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How do i import from version 7 to Version 9?
You have probably considered this, but install V8 and then do the import, and then repeat for V9?

V8 and V9 can both be installed at the same time (and from what I remember V7 also).
Missing Hyperlink Icons for all Thoughts without Favicons
Hi Matt,

Thanks, elminated Java 1.7 in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

Confirmed Brain now using J-1.8.0_144, however no joy with the hyperlink icons [frown]

Will send you a direct support email.
Missing Hyperlink Icons for all Thoughts without Favicons
Hi All,

Must have done something wrong, Brain on my work machine (Win 10 Pro 1607) is suddenly missing the hyperlink icon on all thoughts except ones with favicons.

These thoughts used to show a blank Firefox web page icon (still works at home both have Firefox 55.0.3 64-bit), and used to be OK on my work machine - now all the thoughts have no icon (and to launch a page you have to go to the Thought tab and click the webpage).

Interesting the Brain reports Java 1.7.0_80 when I definitely have 1.8.144 installed?

Have tried restarting / *support* Rebuild Icons / rebooting / re-installing - no change, any thoughts (or icons[smile])?

Or maybe it's just a hint I should move my production Brain to 9 [smile]
how do I sync thebrain 9 with my ios devices?
Hi Chris,

The server was down a few days ago http://forums.thebrain.com/post/thebrain-9-server-is-temporarily-down-9310967?pid=1300202435 but should be up now.

There is a whole forum section on Brain 9 for iOS Beta, and lots of explainations on sync problems, e.g. http://forums.thebrain.com/post/installing-syncing-ios-beta-with-desktop-beta-8676571?pid=1297026718

If this doesn't work, please give some details PC / Mac version / OS version, any error, when was it working, what are you trying now?
Can't find Version 9.0.216
Probably because you're enrolled in Beta or Stable update channel.

Under Preferences > System > Updates Check for updates on channel: Alpha = all updates, Beta = less often and well Stable when they are stable [smile]

Mine certainly shows 9.0.216 and downloads.

If not report back and it might be a proxy problem.
Recovering a deleted Brain
If you have all the files, restore them into your brain directory (e.g. ~\Documents\Brains\U01\B01) and try new tab, Refresh Brain List?? Might work?
Feature Request: radio tags

Using check boxes in notes to do this now, would be huge improvement.
New version crashes on launch
Likewise, iOS 10.3.3 iPhone 7, update TestFlight, crash. Reinstall fixed.
TheBrain Cloud and TheBrain 9
Hi Oliver,

Yes V9 preview (beta) online is definitely working at https://preview.webbrain.com/

The way you sync with the cloud is from you local client open a new tab (+) and underneath the brain name in the sync symbol and a menu hamburger.

If you click on these you can make a brain Online / Local / Delete Online / Local etc.

This then enables you to sync between devices / view online (depending if the brain is local or cloud).

Sync Notes between PCs

For anyone reading this thread the storage folder being \\server\REDIRECTED FOLDERS\user.name is the cause of the problem (even if this is actually the path to the C: drive user documents in Windows 10).

Even though V9 download the brain from the cloud OK, and displays thoughts / links fine it doesn't currently sync notes folders and hence the notes.html on a \\ type path in Windows 10 do not sync.

Use the Options > Preferences >  System > Storage to specify a local drive (e.g. C:\Temp) prior to syncing a brain the first time, and everything works perfectly.  If you have this problem, delete you local copy and the cloud brain and then re-sync after changing the path.

Support is aware of this issue.  Thanks everyone for your help!
Installing & Syncing iOS Beta with Desktop Beta
It's a little unintuitive but you tap the i button in the top left to switch between V8 / V9 within the same application.

As shown below.

Brain iOS.PNG
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Harlan,

I'm a bit like Jerry (although not anywhere near his scale ~15K) only have web links, notes, pasted icons and shortcuts to items.

I tried to find any copied attachments, but didn't see anything immediately.

As I'm only testing, happy to create an attachment in V8, (delete and re-import brain V9) and see how it goes?


Sync Notes between PCs
Hi All,

My home V9 brain was created from a direct import of V8.

At home I can see all the notes fine, but interestingly click on the + gave the following error:

Brain V9 Error on Notes.png 

However if you edit the text first, then go to the + / Open Folder works (without error) and sync's OK too!!

TheBrain Windows - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
2017-07-16 19:48:27
Origin: XWT Terminal: False
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800401D3): Data on clipboard is invalid (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401D3 (CLIPBRD_E_BAD_DATA))
   at System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.IDataObject.GetData(FORMATETC& format, STGMEDIUM& medium)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetDataInner(FORMATETC& formatetc, STGMEDIUM& medium)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetDataFromOleHGLOBAL(String format, DVASPECT aspect, Int32 index)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetDataFromBoundOleDataObject(String format, DVASPECT aspect, Int32 index)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetData(String format, Boolean autoConvert, DVASPECT aspect, Int32 index)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.OleConverter.GetData(String format, Boolean autoConvert)
   at System.Windows.DataObject.GetData(String format, Boolean autoConvert)
   at System.Windows.Clipboard.GetDataInternal(String format)
   at System.Windows.Clipboard.GetData(String format)
   at #mKq.#BLq.#lK(TransferDataType #Vd)
   at ##.#4EB(ContentView #pZ, #elv #wov, Action #Chy, String& #KG, EventHandler& #IDB)
   at ##.#SaA(AddAttachmentWidget )
   at ##.#Wbr(AddAttachmentWidget #wov, #elv )
   at ##.#kQv(#RBc #RBc, ContentView #drw, ResolvedAttachment )
   at ##.#qRx(ContentView #nZ, #SOt #RU, Boolean )
   at ##.#JQv(ContentView #RU, Boolean )
   at TheBrain.Desktop.ContentView.#1tB(Object #qfr, EventArgs #ch)
   at #QY.#SOt.HandleButtonPressed(Object #nc, #Raq #oc)
   at Xwt.Widget.#iZp(#Raq #ch)
   at Xwt.Widget.#WWp.#h0p(#Raq #ch)
   at Xwt.WPFBackend.WidgetBackend.#PVv.#0aw()
   at ##.#VYq(#J1p #Df, Action )
Sync Notes between PCs
Hi Matt,

Not a problem, I think I owe Patrick one for being dumb about the person icon login [smile]

Checked a few thoughts only found one (my root thought) with a Notes folder, and in it 0 kb notes.html file.

All other thoughts have a Notes icon, but no Notes folder in the Attachment Folder.

Considering this is a 'fresh' download and no proxy etc. issues I'm a bit stumped. 

Only one thing that is a little unusual is that IT has setup work laptop with redirect for my home directory, so the path to a thought ends up being \\server\REDIRECTED FOLDERS\user.name\Documents\Brains\U01\B01\e3a144e9-64f3-5867-9557-f1d9d2d5576d even though it's on th C drive.

If I add a new text in a Note to a though, everything works fine (syncs both ways).

Will setup a Test brain and test over the weekend.

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