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link type, direction
A small detail: the direction indicator on the link type points from e.g. left to right, but the direction indicator in the plex shows this the other way around?!

What I did:
  • created thought "source"
  • created thought "target", drag link from parent gate
  • selected link between "source" and "target"
  • opened link details dialog
  • clicked edit button, by this open link type details dialog
  • set name of link type to "is a"
  • clicked once on direction indicator
At this point, the direction indicator changes from a dot to a triangle/arrow head, pointing to the right.
I understand this as "link between 'A' and 'B'", where 'A' is the thought, where the link was startet, and 'B', where the link is pointing to, respective ends. In my example above, I want to enter the statement "source is a target".

BUT: the plex shows the link the other way around, with the direction indicator pointing to "target"?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-24 um 08.20.18.png 

[Update] Just tried the link type for child and jump thoughts. On jump thoughts, it seems to be relevant, where the link was started. Sample: Created a thought X, created link from X to 'Source'. Activated 'Source', changed type of link from X to Source. Result: link direction is pointing from X to 'Source' Concerning parent and child thoughts: the link seems to be directed in any case, no matter where the link creation was started at, from "parent" to "child"?!

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Issues related to copy and paste (#3505)

What I did:
  • selected tab with Brain A
  • added 23 thoughts to selection list (cmd-click on child gate of one thought)
  • on context menu on selection list: "Copy as Text Outline with Notes"
  • selected tab with Brain B
  • on contextual menu: "Paste thought"
I'll send you a screenshot, and a sample of notes HTML-files before/after copy & paste.

There seems to be something awful wrong: just opened the test brain again (= "Brain B" in list above); apart from the thought I'll send you the notes all other thoughts (pasted this morning) lost their notes! And: the contextual menu on the selection list just offers in one window "Copy", in the second window "Copy 2 Thoughts", "Copy as Text Outline", and "Copy as Text Outline with Notes".

can't drag out of attachment list

just tested in .153 - it's ok now; I could not replicate either the problems described above.

Timeline and Events (#3481)
Sorry, but I'm not happy about the "Timeline". I think, it's a wrong approach.

What I do not like about Timeline:
  • There's no visual integration into the plex, it's just an additional view for events.
  • We attach events to thoughts, not dates to thoughts …
  • We have to name an event, otherwise it won't appear on the timeline. This result in information duplication (name the thought, name the event).
  • [There's no contextual menu on the timeline (yet).]
  • If you change the scale to display months or years only, events are no longer visible.
  • [Currently, the timeline's place is fix, at the bottom.]

My suggestions:
  • Implement a thought type "date", it's format defines it's precision, e.g. hour, date, month, year.
  • Implement a "Time View", as an alternative to "Normal", "Outline", or "Mind Map".
  • Drop (sic!) the "Timeline" as currently implemented.
  • An event is just a normal thought, linked to a date.
  • A period of time is defined by a start and an end date.
  • Offer "implicit date links": a thought linked to an hour (e.g. "2017-02-16 08:19") is implicit linked to the month (e.g. "2017-02"), or year (e.g. "2017"); if you change the scale of the time view (Day View; Week View; Month View; Year View), the appropriate date links are displayed.
  • Allow multiple links between two thoughts.

  • The plex is the main feature of TheBrain. Use it, extend it!
  • Events have been, and will be thoughts.
  • Events are linked to dates.
  • Dates are thoughts.
  • There are only a limited number of date links, e.g. "born in", "died in", "receipt", "sent", "due", "happened at".

Issues related to copy and paste (#3505)
Just tested, it's still an open issue, especially:

Pasted notes: "new line" is pasted as "new paragraph"
Pasted notes: import of notes stops at "&", e.g. source text "copy & paste" results in target text "copy"

Pasted thoughts: copied 23 thoughts, pasted 21 thoughts
Pasted thoughts: duplicates are not recognized on pasting, e.g. copied 23 thoughts, pasted two times in target brain with "Paste text outline with notes", result: 63 thoughts?! (see issue #1635)

can't drag out of attachment list
It's not only that I can NOT drag an attached file from the attachment list to the finder, it's even worse: 
  • select an attachment
  • open contextual menu
  • choose "Copy File out of Brain"
  • Select target folder in dialog, confirm
  • -> file is copied to selected target folder
  • -> plex disappears (!!)
  • -> no refresh of plex (!!!)
  • change tab to other brain
  • change back to original brain
  • -> crash!
Timeline and Events (#3481)
I do really appreciate the effort you put into this, BUT ... what shall this be? Calendar 2.0?

There's no VISUAL(!!) integration into the plex, it's more or less just a kind of ruler added to the bottom of the display.

You've missed the chance to add time as a kind of "dimension" to the plex itself, e.g. as horizontal or vertical presentation of dates, related to given thoughts, with all those nice plex-handling options.
All date information entered so far (I'm not the only one using the "yyyy-mm-dd" notation...) are not usable/used for this "timeline".
(... and I won't rework several ten thousands of thoughts with related dates in order to make use of this "timeline")

Sorry, but: I do not like this kind of "timeline".

label replaces name (#3438)
Please try:
  • Edit an existing thought, open the thought's detail dialog
  • Enter or change the name, e.g. to "this is a long name"
  • Enter or change the label, e.g. to "name"
  • Please note: cursor is anywhere in label field, nothing is selected
  • Open the tags (!) list, either Cmd-g, or mouse click on tags button
  • Select any tag(s) you want
  • Press Escape, and wait ...
  • --> tags list is closed
  • --> thought detail dialog is closed, sometime with some delay
  • --> thought's name is changed to "name"?!
Notes editor, return/enter (#3340, #3341 and #3436)
There's another issue with Shift-Return:
  • Enter some text, e.g. "this is a   test". (three space between "a" and "test")
  • Place the cursor right after "a", before the spaces
  • Press Shift-Return (Please note: Return alone is handled fine)
  • --> CR is inserted
  • --> the first space of "   test" is removed?!
Just for the records:
  • ... at this point, the cursor is at the beginning of a new line which contains "  test" (two spaces)
  • Press Shift-Return
  • --> CR is inserted
  • --> no space is removed!
  • move cursor one space to the right
  • Press Shift-Return
  • --> CR is inserted
  • --> no space is removed, neither in "old" line, nor in "new" line (contains " test" with one space)

thought name removed (partially) on creation (#3430)
Please try:
  • create new thought (drag link from any thought's gate)
  • --> thought details dialog is shown
  • enter new thought's name, e.g. "this is a test"
  • select either the complete name, or just a part of it, e.g. "test"
  • open type list
  • move with cursor keys to any type
  • press return
  • --> type is assigned to new thought
  • --> selected part of thought name is removed?!

btw.: this only happens on a new thought, but not when you try this on an existing thought?!

Notes editor, return/enter (#3340, #3341 and #3436)
Tested in 9.0.147.

Second part ("new paragraph") is solved, first part ("SELECTED") is still an open issue.

creation, modification date of attachment (#3393)
Tested in 9.0.147.

Just a small detail: the creation date of the moved file (attachment in TB9) is set to the modification date of the file before move.

Left: before move; right: after move
Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-21 um 08.34.14.png 

no update after link was added (#3408)
Please try:
  • Create thought A
  • Create child thought B by dragging link from child connector point of A
  • Activate thought B, if not already activated
  • Create child thought C by dragging link from child connector point of B
  • Activate thought B, [just to see all three thoughts...]

  • Create jump link from C to A, drag link from jump connector point of C to A
  • --> new link will be visible
  • Now, make thought A the parent thought of C: either drag link from parent connector point of C to A, or drag link from child connector point of A to C
  • --> no update of plex, jump link from C to A still visible
  • Activate thought A
  • --> ... has child thoughts B and C
  • Activate thought B
  • --> plex is now updated, and fine.
  • Now, make A the jump thought of C again, either drag link from A to C, or C to A
  • --> no update of plex, C is still child thought of A
  • Activate thought A
  • --> thought C is jump thought of A
  • Activate thought B
  • --> plex is updated.

Notes - focus error (#3397)
  • Enter a text in to notes, e.g. "This is a test."
  • Keep in mind, where the cursor is, e.g. right before "test"
  • DO NOT CLICK, NOWHERE! - Just hover over any other thoughts; for each thought, the appr. notes will be displayed.
  • Now place the cursor just anywhere, so that the notes above are visible again.
  • Notes are still in Edit mode.
  • BUT: you can't edit, you will just hear a bell each time you press a key?!
Please: Either exit edit mode in this case, or re-activate edit mode when thought notes get focus again.

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