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Portable Brain
There appears to be no good option to run version 9 portably. I installed to a thumb drive & it does NOT work on my work machine (version 8 works pretty well, but of late, seems to be lagging in the indexing department - even with re-initiating the search index.

In my conversations with Matt, I get the impression that they are only considering the portability of iOS or Android device apps. Unfortunately, that apparently leaves users who work with PII on a work computer no good option other than staying with v8 & not getting the benefit of the latest version...I hope that this won't be the end of the story.
Portable installation of v.9?
Alas...no joy on the work box. The thumbdrive works fine on a standalone computer (albeit, the one I did the install from), but gives a "TheBrain has stopped working" error message when I run it on the work computer.

I do have the "debug.log" on the portable drive, though - here's the last entry from the file:
[0119/121917:WARNING[biggrin]ns_config_service_win.cc(661)] Failed to read DnsConfig.
[0119/121922:WARNING[biggrin]ns_config_service_win.cc(661)] Failed to read DnsConfig.
[0119/122004:INFO:child_thread_impl.cc(767)] ChildThreadImpl::EnsureConnected()
[0119/133325:INFO:child_thread_impl.cc(767)] ChildThreadImpl::EnsureConnected()

Am I aced out of this mode of usage?
Portable installation of v.9?
Excellent - I will give that a try! Thanks. (Just out of curiosity, will v.9 eventually have support for a portable option when it comes out of beta?)
Portable installation of v.9?
Is there a provision (yet) for installing version 9 on a thumbdrive? (The installation auto-selects my primary C: drive.) I have a brain that I use on a work computer that doesn't allow me to install software, so the thumbdrive option has been optimal for my work with v.8. I'd love to check v.9 out on my existing brain!
Did you miss a web event? Recorded Webinars
That's a GREAT idea -- perhaps you can collaborate with the programming team to make your brain into an 'official' user guide?  Something like this would be a great resource! Good work, D.
Presentations using PB

Mandox, thanks for the great idea -- I've been doing presentations going into the thought to open the attached slide and it never occurred to me to simply attach the slide as an icon! (duhhh...) Great tip!

My Hesitation in Upgrading
I decided to upgrade with the thought that as a paying customer, I might have some more juice in product development requests  -- not to mention that it keeps Harlan & company eating and programming...

I've got the same concerns about the memory usage problem (I have it, too), extracting info from brains, queries, etc -- but as responsive as this team has been to us over time, I have faith that our concerns ARE being addressed.

Regardless, I have found the value of Personal Brain to FAR outpace my concerns. (I don't think I'm just rationalizing my investment, here -- I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that.) For me, the value of the visualization of my data -- and having it readily available/indexed -- is paramount.
Index Broken
For anyone experiencing this problem, I happened across a (temporary) fix last night...I did a rebuild of the database, followed by a re-indexing (I did this in 4.5.2, if that figures into the solution). As of this morning, both 4.5 and 5beta are still experiencing an extended (?) moment of clarity and giving accurate search results (to keep my senility metaphor alive).

(NOTE: This turned out to be temporary -- turning the computer off & restarting has somehow broken the index again. Ah, senility...but you get to meet new people every day...)

Merry Christmas, all!
Index Broken

I am having the same difficulty -- apparently, none of my .pdf's are indexed anymore (regardless of index rebuilds in either 5beta or 4.5) and information I KNOW is residing in those pdf's is not showing up in ANY search results, no matter how broadly I try to search. 

With a large number of pdf's populating my Brain (in the interest of saving space), this renders my digital Brain pretty much senile (much like my biological one) -- unless I can recall the thought to which a particular document is attached, as well as what's in the document.

I want to use the search function to find commonalities across thoughts/documents, but this is REALLY hampering that effort.

Tag Display Bug (
Same problem here - many of my tags now have the suffix <true-256>.
(Win XP)
adding notes on links between thoughts

This issue continues in the v5 beta...I cannot create a label that differs from the Link Type -- which seems to defeat the concept of having the link label. An additional note (label) that would appear on mouse-over with the link type would at least fill the void until a more robust type of link (attachments/notes/etc) evolves...

Print Report

This would be a big step toward making PB more appealing to buyers -- there needs to be some way to extract/print reports that both summarize a Brain and/or segments of it. For instance, I have a Brain that ranges far and wide -- from people to places to whatever. If I could print out a sub-list from this information -- e.g., a list of the Thoughts with 'people' tags (perhaps with their notes bulleted below the thought-name) -- this would GREATLY enhance my work-related use of this software!

Version 5 Beta Now Available
igoldsmid wrote: its really a shame there appears not to be a plan to include an internal browser - I find it really distracting having to open web sites & documents externally...

very often when browsing a link or attachment title, the subject/name is not enough to remember what it is altogether - so the ability to instantly see the content in a vertical or horizontal panel would be ideal....

I like your idea here -- are you thinking of a 'mouse-over' style box? This might be a useful tool in addition to the standard notes pane...I would particularly like it for the 'Presentation mode'. (The "Label" bar on the link properties menu is an approximation of this, but (I think) would be more useful in a re-sizable rectangular configuration.)

Actually, I think having this capability on both links and thoughts begs the question -- why not have the same tools (tags, attachments, notes, etc) on links, as well? (a la Compendium) This might help clarify links and make them much more self-explanatory -- and help organize presentations more easily.
Version 5 Beta Now Available
A couple of questions before I take the plunge here...

First, does installation of the beta overwrite my v4.5?  Is there an expiration on the beta? Will it use up another of my allotted registrations? (Sorry - yes, I'm paranoid)

Also, is this beta going to convert our 4.5 brains to a new format or will the brain still be accessible by 4.5?  I've got my backups, of course, but I would like to know whether I need to do dual entry with new data to preserve its accessibility....?

BTW, the feature list looks VERY promising!!

Law enforcement applications?

I'm wondering if there might be anyone out there using PB to map out case investigations?  I'd be interested in swapping some ideas/practices in this regard. 

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