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4072: New Brain - Browse button not functional?
I am trying and when I select New Brain and type in a file name, clicking Browse to select a location yields no apparent response.
PB4 and Sync Software
Thanks for that information.  It seems like Foldershare is the way to go but, unfortunately, it does not work at the office.

Regardless, while installing 4072 to test it I read the EULA and found I cannot use the free one at the office, so this all becomes moot.  Should I become addicted and buy the Pro version, I'll just keep it on a Samba share and sync it that way.

Thanks again for all the responses.
PB4 and Sync Software
jeffkowalski wrote: Jestre,
Just yesterday I began experimenting with synching my brain using a product very similar to BeInSync (I use Foldershare, which is free).
I've found that I cannot use The Brain simultaneously on two computers (or even have the same brain open on both). 

I actually tried Foldershare first, but could not get it to connect to the server at the office, so I switched to BeInSync.

I expected failures with both open concurrently, but that has not been an issue, e.g. I used it at home last night, closed it about 21:30 and didn't actually try to open the office one until 07:30 today.  Last night I had put in a few entries as a test, but when I opened it this morning at the office, they were gone.  The brain.log shows a lot of DELETE and followup INSERT SQL statements which I haven't delved into too deeply yet.

Ah well...

Lotus Notes fan?  Must be Eric Mack in disguise!

PB4 and Sync Software
Thanks for the reply.  I had previously tried looking for other threads, but doing a search for 'sync' yielded only four threads with the word 'since' in them.  I see now that there is another search for the forum software.

As it is my understanding that the free version will not support document links (other than URLs), I'm less concerned about losing a file link than I am about losing all the other data.  Though if I do upgrade, I would certainly keep the directory structures intact in a similar manner.

PB4 and Sync Software
Should I be able to use the same PB4 brain file on two different computers?  While playing with this, I wanted to be able to use it at home and work, so I configured two computers to synchronize the files to each other (with BeInSync). 

This morning, however, when I got to work and tried to open the synchronized brain file, I was presented with a blank document.  Looking through the log, I saw DB init statements, not what I expected.

Looking through some of the files, I see the icons, etc for items which I had pasted into the brain, so it looks like the info made it here originally.

The only other thing which I may have done was enter an email address during the setup/install process which was different from the one I used at home.  Does it build GUID's based on those?

I'll try to find another copy of the EULA to see what it says, license-wise, about syncing.

Thanks for any information.

Minor: Moved Brain hang
Well, of course... Now that I've posted this, it works.  Not sure what happened previously, but I had to kill it three times from Task Manager. 

This was XP btw. 

Thanks for the reply.  You may now resume your normally scheduled activities.

Minor: Moved Brain hang

I downloaded 4069 and entered a couple items.  After seeing it might be something I want to pursue further, I moved the brain file (and its directory) to another folder so that it would be synched to the office.

Unfortunately, the next time I started PB, it simply hung at the splash screen.  Moving the files back to their original location resolved this problem, but it would seem that there should be some basic logic included to account for this possibility and, rather than hanging, it might simply ask the user to locate the moved files or, alternatively, simply open to a new brain.

Just a bit of feedback on what appears to be an interesting product.

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