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Use Cloub Brain Services to create Global Thought Pool
Yes, global thoughts could become social. Thoughtso of the day or thoughts on a topic. Once a user places a thought into there personal pool (maybe inbox is a better concept...and like the inbox for attachments in the mobile Brain), the choice can be made to keep the association with the global thought (it synched) or breaknow the association and be able to modify it.
Use Cloub Brain Services to create Global Thought Pool
I am finding that I have a good deal of thoughts that cross brains.  It would be good to declare a thought Global, Where the thought name, attachments, notes, tags, and type are stored external to any Brain. They can then be added to any Brain you choose.  Changes to the thought (in a Brain or the "pool") sync across Brains and the pool.

A use example would be contacts.  I have some contacts that I keep both in my personal and business Brains. I would create/load a contact's thought into the CloudBrain's pool. I would then add the thought to both Brains.  If I make a change in the business Brain, the thought in the pool and personal Brain are updated.
Losing Image files and sometimes whole notesfile

The notes where your images are missing images, have you check the htmal to see if the image is there (It would look like <img src=data:
Losing Image files and sometimes whole notesfile
I am having the same problem, and I did a little digging.  When, I cut and paste an image in the WebBrain instance, the image is stored in the html as base64. So the image tag looks like <img src="data:image/png;base64... And then it is followed by the awfully long encoding of the png. When I sync this brain to the desk top, the image does not show up in the not, but if you switch to the html view, the image tag is still there.

So it looks like the note viewer cannot render imbedded images?
WebBrain Editing
Thank you Moe, that sounds like the nuclear option but I will give a go.


New Features
Hello TheBrain Team,

I am really digging the new WebBrain environment!

I had a few ideas for future implementation:

  • WebBrain Thought comments: It would be great to receive comments or thumbs up or feed back per thought.
  • Social Media Integration: When thoughts in the WebBrain are created (or synced for the first time) it would be great to send a formatted tweet with the thought name and a link back to the thought in the WebBrain.  Just another way to get the word out


WebBrain Editing
Is there any way to rename a Webbrain?  In my zest to publish...there was a typo in my (embarrassing)! I can rename the home thought, but is it possible to rename the Brain in the Webbrain.com directory?


iframes on Webbrain
Hi all,

I've seen talk around this but not my specific issue.  I am using iframes to display the webpages in the content frame in webbrain.  The content from the url seems to render sporadically in Firefox.

The code I use is:

<p><iframe src="http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/03/06/africa.pirates.foiled/index.html?hpt=T2" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no">Test</iframe></p>

any suggestions?


Displaying URLs
It would be nice to "force" the link into the lower pane.

When you say "user ability" didn't know if you meant the WebBrain moderator or the navigator

Ren Pope

Opening a thoughts link in a new tab

I just uploaded my first WebBrain with URL Links.  The WebBrain does not display the url's web page in the note pane...just the hyperlink.  Is this normal and is it possible to get the web page in the pane?

Searching tiny urls in PB
For me, it seems that tiny.url works, but the .ly's do not. It is probably the way their redirector works...IMHO.

Searching tiny urls in PB
I have tested on several sites, and it seems that some urls are crawled (tiny.url) while others are not.  Have you tried with different types of urls?
Searching tiny urls in PB

It seems to not work for me. I waited for the site to be indexed and I receive no information from the linked site.  There may be an issue with my firewall and the proxy site, though...

Searching tiny urls in PB
If I add a redirecting tiny url from say Twitter (for axample http://bit.ly/2v5Yqq), can the PB search engine index the content of the actual page, or will the search die at the redirection?

Thank you,

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