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Finding thoughts with certain parents
Hey, that's a great workaround, zenrain!
I never thought of using temporary tags for this.
Intelligent solution.
Finding thoughts with certain parents
Thanks, zenrain!
However, I'm still in the TB 8 era. So I'll have to wait...
Thanks anyway, this adds to the list of reasons of why I should upgrade.
Finding thoughts with certain parents
Is there a way to find thoughts with, e.g., parent thought A and parent thought B?
Background: in my research brain, I have articles sorted under different topics - one of the strengths of TB being to have a thought with more than one of such topic parent w/o having to work with tags. But now I seek thoughts belonging to two certain parents simultaneously. As these parent thougths tend to have 60-70 children, that would not be easy to do manually.
Any help / thoughts appreciated!
How Many Brains Do You Use?
I used to have 2 brains; one general and one for academic research, writing etc. During the last year or so, I noticed more and more overlap between topics in one brain and the other. So I merged my brains to one large(r) brain.
opening attachments/folders
Thanks jostber,
I tried but it had no effect.
I am thinking... is it possible to not correctly install TB and yet it runs?
opening attachments/folders
... this looks pretty much like the issues discussed here: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/launching-attachments-1701556 -- a thread 3-4 years old.

But the solutions found at the time do not work in my environment. A look into DefaultUnixCommands.properties did not reveal anything, the filetypes I am trying to open are there and are connected to programs installed on my machine.

Xubuntu 13.10
opening attachments/folders
this is just a basic howto question. I got rid of WinXP this week and started into Xubuntu without having much of a clue of UNIX systems.
TB asks for a command when I try to open an attachment (LibreOffice document, in this case) as well as when I click on "open thought folder."
I understand TB wants to know what program to open the document/folder with. I tried some things, but all failed. In addition, after trying to point to Dolphin to open the folder, now nothing happens...

Can you help?

Adding Report Thoughts to Selection
hm... well, I always try to find a chance to embarass myself.

(Thanks anyway, zenrain!)
Adding Report Thoughts to Selection
I need to add a tag to a larger number of thoughts all over my brain. Finding them by way of a custom report is easily done in under 3 seconds. But how do I add this tag to all of them? Normally, this would be a task to use the Selection for.
Now, is there an undocumented way to transfer a Report result to the Selection?

A view from above...
Great, thank you for the prompt reply, BrentK!
A view from above...
I love your posts on TB graphic design!
You don't happen to have a fitting theme suggestion to go with this fascinating background...?
"Autorouting" New Expanded View?
the circle will be filled  if the thought is anchored:

"Autorouting" New Expanded View?
Hello tonja

You could play with the text size for thought names (using the resize wheel over the active thougth indicator) to try to show long thought names.
For a more mind-map like feel, every thought in expanded view can be ancored by clicing the small circle that appears under a thougth on mouseover (in expanded view). You can anchor every thought you want visible somewhere in the plex... and then save the expanded view. However, with a high number of thoughts, this can be quite a workload.


Search failure
Same here. Both of the two brains in my (premium) account still have the search bug.

Needless to say this severely degrades usability: You can't connect a thought to another that is not on the screen. Webbrain is thus relegated to a brain viewer.

Sure, I signed up to webbrain knowing it to be a beta service. But progress is always a nice thing.


my pb is freezing
I had a similar problem a while ago on my Windows machine. PB was extremely slow and at times stuttering.
This never returned after I reinstalled Windows (and Java). In another thread I cannot remember, it was suggested that having installed different Java versions may be the issue.


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