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[Feature Request] Brainstorms - Virtual brains / mindmaps

Feedback and vote - it is the lack of this feature that has me use my brain less frequently. I end up exporting to MS Word Outline so that I can rearrange my thoughts and edit easily (without changing the links in my Brain).

An idea around one way to accomplish this brainstorm idea. Expanded View allows me to choose a series of thoughts and arrange them on the page. If I could ACTIVATE my expanded view and create NEW links between thoughts, it would work very much like this brainstorm idea.

This is what I currently do with expanded brains, but without the "new links."

As a user, I can
add thoughts to a selection,
switch to expanded view in expanded brain
click to bring in additional ideas - to include and sort all of the thoughts I want to organize in a new set of relationships
remove the thoughts I don't want

***and then I (user) can create a new set of links to connect/organize the thoughts in the brainstorm/expanded view*** which ONLY exist in this saved "brainstorm" view. Then, like a filter, I can switch to normal/outline view and continue my normal brain work - but all the results ONLY exist in the brainstorm view. (I would have to "save" the changes like an expanded view, but that would be a small price to pay for the exponential shift in functionality.)

Done. It is a brain within a brain, but leveraging the existing codebase.

From an xml perspective, y'all could generate a unique string as an identifier tag for that brainstorm - just like you do when you save an expanded view.

Just an idea.



Selecting multiple tags AND types to filter in reports

I can't figure it out and can't find instructions in userguide or forum.

Specifically, I want to filter (or inverse) for multiple tags at the same time AND a type or type with subtypes.

Right now, what seems to happen is that I get an either/or.

I create some custom reports.
1. select tags A, B, C with "at least1 tag"  - 300 thoughts are 'found'
2. select thought type X - 600 thougts are found
3. select thought type X and tags A, B, C - 150 thoughts are found.

The tags search only within the thoughts of the type. I want them ALL to show (OR/disjunction), not just the overlap (AND/conjunction). 

Any ideas?


Breaking goals down into projects and plans

my VERY personal solution, that might help you. It allows me to have two/threelevels of time/priorities that works well for how I use my brain.

I name my projects in acronyms.
example I have a business called Game Of Thriving (life coaching). I refer to the project by GOT. 

I have a type named "project" which is red. I make a thought GOT and type it "project". I pin this thought.

I have a type hierarchically under project which is called "priority" (pink)

I create thoughts GOT1, GOT2, GOT3 and type them priority

I have sub-priority (action) thought types 1 (yellow), 2 (light-yellow), 3 (peach), 4 (orange), 5 (dark-orange) (note: I use a solid black background so all these colors "pop" in my plex).

I list out all of my tasks for the project, then do a first order priority in terms of time to start.
- Everything to be done first/in the near term goes under GOT1,
- everything that comes in the second stage (later but soon) goes under GOT2,
- everything that comes much later - after a bunch of other stuff, or are "nice to haves" go under GOT3. (if it is more complex, I might add GOT4 and GOT 5 etc.)

then, I goto GOT1 and type the tasks under it according to local priorities - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then "sort by type" in the plex.

if there are time deadlines - I put the thought in my calendar.

Now, when it comes time to work on that project, I click the pinned thought GOT, goto GOT1, and look at what is yellow for my next tasks (then light yellow for second priority tasks).

If I want to do planning on the project, I click GOT, go to outline mode, expand out 2-3 levels to see all the parts of the project - then add/delete thougts, rearrange/retype to give my future-self instructions. that IS my project planning.

In my brain - these short (acronym) thoughts are my pins. I have about 1 dozen projects at any one time, and they take up the bulk of my pins. I also organize them left to right (projects on the far left are most important, projects more towards the right are decreasingly important.

Hope this helps.

email thought into brain - automatically add/import thought somehow

is there a way to send a thought into the brain - email, rss, anyhow?

Other than file/import or cut/paste or drag/drop, how can I send a xml file to the brain from another program? is there a way?

How has your usage of TheBrain evolved over the years?

great zenrain.

1. Left behind all fancy backgrounds. fun for a while - now? solid black background - more colored types show up easy, less battery drain, less eye-strain at night.

2. view in normal mode to view in outline mode in multiple levels. I organize books/talks and multiple levels of hierarchy (variable by active thought) is beautiful in outline mode

3. complex ontology type structure to simplified type structure - leverage color of types - now using variations of colors for levels within a type hierarchy. example: Priority spectrum - dark-orange/orange/peach/light-yellow/yellow (if its yellow, it's "priority 1 action" for that parent project thought - light-yellow is "priority 2", peach "priority 3) - or yellow "priority 1 friend," or yellow "priority 1 client" etc.

4. left GTD structure in dust - now priority subthoughts for projects to organize priorities for planning. Project X (red) with X1, X2, X3 subthoughts (pink) to prioritize longer term plans for the project. Put all actions/goals in project then prioritize general priorites by child thought. (Then color priorities  types #3 to further clarify sub priorities)

5. shift from using types to org brain to tags. - created simple/long short tag system a-z, with numbers. ex. "0g" tag tells me the thought has to do with "game metaphor" or "0n" is a project I intend to do sometime in the future.

6. blashphemy - now use tags in place of parent thoughts to keep overall structure of brain clean. tags are like parent thoughts that only show when you want them to. 

TheBrain, GTD, Dropbox and IFTTT
I also had bad experiences storing TB in dropbox and TB support told me that it was "bad" to do so.

However - I am curious if y'all have played with this - is it working? 
Linking with Evernote now possible
chinarut - thank you! I hadn't thought of copying the shared link and pasting that in The Brain - this will be FANTASTIC for audio notes I don't want to clutter my brain with, but which i want to be able to put in the network - HUGE WIN!

Evernote Integration

PaddyV - when I drag and drop from MM to TheBrain - the title/subtitle of the thought is MohiMap/"A Visual memory for evernote" - not the title of the note. Do you get different results?

Sexy idea though.

sorting types by type

When I choose a thought type as the active thought, it lists all the thoughts with that "type" but also the  sub-types of the type, mixed in with the thoughts.. 

Is there a way to sort the thoughts from the subtypes? I tried sort by type, but that doesn't work. 

is a "type" a "type" of thought? :-)

capitialization issues with subordinate (comma) thoughts
Yep - that was it. thanks! Love TheBrain community!

capitialization issues with subordinate (comma) thoughts
yes - using all lower case. 
Just uploaded latest java.

capitialization issues with subordinate (comma) thoughts - winx7x64 sp1
creating multipl subordinate thoughts, using the "comma" before the thought title and the "semi-colon" after.
don't capitalize? - first word not capitalized, other words capitalized
(example "rightright, Gone Bad" subordinate thoughts.
capitalize first letter? - other words not capitalized.

Wanting them all to be capitalized when I leave them all lower case, like normal.

Brain Log - History
Let me rephrase the question - How can I access the Thought Activity Log? (I know how to "clear" it, but not how to access it?

Let's say I make 20 changes to the brain, then realize I want to undo change #7 - Can I find it in the log and then just undo that one?

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