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unlocking PersonalBrain 4 Core for windows
teaguy wrote:
How do I unlock my brain?


Consult Timothy Leary.
Using thebrain for office administration
Brigitte wrote:

I even keep track of some of our most loyal customers. I'msure I have a thought in my brain for many of you!!!

Ma chère Brigitte, it is a lovely thing you have said of us. Merci.
A few requests/suggestions
hrt wrote: Next, perhaps I'm missing it, but is there a way to change the start of week in the calendar?
See this post.

Feature request: swap thought
Sounds like a useful feature.
Launching Attachments
This is distro-specific, I believe. On packages prepared for Arch, Gentoo and no doubt some others, the OpenOffice default file associations are as follows (for v. 2.2.1):

databasesbase .odb
word processor

Options>Set Theme>
Harlan wrote: Thanks for that fix! Mystery solved. Funnily enough that folder was the only one improperly named so we hadn't come across the issue before. We've fixed this so future installers should take care of this automatically.

I'm glad. I've been a fan of The Brain since it first came out, but I've been Brain-less since switching to Linux a couple of years ago. I was really, really happy to find out that you've made one of my favorite apps cross-platform. Thanks.
Sunday as 1st day?
O.K., thanks. It's a small thing, but familiar calendar formats do make a difference. I think most European calendars have Sunday as the last day, but I'm much more used to having Sunday as the first.

Thanks for your work on The Brain, and especially for making it cross-platform. I've been waiting for that for a looong time.

Options>Set Theme>
Actually, it may simply be that the programmers forgot that lowercase and uppercase are distinctive in file names for Unix and its derivatives, while that's not the case with Windows.
Options>Set Theme>
I stumbled onto it by trying to create a new theme. I then looked at my PB installation folders, where I saw that the new theme hadn't been put with the bundled themes in /opt/PersonalBrain/Themes, but in a second, newly created folder called "/opt/PersonalBrain/themes". So I figured that was actually the proper default folder for themes.

And that pretty much exhausts my knowledge of this matter...

Options>Set Theme>
tcahill wrote: Yes, indeed, that fixed it! Themes are now working.
That's good news.
Options>Set Theme>
I found that I had to change to lowercase the /opt/PersonalBrain/Themes subdirectory, so that it becomes /opt/PersonalBrain/themes.

After changing the subdirectory name from /Themes to /themes and relaunching PB, I can see and access all themes.

Your PersonalBrain/Themes subdirectory may be in a different location, but this is worth a try, I think.

Sunday as 1st day?
I've used The Brain off and on since it first came out in the late 90s. I've since switched almost entirely to Linux, so I was delighted to find that v. 4 is cross-platform. It installs and runs well (so far) on my Arch Linux system.

One little question: How can I make the calender display Sunday as the first day of the week instead of as the last day of the week?


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