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Serious issue with attachments!

I'm using, and I'm having an issue where all of my weblink attachments disappeared.  I'm also not seeing any attachments in the Properties & Attachment tab, although the attachments are there when I use the Open Thought Folder.   I've run all of the utilities to rebuild the database and update indices, but I'm still not getting accurate search results.

Adding a tag(s) to selections!
Adding tags to selections is a critical feature for me, as I need to be able to separate parts of my brain to distinguish among various projects I'm working on, especially work-related thoughts.
Links not working
Matt -
I've got the Pro version.  The links function works when I created a new .brain file, so there must be a problem with this particular file.  This is my primary .brain file, with over 3,400 thoughts and the .brainzip file is over 616MB.
Links not working
I'm using version on Windows.  Restarting the PersonalBrain didn't help.  I also did a brainzip, and opened it to my other computer.

I've tried all of the utilities -- refreshing web index, rebuilding search index, and even Rebuild Database.
Links not working
For the past few hours, link attachments I've made are not being added properly.  They do not appear as attachments, but are generating the"add link to exisiting URL?".

I've tried the 'Refresh Web Pages Index' utility, but this didn't help.
Error - Brain can not be zipped using brainzip
Probably not as directly related as I first thought, although they'd both be a child thought of Brainzip Issues if we had a brain interface for the forums...
Error - Brain can not be zipped using brainzip
A 'quirk' that's probably related is the disaster if you try to rename a brain.  It renamed the .brain file, but couldn't rename the folder so it left it as is.  It creates a newname.brainzip, but then says that it can't be unzipped because the oldname_brain folder cannot be deleted.

pasting local images as Thought or Thought Type Icons

Pasting images from the Internet works great!  However, when I try to work with local images, it pastes the image as an internal file attachment.  If it's the only attachment, then the picture is displayed, but is no longer displayed when there is more than one attachment.   To make a local image a Thought Icon or Thought Type Icon, I've had to post the image to a website.

4125!!! Plex/Notes

Since I've downloaded 4125, the ability to make the plex full-screen seems to have disappeared.  This is a critical issue for me, as it has completely disrupted my train of thought.  The Notes et. al. tabs become distractions when I want to be in 'visual' mode.

As We May Think
This article was a key source for Douglas Engelbart, who has been advocating an "Intelligence Augmentation" paradigm for decades (note his use of 'conceptual framework', since it pre-dates Kuhn's work).
2003:  As We May Work: The Pursuit of Collective IQ
1962:  Augmenting Human Intellect:  A Conceptual Framework

I'm working on an article to update my conference papers (CSUN2000CSUN2002).  These were based on Doug's ideas, and the new paper will feature his most current work.  I'll have a companion PB4 file for my forthcoming article, and will post it once it's completed.

PNG thought icon problems
When I try to edit a Thought Type and paste an image from the clipboard, it shows up in the Edit Thought Type dialogue box, but then doesn't appear as the Thought Icon. 

When I right-click after copying an icon image to the clipboard, I'm getting a "Paste Files/Folders" option instead of the "Paste Thought Icon" option.   It will then add the icon for that individual thought.
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