to existing thought "2016, tax" (with type X)
  • --> no new thought "2017, tax" is created.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Date attributes are not suffitient. A "birth date" on a letter? A "due date" on a person?
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
If I need a calendar view for events, and periods, and overlapping stuff, and all that - well, I use a calendar.

To me TB is the plex. Thoughts. Links. Notes. Attachments.
I want to keep this, but I also want to make a step ahead.

The problem: thoughts and links are just text, strings.
A thought can not be (so far) a date, or a number, or whatever we need.
A thought is identified by it's name. Text.
There are no functions, no API (so far).

There's a need to have a time aspect in TB, but imho it MUST be integrated into the plex.
To me, just attaching a "timeline" to the bottom, and adding an "event" as attachment to a single thought is no solution.

Regarding my sketch: it's just a proposal and does not raise the claim to be perfect or "the" solution. To be honest, it's wrong in one central aspect: I shows just one thought, in the middle. But I'm not sure whether the middle should contain (...all?...) thoughts linked to the dates on the left.

I just know that I want to have date thoughts in the plex, and some functions to support this (zooming, scrolling), and just some kind of "time view", as an alternative to "Normal View".

To me, the "timeline" does not cover any of those wishes.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)

One of my brains contains 80.282 thoughts, appr. 6200 being dates. And that's just one of my brains…
I have defined a hierarchy of 23 types to refine the date information (year, month, january to december, day of week, monday to sunday). 

According to the green jump and child gates, I do have multiple links to each date thought.

If I were to use the "timeline", I had to create an event for each thought-date-link.
And this, just to keep the very same information I already entered?! Please, NO!!

But where's the benefit?
I tell you: there is none.

If TB would offer "date thoughts", it could be that easy. Just select a thought with date information, and tell TB: "this is a date thought". That's all. [Just imagine this function, using the selection list!]

A thought can stand for anything - a book, a letter, a date, a person, a company, an event.
When I use TB, my focus is mainly on the plex. Second priority are the notes, third the attachments.

The information "letter xyz was sent on yyy-mm-dd" is displayed in the plex (!) as two thoughts, one link.
When I want to know, what happened at a specific date, I just activate the appr. date thought, and get all linked thoughts.
Btw.: please keep in mind, that all plex functions are available at that point…

To me, an event is represented by a thought.
  • I can link it to a date.
  • I can link it to multiple dates.
  • I can link it to other thoughts, representing e.g. persons, locations, documents, etc.
  • I can add notes.
  • I can add attachments.
  • I can use the reports.
  • I can use the selection list.
  • It's displayed within the plex.

And the "event" in the "timeline"?
  • I can give it a name.
  • I have to add a start and an end date.
  • I can add a description.
  • It's just an "attachment" to ONE thought.
That's neither great nor good. That's poor.

In plain words: "timeline" is a dead end.
Please, stop it.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
My hope is, that time information is really integrated into the plex (!), not only TB.

Currently, the "timeline" is attached as a separate view to the bottom, and can not be moved. [I know, it's beta...] Things visible on this "timeline" have to be created as attachments to single thoughts; these things are called "events", and each "event" gets its own name. Currently, "timeline" does not know a contextual menu. [I know, it's beta...] If I zoom out, all events disappear from the "timeline". [I know, it's beta...] But still before, when single days are visible, some "event" labels are not displayed, e.g. when two "events" are on the same day. [I know, it's beta...]

If I would like to link a thought to a date, using "Timeview", I would have to create an "event".
OK, let's see what this means ...
To me, an "event" would be, e.g. "letter xyz was sent to abc". But: "xyz" and "abc" have already been added as separate thoughts, and linked as well. "letter" is the type of "xyz", as "person", or "company" is the type of "abc".
I don't want to enter the same information twice, so, all what remains from the sample-"event" above is the information "was sent". But that's no unique information - I do have a lot of letters, which were sent. The "timeline" would just be filled with hundreds of "was sent" "events". To make these names unique, I would have to add further information, in my example, "xyz was sent to abc". So I would have to enter the same information ("abc", "xyz") at least two times. And just and only because the concept of "timeline" is based on "events", and not really integrated into the plex in TB.

Well, of cause, the other approach, as proposed by you, Harlan, is, that I just could switch off the "timeline", forget it, never use it.
[I don't want to be sarcastic, but even if this is currently the solution, it's not the best way. "Hey, we have a function, which does not cover your needs, and does not solve your problem, so just do not use it. Solve the problem on your own."?!]
But: there's obviously a need to integrate, and use date information. The current "timeline" is an approach, ok. But it's not really integrated into the plex. And I want dates to be integrated parts of, and within the plex.

My proposal:
  • Dates are (special, predefined) thoughts. Samples: "2017-03-09 14:23", or "2017-05".
  • A date is displayed in "Normal" view as a single, linked thought. [It may be edited only if it's linked to one thought only...]
  • A period in time is defined by a start, and an end date.
  • Add a "timeview"; for this, take the timeline, put it into the plex, either to the left, or to the right.
  • Allow zooming the time; from "display years" to "display single days", and vice verse.
  • Forget "events"; "events" are just normal thoughts, linked to a date, or date period.

A sketch of what it could look like you will find here:
pdf Time view proposal.pdf     

"Intelligent zooming":
Link a thought to a date, e.g. "2017-03-09".
In "time view", zoom level "day", this link is visible, of cause.
Switch to zoom level "month", and an implicit link is displayed to the month, in the example here: "2017-03".
Switch to zoom level "year", and an implicit link is displayed to the year, in the example here: "2017".

Just make it a plex, not complex!

wrong attachment selection after drag&drop (#3558)
Attachments list: after multiple files were attached to a thought, a click on an attachment selects not this one, but the last added.

What I did:
  • Added first attachment, "B.pdf", via drag&drop from Finder to TB9
  • Added second attachment, "A.pdf", same way
  • Added third attachment, "C.pdf".
  • --> Attachments list shows B, A, C.
  • Click once on "B.pdf"
  • --> "C.pdf" is selected?!
  • Click once on "B.pdf"
  • --> "B.pdf" is selected

Please note: if you do something in TB9 between adding the attachments, and click on "B.pdf", "B.pdf" gets selected.

length of thought attachment name is limited
I just stumbled about the limitation of the length of file/folder names, got the error message: "The following file/folder names exceed the maximum length of 150 characters:".

To me, it's ok, I just cut the filename.

Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)

"Multiple things occur at the same day.", in TB: multiple thoughts are linked to the same date-thought.
So, TB allows to reverse this kind of information: "What happened at ...?", in TB: activate the date-tought, get the linked thoughts.
It's all within the plex.

This TB-navigation won't work if the date is stored as an attribute of a thought.
This TB-navigation does not work with the "Timeline".

As a matter of fact, I'm using date-thoughts for quite some time. I'm really used to it, and, I am not the only one.
Here's a sample:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-09 um 09.09.16.png 

Thoughts are linked to dates, where the link specifies (e.g. via it's type, and direction) the detail, e.g. born on, died on, was written, has due-date, etc. pp.
There are NO "events".

So, again, my plea to you: please, please, PLEASE discard (sic!) the timeline!

Implement "date" instead, in addition to normal thoughts, types, tags; put in some logic, e.g. intelligent zooming: when a thought is linked to a month (e.g. "2017-12"), it's implicit linked to the appropriate year (e.g. "2017"); provide a "time view".


Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Harlan wrote: (...) Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of a calendar/time management software that lets you view more than 1 year at time? How about more than 2 months at a time? (...)

Yes: http://www.oneviewcalendar.com

An now, please one step further, for a "time view" in TBx: put this to the left of the plex, make any event on this ... timescale ... being a thought, and allow (multiple?) links to "ordinary" thoughts on the right part.

Other approach: create a date thought type. In this case we could link "ordinary" thoughts to dates, in any view type (normal, expanded, mind map, etc.)

Crash when paste and match format in notes (#3351)
Just retested on
The good new: there's no crash any more.
The bad one: the unicode character and all subsequent characters are not pasted, at least not displayed.

So, imho, this issue is still an open one.

multiple restarts in (#3585)
Within half an hour I just had eight (!) restarts of TB9, version
The bad thing: in most cases I just entered the (unique) name of an existing thought.

Sample of an error report:
log ErrorReport_2017-03-03_08-07-04.log     


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