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Heads-up "The file could not be downloaded"
I have a thought with a .PDF-Attachment and this msg is shown when I try to open that. I have verified that the attachment is accessible in desktop and app.thebrain.com - but not so on iOS.
V9...236: Thought's Contextmenu has useful options greyed out
Hmmm, ok, I clicked around a bit, activated other thoughts etc. and came back...and finally these options were accessible again. So it seems some thing that I did before has put TB into a somehow confused state. Happens to all of us ;-)
But wrt fixing - I have no idea how to repro. (I checked the log but did not see anything that was obviously linked to building the context-menu - but I may well have missed something. Have kept the file and could mail if it may help...)
V9...236: Thought's Contextmenu has useful options greyed out
I thought that I used the contextmenu of thoughts frequently, but only know did I notice that the "cool" options are greyed out - no idea what's going on... 2017-12-15_19-41-12.png 
Feature-Request: Copy/Paste Thoughts also via JSON in plain-text (unicode) (#3155)
Perhaps an temporary issue on your machine? I've done it (with the latest version) this morning.
Full text search
Well, I'm not neccessarily asking for this to be part of the "QuickSearch", it may well be a separate option. And I think the fact that Google can not do it should be a motivation, not an excuse ;-)
Full text search
I'm trying to make sense of some external data that I loaded into a brain, but a major hurdle I am seeing is that there is no possibility to search for *any* part of the thought name (ie there are thoughts "cby" and "mby" - I'd like to see these when I search for "by"). Or did miss something somewhere...? (Being able to use Regex would be dream!)
Move center...
And when there is a thought in focus with many siblings, it would also be useful it I could temporarily move the whole thing left in order to see more of the sibling-titles. (Yes, there is a scrollbar...but still...)
Thought properties: multiline-edit for thought-title (#335)
With long titles that small edit field (without a caption) is not of much use. It would be nice if we had a multiline edit using the full width of the dialog. And it should resize when the orientation of the display is changed! :-)
Move center...
Desktop-brain has this nice feature allowing you to click & drag on the plex in order to move the center of the display (the current thought) up (or down). This would be even more useful on iOS where I typically have many children requiring sideward scrolling while half of the screen (on the top) is empty.
Sort order for enumerations (#2101)
Thanks Matt - the hidden ordering is most useful, that gives me exactly what I was looking for! I'm not sure if I ever knew about - but if I did, I seem to have forgotten ;-)
BTW, I notice that TB Desktop hides the ".-number" whereas iOS and Web-Client both show it. I hope this will be adjusted on thoese platforms?
Sort order for enumerations (#2101)
I thought that if I had three thoughts "1. ABC", "2.DEF" and "11. ABC", the "[digit]."-pattern would make sure they were sorted in the appropriate numeric order - and "manual" testing confirmed this.
However, I just imported several thoughts from a programmatically generated outline - and they are shown in different order:  
(For sample purposes, #11 was added manually - but I have the same effect on other parent thoughts with more children, too.). All thoughts use the comma-trick. What could prevent proper sorting here?
I just selected these thoughts and copied as outline, then pasted again - and they still show the wrong order. Not sure if the tabs will survive, but here's the "raw data":

    Log,1. LogEntryID (int identity)
    Log,11. Foo
    Log,2. UserID (int)
    Log,3. LogEntryTime (smalldatetime)
    Log,4. LogEntryText (nvarchar)
    Log,5. Deleted (bit)
    Log,6. Cby (varchar)
    Log,7. Ctime (datetime)
    Log,8. Mby (varchar)
    Log,9. Mtime (datetime)
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
Yes, you are right - the UI generally is nice, but several things are just a pain (like dealing with long thought name), I like the list-idea, but would like multi-line-lists ;-))
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
20k thoughts in my Mega-Brain, 3k internal attachments. Made the move several months ago and am not regretting it. The HUGE bonus for me is that I can now view and edit my thoughts on the iPhone [smile] W10-64 on the desktop.
Repeat last search (#326)
It would be great if the iOS-Version copied the desktop-version's behaviour and show the last Search and its results again.
New version crashes on launch
Yes, same here :-)
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