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New version crashes on launch
Reinstalling as suggestedby tomcal123 fixed it for me [smile]
New version crashes on launch
Same here (german iOS 10.3.3 & Brain 9.0.1 (
feature suggestion: stubs for the Pin bar (#3871)
It's a pity having to extend the data-model "just" because we'd like to have a short title - but I really like the idea of that feature and I don't think it can be achieved with anything we already have (I thought about suggesting labels for the long titles, but your thought seemed to be using the comma-trick which is another nice feature) - so, yes, I'd like to add my vote for this feature :-)
TheBrain goes black on 2nd monitor
Primary monitor is 3840x2160 (@250%), secondary is 1920x1080 (@100%). Arrangement:

TheBrain goes black on 2nd monitor
I have a long-standing issue on my machine (W10) where some application-windows go black when moved to the "other" monitor (from1st to 2nd or vice-versa). TheBrain9 is one of them.  In most cases its not an issue becaue I close the window on the 2nd monitor and then open it again and all is well - but TB9 unfortunately opens on the primary window always. Is there a way to force it to open on the other monitor? (Any does perhaps anybody have suggestions how to fix the underlying problem? I'm using a MSI-Laptop and have installed the graphics-driver from MSI,as the driver was often referred to in my Google-research. Did not help...)

P.S: this behaviour of being unable to start on the other monitor seems to have changed recently, because I had TB running on the 2nd monitor, but suddenly I can't get it to start there anymore...
162: Search-Results displayed on other monitor (#3694)
I think you're on the right track there. I noticed it does not happen on the primary monitor. Also: you're not alone with this - whenever I connect external monitors it messes up most of the apps I'm using. :-(
162: Search-Results displayed on other monitor (#3694)
Hi Matt, that section never showed up in the results. I had posted about this here as well as to support. I'm glad it is fixed and hope it'll stay that way ;-)
162: Search-Results displayed on other monitor (#3694)
Both monitors have different resolution and Zoom-Factor...
162: Search-Results displayed on other monitor (#3694)
I am usually running TB on my secondary monitor and with V162 I noticed two things for the first time today:
  1. The Search-Results pop up on Monitor 1
  2. In the results, I noticed a section "Notens and Attachments" - has never worked for me before. Good job this is sorted out. Thanks!
Add Attachments-Dialog (#3617)
see screenshot: the design of that dialog is slightly inconvenient with a short horizontal content-pane.
I think this could be improved by replacing this loong verbose buttons with a single line toolbar. Or maybe that entire page could be organised into a few buttons below the attachments-tab on the left (similiar to the ones you get when clicking on the tab for an existing attachment).

Does it only happen to me?  I search for something, TB opens a lits of matching thoughts, I select one - dang, picked the wrong thought [frown] Start the whole thing all over again.

Wouldn't it be nice if
  1. there was an easy way to re-create the last thought and open in its list of matches
  2. (more ambitious): we could access a "Search History"-Thought whose children are the last x Terms searched for - with their matches as children. (And possibly a thickenline to indicate which thoughts were actually visited after that search.)
Timeline:adding an event (#3481)
  1. Adding an event: I would find it useful if the title of the thought would be the default-title of the event...
  2. With the various possibilities to condense the time-horizon, TL provides a nice way to explore date-related data in general, I think. Currently it is limited to events, but I could imagine some use of being able to view thoughts (by creation-date or last update; possibly filtered by category) that way...
137: On drag and drop of files
Opps - <blush> thanks, looks much better now ;-)
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