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Sync Notes between PCs

For anyone reading this thread the storage folder being \\server\REDIRECTED FOLDERS\user.name is the cause of the problem (even if this is actually the path to the C: drive user documents in Windows 10).

Even though V9 download the brain from the cloud OK, and displays thoughts / links fine it doesn't currently sync notes folders and hence the notes.html on a \\ type path in Windows 10 do not sync.

Use the Options > Preferences >  System > Storage to specify a local drive (e.g. C:\Temp) prior to syncing a brain the first time, and everything works perfectly.  If you have this problem, delete you local copy and the cloud brain and then re-sync after changing the path.

Support is aware of this issue.  Thanks everyone for your help!
Installing & Syncing iOS Beta with Desktop Beta
It's a little unintuitive but you tap the i button in the top left to switch between V8 / V9 within the same application.

As shown below.

Brain iOS.PNG
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Harlan,

I'm a bit like Jerry (although not anywhere near his scale ~15K) only have web links, notes, pasted icons and shortcuts to items.

I tried to find any copied attachments, but didn't see anything immediately.

As I'm only testing, happy to create an attachment in V8, (delete and re-import brain V9) and see how it goes?


Sync Notes between PCs
Hi All,

My home V9 brain was created from a direct import of V8.

At home I can see all the notes fine, but interestingly click on the + gave the following error:

Brain V9 Error on Notes.png 

However if you edit the text first, then go to the + / Open Folder works (without error) and sync's OK too!!

TheBrain Windows - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
2017-07-16 19:48:27
Origin: XWT Terminal: False
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800401D3): Data on clipboard is invalid (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401D3 (CLIPBRD_E_BAD_DATA))
   at System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.IDataObject.GetData(FORMATETC& format, STGMEDIUM& medium)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetDataInner(FORMATETC& formatetc, STGMEDIUM& medium)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetDataFromOleHGLOBAL(String format, DVASPECT aspect, Int32 index)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetDataFromBoundOleDataObject(String format, DVASPECT aspect, Int32 index)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetData(String format, Boolean autoConvert, DVASPECT aspect, Int32 index)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetData(String format, Boolean autoConvert)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.GetData(String format, Boolean autoConvert)
   at System.Windows.Clipboard.GetDataInternal(String format)
   at System.Windows.Clipboard.GetData(String format)
   at #mKq.#BLq.#lK(TransferDataType #Vd)
   at ##.#4EB(ContentView #pZ, #elv #wov, Action #Chy, String& #KG, EventHandler& #IDB)
   at ##.#SaA(AddAttachmentWidget )
   at ##.#Wbr(AddAttachmentWidget #wov, #elv )
   at ##.#kQv(#RBc #RBc, ContentView #drw, ResolvedAttachment )
   at ##.#qRx(ContentView #nZ, #SOt #RU, Boolean )
   at ##.#JQv(ContentView #RU, Boolean )
   at TheBrain.Desktop.ContentView.#1tB(Object #qfr, EventArgs #ch)
   at #QY.#SOt.HandleButtonPressed(Object #nc, #Raq #oc)
   at Xwt.Widget.#iZp(#Raq #ch)
   at Xwt.Widget.#WWp.#h0p(#Raq #ch)
   at Xwt.WPFBackend.WidgetBackend.#PVv.#0aw()
   at ##.#VYq(#J1p #Df, Action )
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Matt,

Not a problem, I think I owe Patrick one for being dumb about the person icon login [smile]

Checked a few thoughts only found one (my root thought) with a Notes folder, and in it 0 kb notes.html file.

All other thoughts have a Notes icon, but no Notes folder in the Attachment Folder.

Considering this is a 'fresh' download and no proxy etc. issues I'm a bit stumped. 

Only one thing that is a little unusual is that IT has setup work laptop with redirect for my home directory, so the path to a thought ends up being \\server\REDIRECTED FOLDERS\user.name\Documents\Brains\U01\B01\e3a144e9-64f3-5867-9557-f1d9d2d5576d even though it's on th C drive.

If I add a new text in a Note to a though, everything works fine (syncs both ways).

Will setup a Test brain and test over the weekend.

Sync Notes between PCs
Hi All,

Any progress on this I'm up to 9.0.203 and still no notes text is being displayed on syned PC's?  Anyone else seeing this?

Works on iOS so the notes text must be on the cloud, and the thoughts show a notes icon, but the Notes field appears blank.  Have also reinstalled on a new laptop since the original report, still same problem.

Brain No Notes.png 
Moving Brains to OneDrive
Hi Vicki,

Yep everything said above is true, also discussed here http://forums.thebrain.com/post/synchronisation-between-computers-8102938?pid=1292195443

To be clear I synced via a HD for 2 years (prior to the proxy working) with only 1 database rebuild needed, but you have to be beyond careful - close to paranoid to make it work.  You need only ever have one brain open at a time, and check all writes are completed before you shutdown your computer.  Then when you are sure the Brain is shutdown on one computer, you can open on the 2nd and vice versa.

The chances of a corruption are high, so I made a brainzip weekly with the knowledge I would lose a weeks work if I even had to go back.

And as just about every recommends, I stopped doing this as soon as the Webbrain sync worked properly.  My time and information is worth way more than the cost of the cloud sync service ... it works reliably all the time [smile].

The other consideration is speed, the brain always works best with the database on a local HD, I'm not sure how OneDrive drive compares on that front.
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Patrick,

It was #55664 (but that is now missing), resent now #55682 thanks.
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Matt,

Thanks, I sent support some screen shots and the logs.

iOS v9 is syncing fine.  It's only the existing PC to PC that is not working, and the notes all came from an import of v8 brain.

And in fact any new notes are syncing, so it's really only the ~5,000 v8 home notes that don't appear on my work PC v9 (but because they do appear in iOS I'm assuming the upload went OK).  Not proxies or other network issues I can think of.
Sync Notes between PCs
Thanks great tip, with 10,000+ web links I wasn't looking forward to adding notes! [smile]
Two Suggestions

iOS interface is fairly minimal, but it works most of the time.

A few small features to consider
1. Swipe left / right (or up /down) to go back / forward
2. Click on number to call.  I have a lot of people's telephone number in my Brain, and it would be a huge time saver to be able to click on the number and it to load the iOS "would you like to Call this number" dialogue.

Thanks as always.
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi All,

Latest versions making great progress, I was just about to move to v9 for my everyday use, and noticed that 9.0.192 does not seem to be synchronizing notes between PCs (thoughts, links, tags OK) on Windows 10, or the Cloud http://app.thebrain.com (or preview.webbrain.com)??

Whats is surprising is that notes do sync OK between PC and v9 iOS (and yes triple checked I'm in the V9 skin [smile]??

Other slight annoyance, is the visual clutter for thoughts that have websites attached but no note. A thought with notes displays the note by default (great - usually pretty blank or key info for me), but those without a though show the website (if it has one) and there usually lots of color / images which attract your eye (or maybe I'm just slow to adapt!).

It would be great either remember last tab and reopen that, of have a setting to open default to notes (even if blank) or web tab.
Syncing First Brain
Thanks Harlan, I have a Pro Subscription, and syncing in V8, but yes your right for some reason V9 is 'standalone' and I didn't realize it.  Will email support separately to try and fix.
Syncing First Brain
Yep [smile], logged into V9 preview.webbrain server no problem (and the V8 screen doesn't have the pull to refresh bar).
Syncing First Brain
Hi All,

Maybe I'm being dumb, but how do you sync your existing V9 brains?

I expected the pull down to sync would have done that.  Now either my brain is taking a very long time (and no feedback on progress), or I'm doing something wrong.  Tapping on "Existing Braniacs?" or the computer to the left doesn't seem to have any action.

And you probably know Help is empty.

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