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Thought - Open Attachment (Ctrl-O or Cmd-O)
Heureka! That's it!! I've selected all the time "Attachments as a List"!!!!

When I change to "Attachments as a Tab", I can "jump" from attachment to attachment, as designed.
And, within the actions menu for a single attachment, I can choose "Open".

But: if I trigger Cmd-O (assigned to menu item "Open Attachment" of thought's contextual menu), the attachments list pops up, as shown before. And here, the cursor keys do not work ...

And *grumble, grumble* I can NOT assign Cmd-O twice ("Attachments > Open", "Thought > Open Attachment"), even though imho one excludes the other.

Thought - Open Attachment (Ctrl-O or Cmd-O)
... now on TB 9.0.228 ...

Tested Cmd-Shift-T, Ctrl-T, Alt-F11, Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-0 (keyboard & numpad).

Result: Cursor stays in search field (or, in notes ...). No focus change.

Thought - Open Attachment (Ctrl-O or Cmd-O)
mmh, that's weird - for me, on macOS Sierra 10.12.6, with TheBrain 9.0.227, neither Alt-Tab, nor Alt-Shift-Tab, nor Alt-Ctrl-Tab, nor other keyboard shortcuts works as described for 'Next Content Tab'. To be sure, I've restarted TB each time when I changed the keyboard shortcut.

The scenario:
Cursor was in search field, the search field was empty.
A 'xxxx-Tab' created/inserted a tab into the search field; when pressed a second time, the focus was set to the 'Create an orphan thought'-button; when pressed a third time, focus and cursor was set back to the search field, right behind the tab created before ...

Btw: when 'Alt-Tab' is pressed in notes, the cursor disappears - but text can still be entered ...

Thought - Open Attachment (Ctrl-O or Cmd-O)
Both, Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab, insert a tab into the search field.

I refer to the "Thought > Open Attachment" command (keyboard shortcut "Thought.OpenItemAttachment"). On a thought with attachments, this command brings up a - small - list of the attachments. Here, I can only press Escape. Neither tab, cursor keys, nor enter do work.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-08 um 06.34.08.png 
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-08 um 06.33.56.png 

I could select an attachment using the mouse, but using the keyboard would be faster, e.g. cmd-o, enter, or: cmd-o, cursor-down, enter.


[Update] I just found that this issue has already been documented in http://forums.thebrain.com/post/keyboard-shortcuts-followup-2765-and-3260-8300915?highlight=2765?pid=1293886621.
Notes: set selected text to bold (#3294)
Just re-tested this issue, imho it's still open.

What I did:
  • entered four lines of text into notes
  • selected some text (from end of line 1 to end of line 3)
  • changed format to "Bold"
  • --> selected text gets bold
  • selected "Bold" again, either via Cmd-B, or button
  • --> selected text stays bold?!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 09.29.32.png 

Notes: cannot paste unicode characters
Just re-checked some open issues, now #3351.
The good news are: #3351 is solved, no crash on "paste and match format" of unicode characters into notes.

The bad news: unicode characters are NOT pasted into / saved properly by notes.

Please try:
  • open TextEdit
  • enter some text, containing unicode characters
  • select all
  • copy
  • active TB / Notes, and test ...
Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 08.54.34.png 
... and save ...
Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 08.54.47.png 

Paste and Match Format:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-17 um 08.54.58.png 

Notes Editor, page up/down, or home/end removes text (#4381)
Please test (on macOS):
  • Enter some text into notes
  • select all, e.g. via Cmd-A
  • now press either home, end, page-up, or page-down on keyboard
  • --> selected text is removed?
Compare behavior of TextEdit when doing the same ...

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-13 um 18.28.14.png 

Notes: Set Date Format | (#2906 and #2568)
It's still an open issue.
Always Link to Existing Thought (#3363)
It's still an open issue.
Random theme? Why?
I, too, see no need for a random theme - but, well, it doesn't bother me: for me, create a new brain is no frequent task.

unlink selection unlinks from which thought? (#4180)

mmh - but that's not stringent.

If you change the current thought (indicated by the green circle), the details view displays informations related to this very thought, e.g. thought name, notes, attachments; menu items relate to this thought, e.g. "Thought > Create Child".
If you move the cursor onto a thought, and open the contextual menu, these menu items relate to the current thought as well.

imho it's consequent and correct to relate the selection list's actions to the current thought as well...

Just imagine - it would feel strange if e.g. "Thought > Create Child" would address only the active thought ...

Double-click handled twice? (#4202)
Please try:
open the thought's details dialog
open foreground color dialog

You will see something like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-09 um 07.39.52.png 

When I click once outside the color dialog, the color dialog will be closed.
When I click at second time (outside the thought's details dialog), the thought's detail dialog will be closed.

My expectation is, that if I click from the situation shown above two times outside these dialogs, the dialogs will be closed.

But: if I click too fast, i.e. make a double-click instead of two clicks - where the cursor hovers over the plex (!):
- the two dialogs will be closed, that's ok,
- and the plex handles the double-click as well, want to say, only the plex is displayed / plex and details view are shown again.

Btw: this happens also, if you've opend the TDD from the details view, and (double-)click onto the plex; it does NOT happen, if you double-click within the notes field...

unlink selection unlinks from which thought? (#4180)
Defined tag "open"
Created thoughts A and B, tagged both as "open", both got same jump, child, and parent thoughts.
Added tag "open", and all linked thoughts to selection list

Please note: "Unlink Selection" got shortcut "Cmd-R".

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-07 um 09.38.09.png    
Make thought "A" the active thought.

Now, place the cursor over thought "B", which gets a frame; details, and notes are displayed for this thought B.
I press "Cmd-R" in order to unlink selection from thought B.

BUT: tag "open" is unlinked from thought "A", as well as all selected thoughts?!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-07 um 09.40.02.png 

Btw: you get the same result, if you make thought "B" the current thought (use cursor keys to set green circle indicator onto thought "B").

I might be wrong, but I expected the "Unlink Selection"-command to be applied to the current thought (thought under mouse cursor, or marked with green circle), because than it's stringent, works the same as detail and notes display...

Feature Request: radio tags
Well, we all know radio buttons: a group of buttons where only one of this group can be selected at one point of time; if one button gets selected, all other become deselected automatically.

Now, apply this idea to tags ...

Define "radio tags": add functionality to tags list. Select/deselect two or more tags. Contextual menu, "group tags", or "ungroup".

Usage of "radio tags": add one radio tag R (from group X) to a given thought T. If another radio tag G of group X has been added to thought T, G will be removed without further ado.

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