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Multiple Desktops
I use to use TheBrain a lot but had to stop using because I could not get it to work across the multiple desktops that I started using. 

I have used several different programs with the same result.  I dock TheBrain at the top of the page but it only shows on whatever page I start it on and since drag and drop into TheBrain is a very important feature for me it doesn't work.

I am trying version 6 and would really like to find a way to make this work


Outlook Drag & Drop Fails?
Same problem no D&D from Outlook.  Also reinstalled with no change.

PB Beta w/Indexing
Java 1.6.0_10

Index Broken
Mine does the same thing every time it starts and I am using  Here is a link to the screen shot of the error:


Error Trying to Open Brain
I went ahead and restored the DB files from my backup and it seems to have fixed the problem.

If anyone has any ideas what happened would appreciate the enlightenment.

Thanks, Marc

Error Trying to Open Brain

Tried that a couple of times; same error and no Brain.


Error Trying to Open Brain
I am using version and continue to get the following error when starting PB4.

After clicking OK PB4 continues to try loading but does not ever display the plex just continues to show Opening c:\Users\..

Any help will be appreciated

Feature Request: Remember last view
Any chance of getting this feature implemented.
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