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LInkedIn URL titles not downloading
Matt, thanks very much for this. That link won't work in my version of TB either. Which makes me wonder if it might actually be a MacOS problem, or some residue left over from an earlier app, maybe a firewall or AV? 

Best, Jeremy 
LInkedIn URL titles not downloading
Patrick, thanks for this, and that's true. I've noticed a lot of earlier LinkedIn links in TB before I switched to using the public links now throw up 404s. Is there any way to look in the logs to see what happens to TB's attempt to download the URL details? 

LInkedIn URL titles not downloading
Thanks, Patrick. I'm not sure that's correct, though, in this case. True, LinkedIn asks you to you sign in to view the full profile, and trying to load a Gmail page into TB results in the same behaviour, but that LinkedIN page, and others like it (the public profile of a LinkedIn user) can be viewed in the browser without signing in. That's why I choose them for adding to TB, because of the behaviour you describe. And that has been the case for several years -- it's only in the past week or so that TB no longer downloads, or tries to download, the underlying URL details. The last update to TB was in Feb, so I'm guessing it's either something at the backend of TB, or else some other conflict on my system. 

LInkedIn URL titles not downloading
For some reason in both TB 8 and 9 LinkedIn links are not updating. Has anyone else experienced this and/or got a solution? 

Usually I do this: 
- drag a LinkedIn link into the brain (eg: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/pamottram) 
- TB would add it as a thought and download URL title etc and populate thought name and label, icon

Now all that happens is a generic linkedin title and the URL is downloaded, not the more detailed information. The status ticker does not show any activity. 

I've checked firewalls, reinstalled the app, tried other HTTPS URLs or browsers (no problem with them) to no avail. 

I can only assume it's a LinkedIn issue, but I don't understand why it might do that. 

MacOS, latest version of everything. 

Freeze on dragging link that already exists into brain
Thanks, Patrick, any more word? It's driving me a little crazy because it requires some dexterity in quitting the app. 
Freeze on dragging link that already exists into brain
Most recent release freezes when dragging a link into the brain that already exists. The dialog alerting the user and offering them a choice of adding or canceling appears, but the app freezes and requires a force quit. No data is lost, but it's frustrating. 
Paste Outline
This was mostly my experience too. It does a good job of offering to connect to existing thoughts, which is excellent. 

But I've not managed to paste a large number of thoughts in one go. It stops after 10 or so. 

change thought type changes parent
I've noticed in the present beta version if you change a thought type when it's not the central thought the type of the parent thought--i.e. the central thought--will also be changed. 
instant search
James, thanks for this. It seems to be a problem on the Mac, and perhaps an underpowered one at that: Air 2010. On my Windows machine it's not a problem. 

On search, I seem to recall it was possible to filter out instant searches of, say Singapore from a search of Sing by typing <sing> and then hitting <space>. This would filter out any words of which <sing> were just the first four letters. That no longer seems to work. 

Best, Jeremy 
instant search
I've noticed a slight but distinctive lag when focusing TB and typing a search in the instant activation box. I've tried rebuilding the instant activation index but it's not really helped. 

I've also noticed that one can no longer type a word and hit <space> in order to exclude words that aren't complete (eg brain but not brainy, brainless, brain-dead etc). Or am I dreaming that that was once a feature? 
Blue backgrounds/wallpapers
Thanks, Brent, very helpful. 
Exclusive parent
I noticed that in PB 6 (and perhaps before) holding the shift key down while adding a parent thought creates an "exclusive parent" or, if linking a thought to an existing thought as its parent, a "Link exclusive parent". I can't find any documentation on this, and perhaps it's been around a while, but I'm not quite clear what these terms are.  

Anyone able to enlighten? 

Adding Multiple Child Records
I too would love to see this feature.
Anyone had any luck with Mindmapper etc?
Need bigger instant search window
I'd love to see this too. My dream would be something like the popup Google Desktop search bar, activated by hitting Control twice, which appears in the middle of the screen with a big font.

I'd also love to see the instant search automatically searching labels too, perhaps listing matches separately? As websites often include useful secondary information that PB automatically adds to the label field, it would be great to access that as part of instant search.

Simple Theme
Thanks Harlan, I'll see whether the driver is an old one. Though it's a year old computer running Windows 7. I am definitely noticing a lot faster movement between thoughts.
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