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My first install of TB9 on Windows: minor quirks and questions
I installed TB9 for the first time on a Windows Computer.

1. I logged into my account, but something went wrong. I was asked to send logs.
log ErrorReport_2017-06-02_17-27-48.log     
2. A Welcome screen appeared, but it was replaced by the list of brains very quickly. There was no time to read the text.
3. I downloaded a brain with 5 thoughts, opened it and then I klicked on thoughts A, B, C, D. Notes of A and B looked good, C and D have empty notes. Then I cycled through A, B, C, D again. This time, note B appeared empty. Hm, strange. I repeatedly cycled thru all thoughts but was not able to reproduce this behavior.
4. "Thought properties" seems to be grayed out at any time (both in the menu bar and on right-klick menu). Also ctrl+enter does not work.
5. The setting "Show details when selecting attachment to open" seems to have no effect - or I do not understand, what it does
6. I tried to upload a brain to the server while another first-time-sync was still in progress. It looks like the second upload goes into some kind of waiting state. But then, when the first sync completes, nothing happens. You have to restart the upload.
7. The animated cloud symbol sometimes appears black and sometimes gray. Is this meant as a global indicator, like "there is a sync ongoing for any tab"?


Best regards, Martin
Notes copy / paste: some loss of text formats (#3953)
Web Brain v9: copy and paste some text with coloured font and / or background color from one note to another. Works as expected.

Do the same on a Mac: color information seems lost. Same with underline, strikethrough.

Best regards, Martin
Sync stalled
...same here a few ours ago. Now it works - regards, Martin
No Brains showing

Correct me if I am wrong:
 - you can Logout at any time (I tried it offline)
 - from this moment on, you can no longer access your brains
 - this is true both for brains synchronised and non-synchronised brains
 - to regain access to your local brains, you need an internet connection, a valid account and everything up and running at thebrain.com (forever).

Can't be true.

Best regards, Martin
No Brains showing
HI Harlan,

I am missing something like "this will be fixed in the next release".

Best regards, Martin
Notes size slider
...OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.4 (15E65), MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) - best regards, Martin
Notes size slider
Hi Patrick,

this problem seems to be related to System Preferences / Language & Region / Preferred languages.

Steps to reproduce:
  • change primary language from English to German
  • Quit and restart TB9
  • --> Font size in notes jumps between large (initial) and small, resp. spacing varies between wide and normal, if a note has a lots of text in it
  • change primary language back to English
  • Restart TB9
  • --> notes can be resized as expected
If you need a demo / web session, please let me know.

Best regards, Martin
Notes size slider
This is an example with long text, imported from TB8:


In TB9, there is only 1 size.
When I move the slider, spacing jumps between normal (like in TB8) and wider.

Notes size slider
This is how it looks on my computer.
Notes size slider
Hi Patrick,

I can move the slider like you did.
But the size jumps between small and large.
The number of sizes is 2.
This is with all my brains, both migrated from TB8 and new ones. I just created another test brain. Makes no difference.

There is third size: the large font gets smaller than usually, when there are long lines of text in a note.

(Resizing the plex works as expected.)

Best regards, Martin
Notes size slider

After import from TB8, font size looks rather big:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-21 um 21.58.13.png 

I tried to adjust this, but there is only one other size, which is a little to small:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-21 um 21.58.58.png 

Is this intenionally?

I would prefer this (screenshot from TB8, same thought):

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-21 um 22.10.07.png 

All Brains: thumbnail missing / crash
problem solved: I was able to use right-click / delete the faulty brain.

All Brains: thumbnail missing / crash
Hi Matt,

Yes, I noticed this seems to be related to a problem during import from TB8.
That problem already is under investigation (Request #49064).

All Brains: thumbnail missing / crash on Mac:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 21.05.13.png 

1. Click on '(Failed to download thumbnail)' --> empty Brain appears, also the 'A data integrity issue has been detected with this brain' appears for a short moment. 
2. Click anywhere --> crash

After restarting TB, I tried the button 'Clear settings'. Does not help.

Best regards, Martin
9076: Import fails because Icon.png already exists in folder
I still get this error in every release since 9.0.76 until today (9.0.85).

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