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several preview issues
Hi everybody,
I was preparing a lecture and testing the preview capabilities. I had the following issues:

  • The PREVIEW button is fixated to a pretty strange position, where you can't access it if you don't work in fullscreen mode
  • Trying to preview PPTX file resulted in the error code
  • in non-maximized window mode, a pptx preview floats in a borderless window in the top left corner of the BRAIN application window
  • while a DOC or DOCX file displays in a borderless floating window somewhere near the middle of the Brain application window.
  • I know it is pretty pointless to pre"view" an MP3, but this results in a black preview window.
I am using a 4k monitor and the intel graphics driver (no graphics board).
PDF and HTML work just fine.

PS. I wanted to upload image files, but got an HTTP error.

Brain 9 crashes after clicking OPEN for attached image file
Thanks to both of you for answering.
Here is what I noticed:

- the alpha channel version (9.0.230) did prevent muliple error messages, but not the error itself
- my computer had somehow completely forgotten which program to use for .jpg (no entry in the default app tool)
- Windows used PAINT 3D as its "best guess" from within all other environments but BRAIN
- BRAIN alpha version trundles for a little while an then dies with the Windows message saying something about an unexpected error (I'm using a German version)
- changed default app to windows Photo app: works as expected
- changed default app to Paint 3D: worked fine as well
So it was obviously the missing association of file type and default app.
(But you still might want to prevent that from happening.)

Thanks and best wishes to both of you,
Brain 9 crashes after clicking OPEN for attached image file
Hi everybody,

the title says pretty much everything.
An image file (tried several with identical result) attached to a thought is displayed in the preview area. When I click on the OPEN icon next to RENAME and PROPERTIES, TheBrain 9 beta (current version) crashes ofter opening numerous empty message windows.
Sorry for the image, it's a 4k monitor.
Can you have a look at that?
presentation mode badly needed
Hi everybody,
I was able to find some requests for a presentation mode in version 9, but I couldn't find a reply expressing commitment to integrate it. Will we get it?
I use BRAIN 8 for speeches and presentations regularly and it is the best-looking animated switchboard to all other sorts of elements a lively presentation might need, including sound files, videos, Powerpoints, you name it.
From my view, there is no need to try and simulate other presentation software (although a Prezi-like zoom would be cool). I just wouldn't like to lose what I have in version 8.
data loss - help badly needed
Oh, and before I forget:
I wouldn't have to use onedrive if webbrain was a real alternative regarding
- pricing
- storage capacity
- size limitation of single files.
I might even come back as a paying customer.

data loss - help badly needed
Just to tell the end of the story...
... I didn't find out what was cause and what was effect. I finally had a checkdisk run that reported some mistakes and was able to correct them. After that I was able to rename old files and folders and I even found the important _brain folder again.
So: problem solved, solution mysterious.
Thanks for your support, though.
data loss - help badly needed
Thank you to the two of you for answering,
I have to explain in more detail.
No, I don't have any other form of backup, because everything resides on two machines and both are connected to the same MS onedrive. Synchronisation is automatic and I thought two (three with the online drive) copies are sufficient. (Please don't tell me I am missing the onedrive concept, I know it. I keep warning other people myself and I know I was pretty stupid.)
OK, now I had both machines running and one had obviously not finished making the latest updates to onedrive when I launched the brain on the second machine as well. This caused onedrive to rename the newer version and call it brainname-this_computers_name. I new this was up to date and - here it comes - renamed it in Explorer and not with the Brain renaming function. I gave the brain file and the folder the same name, but the brain kept ignoring their relationship ever since. Even worse: When I created a new brain with the existing name it deleted the content of the brain folder completely.
I do have a backup of the folder but I just don't know how I can create a brain file that accepts this folder as its partner and opens it.
Oh, I forgot: This time Onedrive was fast enough to synchronize the useless files. So this was really April Fools Day for me!
Is this clearer? And more importantly: Is there any way to repair it? I don't want to copy thousands of files from a deep directory structure.
Thanks again,
data loss - help badly needed
Hi everybody,

Some third-party data synchronisation killed my brain. When I open the .brain file, it tells me the brain can't be opened. The directory with all the data is still there. So I can't use any File menu tool because I just don't get that far.
When I create a new brain with the old name BRAIN creates an empty database folder (or deletes the existing one, which is even worse). When I create a new brain, I cannot import the old brain folder.
How can I re-create my brain if only the "mydata" folder is still there and the "mydata.brain" is gone for good?

I think I don't need to tell you I really need my data SOON (it's always like that, isn't it?).
Thank you,
Export to HTML does not work
I know this thread has been silent for a while, but just in case:
Please try a short name with only a-z and 0-9 characters, no spaces, nothing else.
Sounds illogical, but worked for me.

Ok, I'm quitting
Today was the last day of my subscription before renewal. I had a critical look at what I received for my money over the last two years. It was not enough. Here is what I wrote in the optional "tell us why" window:
"Product development for Windows virtually non-existent. Changes in version 8 have been cosmetic at best. Support has become a joke.
I've been a paying customer since version 2. But with the yearly subscription I feel I'm throwing my money away."

wallpaper and thumbnail problem
More weird wallpaper effects...

I was still working on the issue above, when I copied the brain in question from webbrain to my Surface Windows 8.1 machine. Same result there, at first. Then I tried to assign the wallpaper manually and accidentally hit OK when file selection was pointing to "C:". The selection dialog went away and has never come back since then. I can now try to select a wallpaper from wherever I want, Brain just won't cooperate and ignores me.
Then I did the same thing on my main machine under Windows 7 Prof.: Asked for a wallpaper, selected "C:" in the file selection dialog, hit OK, and the file selection has been to data nirvana ever since. Can you give me my file selection box back?

Oh, and before I forget: On the Surface machine I suddenly have the desired background wallpaper without ever selecting it (which I can't without a dialog). On my main machine I am not so lucky.

This should give your developers some kind of New Year's riddle. Have fun...


Al right, 2 hours later: After Windows restart, wallpaper gone on both machines again. And a thought I deleted weeks ago suddenly reappeared. This product is full of surprises.
wallpaper and thumbnail problem
Hi everybody,

Brain desktop, latest version keeps forgetting its wallpaper. They are only displayed in the current session. After sync, the online copy will be complete with wallpaper and everything, but the local copy, when restarted, will still be empty. "wallpaper.png" is created, though. The same is true for thumbnails. Webbrain creates and displays thumbnails, but brain desktop ignores them. Didn't we have the same thing some versions earlier?

This only happens to newly created brains. Old brains (v 7 and older) keep their old settings.

Some help would be appreciated.

Make synchronization worthwhile
After I downloaded version 8, which is not much more than a facelift of V7 to me, I was wondering what could make me stay with my Combo subscription. V8 was not convincing. Webbrain integration could be useful because of its integrated sync function, but the ridiculous limitation to attachment sizes makes it virtually worthless for me. There is already a maximum space limit, so if the company is serious about their promises, the attachment limit needs to be abolished. Most of my Brains hold PowerPoint presentations or film clips that can easily exceed these limits, while the combined size of my Brains including those attachments would fit into the Webspace I already paid for.
So either the company should make that space completely available, or, better still, they include a tool that allows us to use our own webservers to synchronize our Brains. That would even enable me to rent a (virtual) server outside the NSA dominion.
But maybe it's just me...
Brain Getting Too Expensive
This trail of thought calls for supporting voices and so I am adding mine. For me , the core product is the desktop application. I've been a Brain user since version 2 (and deserve a share in the firm for all the special upgrade offers I accepted) and I now feel something is going wrong here.
The cloud-hype may be nice for marketing, but unsuitable for sensitive of critical data. I am stll waiting for some development on the desktop front, but I admit I am starting to follow every hint on alternatives...

(What's that favorite movie, randystokes? Sounds like some experienced IT philosopher speaking.)

Wallpaper issues
thanks for answer that I read some days ago. Frankly, I hoped for something more to come, like "we are going to change that" or the like. My initial reaction was: You can't be serious. I use the Brain for presentations a lot. Basically it is a nice and logically looking switchboard to images, texts and PPTs.
What I have to present to the audience when loading / switching brains  is just a mess.
Webbrain is a nice little extra, but much too fragile and limited for professional use. The real product most customers here pay for is the local application. I sometimes feel you people forget that.


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