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Beta Registration Required (was Mac : MAJOR BUG)
How much will cost PB 6 PRO version without synchronization? What if user need Pro, but don't need sync at all?
Calendar events
Yeah, cool idea!

Plus something like agenda view
Personal Knowledge Management
Hm… Ultra Recall looks much better, powerful and useful against i-Memorize. If you need manipulate, filter and research of some similar type of data, then use Ultra Recall. It's best in this case.
But Personal Brain best for overall knowledge management.
Tools layout is broken in some conditions
Fullscreen screenshot attached. Maybe this will help. My screen resolution is 1280x1024. PB in Auto-hide right mode.
Tools layout is broken in some conditions
This happen with Advanced Tools Layout switched on and off, tested today.

Tools layout is broken in some conditions
I'm terribly hate this issue! Reproduced in 100% of cases. Very annoying! Please help solve this problem.
Tools layout is broken in some conditions
Hm… I don't know what alse.

But I can reproduce this in 100% of attempts.
Customizable vertical distance between thoughts in outline view
Please make the possibility to setting vertical distance between thoughts in outline view.

On screenshot: Lucida Sans Unicode font selected in Look & Feel. Thought gates and icons is very closely located, almost on each other. This is very inconvenient to use and to impairs perception.
Tools layout is broken in some conditions
Windows 7
PB Pro (but it was also observed in previous versions)
Auto-hide Right
Advanced Tools Layout

My tools is configured as shown in screenshot 1. In some conditions sizes of tools panels in this layout is broken.

I know at least two reproducible methods to do this on my config.

Startup PB, place cursor in Notes window by mouse click (but not with keyboard F5), click on Notes panel Maximize button for open Notes window on full PB screen, then click on Restore button. Result on the screenshot 2.

Second. When calendar panel was active when you close PB in last time.
Startup PB, click on Calendar panel Maximize button for open Calendar on full PB screen, then click on Restore button. Result on the screenshot 3.

This sequence of actions has 100% reproducibility for me. But in real life we not do same actions every day and every startup. Therefore, there are situations where such problems occur in unexpected moments that are difficult to reproduce. But they are all connected with Miximize/Restore action.

Really hate when sizes of the Tools Layout changed
Problems with encoding
No, it does not help
Problems with encoding
Have problems with the Russian language on the WebBrain page. Some letters are replaced by the weird codes. I'm talking about all this
о #1082; 74; 81; … etc

Look at the screenshot
Plex hangs (
Have this issue second time. First time was with rc and second time today with

All menus and panels are working except the plex and instant search.

MS Vista, Java 6 (build 1.6.0_17-b04)
Brain Vanishes!

In PB 5.5-b auto-hide mode become to auto-hate mode
Calendar — can't create events Pressing the «Save» button not create new event.
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