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Keyboard navigation
Harlan wrote: Thanks for your feedback. [smile]
The commands in TB9 are different than TB8, so the keyboard mappings cannot be identical, but we can take a look and see if we can make them more similar.

The direction of menu expansion is determined by the OS. Are you using a touchscreen enabled machine by chance? If so, what you described is the default behavior. Menus open to the left so they are not obscured by your (right) hand. I thought it was weird too, but it sort of makes sense. See http://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/show-context-menu-on-left-or-right-in-windows-10.html

Great, thanks.

No, I'm on a regular Win10 desktop PC.
But I do use a Wacom touchpad and pen instead of a mouse. Guess that confuses TB
I followed the link and changed the tablet setting in Win10, now I get right-expanding menus. Better for me. Thanks again.

Harlan wrote:
Re: the Home key. I believe the reason it is that way is that if we enable use without a modifier key, you will not be able to use the home key while typing in notes or doing other text editing tasks.

Regarding the modifier. I always close notes with ESC in TB8 first, so this would not be an issue for me. But I see the point.
When the notes window has the focus it should indeed go to top of the notes.

Kriggel23 wrote:
Did it: exported keyboard shortcuts, modified this file, so that only home key is assigned to the home thought command, without any shift ir command. Safe file, import this modified keyboard shortcuts file back into TB9. Here we are! Home alone!!

Thanks for the work-around feature/bug to assign the shortcut, might try that.
Keyboard navigation
After playing around for a bit with Beta 9 it's looking good. Definitely a step in good direction.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

I do have some remarks concerning keyboard usage. It seems navigation is very much mouse oriented and keyboard navigation needs a little TLC.
  1. Navigation is slow in the plex. Press one of the arrow keys in TB 8 and the cursor instantly moves. In TB 9 it only reacts after a little while, perhaps up to a second delay. Definitely worse performance than TB 8.
  2. Opening attachments is a bit slow as well. I've assigned SHIFT-Enter to it and there is slight delay with the circle expanding slowly.
  3. I would prefer to have the same shortcut definitions as TB8 had by default. So F5 displays notes, ESC closes the notes again and so on. So if the default list of TB8 can be incorporated as default in the options that would great.
  4. I have to remember 2 shortcuts to open the notes and close them again. This is not very intuitive. For example, CTRL-N to open them and then CTRL-SHIFT-A to close.
  5. I have to use a modifier when assigning the Home key to go the home thought. For example, I have to assign SHIFT-Home. Clearly for some keys a modifier is not required per se. I should be able to assign Home as a single key.

Display thingy: Normally in windows a menu expands to the right. For example, when you op the options menu, the left border of the menu that drops down is underneath the "O". In TB9 the menu expands to the right, so the right border is underneath the "s". Not wrong, but a bit weird.

The right-click menu also expands to the left, that's really weird.


Welcome to TheBrain 9 Beta
When will the beta be available for normal licences? I have an ordinary licence (Pro)
And have been a user since 1998 *hinthint* [cool]
New Forum Skin - Nice
Looking good, a little smaller font size in the post index would be nice though.
Watch out for the bubble
pvonk wrote: As a teacher for over 40 years I've learned that there are different mindsets - those who think visually, those who see data linearly, and those who are naturally abstract. TheBrain is more visual, more so than other "database" apps. You can't please all mindsets!

While perhaps more visual, I find it is very much for the abstract minded people. I consider myself one and that's why I like it so much. And that is exactly why it is challenging for lots of people I think. Most people are not abstract inclined so to speak (that's what I think though). And that's why it's so hard to make something like this visually simple and clear to use.

So it doesn't look hard, it is hard. Manipulating and storing abstract stuff clashes with visual friendliness. How to solve that, I don't know, I'm not visually inclined.
Browser Icons not showing up
Usually a windows problem.
Make sure you've made Firefox your default browser in the settings AND reboot.
Often only after the reboot the icons are shown properly. Windows doesn't seem to properly clear its icon cache when changing default programs.
Is it possible to copy preferences from one brain to another
Just copy the XML file, search for "TheBrain8Preferences.xml" in your user directory.
inherit of propriety
Yeah, I would like this as well.

I regularly store pdf's of bank statements and stuff like that under a 'private' thought. Would be very handy if new child thoughts would inherit the tags and the private status of its parent.
Please add forgetfullness
Interesting idea indeed.

But it must optional, because it's going against the idea of TB that is able to remember everything for me indefinitely. The power is that while browsing TB you come across stuff your wet brain has forgotten. If TB also has 'forgotten' it it's really lost. You might access something which has a related thought you haven't visited in 10 years and suddenly you can now connect it or use it for something recent. If it gets foggy it won't grab your attention anymore.

The best way to reduce clutter is to rigorously maintain your brain, with sub-thoughts, tags and types. Yes it does take time, but it's also the power.
Mini-Freezes (5-10 seconds)
Spacenexus wrote: Well, that is interesting. On seeing Patrick's comment I decided to increase my vmoptions size to a ridiculous 8192. The result was a much smoother animation of TB. Still a few stutters but much better.

To 8192?
I can't set it higher than 1G or 1024M. Anything higher and TB won't start at all.
Terrible Trouble with Java 7 Update 67
You need to do 3 things:
  1. Backup
  2. Backup
  3. Backup
I'm serious. You can never know what will happen and complete error prevention simply is not possible.
So make rigorous backups, often, copy them to several different media, preferably even in different physical locations. And make extra fresh backups when you're about to do something risky.

FWIW, I've been upgrading my java versions almost always and I never had problems so far.

I do not know if Java 8 already is safe to use with TB, but that version seems to be promoted to be the main version since yesterday.
Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
Underdog wrote: @Steeph - what do you mean? What works for you "although your regional settings" are Dutch? What is the language of your OS?

I meant removing the German keyboard completely. You can always add it back later so perfectly safe to try.

My Win8 is English, but I'm not sure if Windows is still supplied in languages. I could be it's just 1 OS and you select the language pack to use.
Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
This works for me, although my regional settings are Dutch.
One thing that I've noticed, you have multiple keyboard layouts (3rd tab). Are you perhaps using the German layout?
I only have and use the US keyboard layout. You could try to remove the German (reboot maybe) and restart TB to see if it gets confused by that.
File Previewer
It would also be a security risk and potentially introduce performance issues.
So not for me, I prefer to view files with dedicated programs. This at least needs to be optional.
64bit Brain Software Recommendation
Just applied it.
I have a fairly fast machine though with enough free memory so I doubt if I really will perceive a difference without actually testing it.
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