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How to Create Super Types in Beta 9?
The entry point is imho how to create a thought type: it starts with a new, or existing thought.
There you can add a type to this thought - either an existing type, or a new one. Just enter the new type's name and select "New Type".
Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-20 um 18.11.28.png 
This is how you can create a new thought type.

By repeating this step (you can reuse the same thought for this, just assign one new type after the other), you can create multiple thought types.

Now - you want to create an type hierarchy? OK, let's do it: Press Cmd-Y to display the thought types list. Select one - it will become the active thought. The easiest way to create the desired thought type hierarchy is, well, just link the types you want:
Linking a type A as parent of the current type B will make A the supertype of B.
Linking a type C as child of the current type B will make B the supertype of C, resp. C the sub-type of B.

Hope I could help you.

Crash when paste and match format in notes (#3351)
Just tested on 9.0.183:

Unicode characters can now be pasted into notes, as long as your text style is not "Code".

create linked thought - link to multiple existing thoughts
When you type in the name for a new thought to be linked to the current thought, a list of existing thoughts is displayed.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-07 um 12.01.24.png 
With cursor up/down, you can select one - and only one! - of these to be linked to the current thought.

I would like to use the following functions on this list:
  • select a range of thoughts (here: C to A), e.g. with shift-cursor down, or shift-left click on last thought of range;
  • select multiple, single thoughts (here: C and A, but not B), e.g. with alt-click on the single thoughts (+ toggle, want to say a second alt-click deselects a thought);
  • on press return, the selected thoughts are all linked to the current thought.
And, on top, I would like any of these listed thoughts to be added to or removed from the selection list, e.g. via cmd-click (nota bene: the create thought dialog stays open and untouched ...).

Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906)
Just checked the release notes of .172. #2906? Nada!

I suppose, it's still an open priority item without (high) priority ...?

[Feature Request] Create a Thought Link from Internal Attachment (#3657)
May I put one on top?

Got thought A, with (internal) attachment A1.
Got thought B, with notes. Here I want to insert a link to attachment A1.

See also: contextual menu on thought, item "Copy Local Thought URL" ...

indicator: link got attachment(s)

the difference: the "attachment exists"-icon for a thought is added automatically by TB, the @-sign manually by you, as part of the link label.
I thought, TB could display automatically something (e.g. "@") right in the middle of the link, maybe as extension of the link label, if the link got an attachment ...

indicator: link got attachment(s)
There's a neat indicator on a thought when it's got some attachments.

But what about the links? Right now, there's no indicator at all if a link has one or more attachments...

Pin gets focus (#3277)

I know the feature you describe, I use it quite some time.

When TB tries to link a child/parent/jump thought to the pinned thought as described above, the mouse cursor was neither pointing to the pinned thought, it did not even hover over TB.

Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906)

thank you for you explanation.
I'm used to check the release notes whether there's an issue solved of those appr. 50 issues I stumbled accross ...

My intention was more to give a reminder. This tiny, little option is an open issue for appr. eleven months, and I would really appreciate if this small thing could be fixed, now...

Pin gets focus (#3277)
I've created a pin thought with an external attachment, a TXT file.

Now, I stumbled across this small detail:
Click the pin thought
--> the attached / linked file is opened in TextEdit
Cmd-Tab brings the focus back to TB.
Now I want to add a linked thought via keyboard, e.g. Alt-Cmd-Down for child thought.
--> TB offers to add the linked thought (here: child thought) to the PIN THOUGHT!

As soon as you navigate using the mouse, anything is fine...

And, btw, same happens, if you open the attached file from a thought within the past thought list at the bottom of the plex...


Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-02 um 10.12.09.png  Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-02 um 10.12.47.png 
Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906)
Any news about that?

[Feature request] Group thoughts, Arrange Thoughts by ... tag(s) (#3705)
I use tags for tracing the status of items, e.g. open, pending, solved.

Currently, I have to check each time all (child) thoughts for a tag/status in question.

I would like to see something like a "group by tag", at least a "sort by tag". Just take the tags as displayed beneath each single thought, and sort the thoughts by this, and the names.

Search "Edit | ..." menu items (#3664)
Just a small detail, please try:
  • Activate menu item Help | Search.
  • Enter "Duplicate"
  • Press "Cursor down"
  • --> Menu item activated: Help | "Menu items "Duplicate Thought"
  • --> Menu item activated: Edit | Copy Local Thought URL

Searching menu item "Edit | Undo Paste Thoughts" works fine.
You can NOT search for menu item "Edit | Cut".

Searching all other menu items "Edit | ..." mal-function as described above.

Bulk rename (replace) in thoughts (#3666)
It's a long-term feature suggestion, but wouldn't it be nice to have this included into TB9, now?

Find all x in thought names (within selection list ...?) and replace it by y.
Maybe flags for "case-sensitive", and "whole words only"...?

Should be easy-peasy.

Selection list - arrange thoughts by ...? (#3625)
For the plex (only), the contextual menu offers an item "Arrange thoughts by ...".

What about the selection list? It seems to be just a stack, want to stay - thoughts/types/tags are just added to the end/bottom? No sort option, no rearrangement via drag&drop?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a sort function for the selection list, too?

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