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No cursor in the search box
Yes PB6 is incompatible with java7. Removing java 7 and installing java 6 it works. So:

1. The support from the administrator was leading me in the opposite direction.

2.  it is enough that for every java change the personal brain staff do not update the current release and put the update in a new release and everyone is obliged to pay for the new release, not for interest in any new feature, but simply to be able to keep searching and reading the stuff we already put in our PB. WOW brilliant shark marketing. In fact it is a problem to even revert to the old java release, because in a short time it is no more maintained and security concerns prevent its use. A nice trap indeed.

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Everybody dead there?
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So some other time passed and the only support thebrain is able to offer is the mantra "install the last java"

Finally no support at all.as I told on the beginning of this thread.

Is there a way to at least download the older version PB4 that worked a little better or is my file no more compatible?

Otherwise there was an earlier version 6 that worked better than the last version 6., but it is no more available for download. May you provide the download? 
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Patrick to be shure I downloaded and installed sudo sh PersonalBra,,,,
the version you gave me the link.

Well it is actually because help/about confirms it.

But Preference/general/general options   only has 4 items
check major updates;;;
warn old java...
sava images..
show memory...

the other 2 options
Open when windows starts
Use tablet-compatible edit boxes
Do NOT exist.

Perhaps these are items that exist only in the windows version, specially the first "open when windows starts." Your snapshot was taken from a windows version.IMHO.
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there are 3 IndexBuilder.log, index.log, Search.log

Is one of them you want?
No cursor in the search box
sorry but do not know where the log is. May you tell?

Yes PB 6, but options /preference/general  only has 4 items
check updates
warn old java
save images
show memory

Nothing regarding Tablet-compatible

However, regarding the Tablet issue I have to report that this laptop is a Toshiba m780 and has some tablet features using windows. I am not using it as a tablet really since the tablet features are poorly supported under linux. So it should not be relevant. But, since you mention the tablet issue I wanted to note it.

Anyway thanks for trying to help me
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Now I have java 1.7.0_05 which is just the last version. But as usual it does not work, because the problem in not Java, problem is thebrain, that is sold as working, but it does not work. It is not cheap software, but the same it does not work.

Now I need some information that is lost in a thought, but cannot find it because the search does not work.

Any idea of a possible work around?

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Version is java is 1.7.0_03 and it is fairly new

I always got problems downloading java from oracle

Perhaps there is no solution.

As I wrote above it is not a new problem, but it is various years old. With lots of java versions. It only gets worse with time.
No cursor in the search box
thanks for the interest.

I downloaded it from your link. It asked me to update the database which probably was from an earlier version of thebrain, it asked to  update the search index too, but in the end it is just the same: it is impossible to write anything in the windows. Neither search window, nor notes.

No cursor in the search box
I am unable to create a new brain, i reach the stage to open the new brain window, where I am supposed to write the new brain name, but again I cannot write the name because the cursor does not appear where it should appear, clicking on it and if I write without the cursor, nothing happens.

Are there other ways to open a new brain, without having to write a name in a brain window?

If no other way is possible, perhaps you may send me a new brain file as an attachment, and I'll be able to open it.


No cursor in the search box
java is 1.7.0_03
No cursor in the search box
I have a Fedora 17 system, suppose have the last java available.

Also, as I wrote, it is a problem that dates back to the times of thebrain 4. So I passed through a lot of java versions and computers and the problem only got worse.

Also I am a bit annoyed. I wrote about this problem in the forum first time on March 2009 "cannot enter text in search window". This is something very basic. I am not asking bells and whistles. I am able to run all java programs.  So why am I having basic problems with thebrain for years? If they do not want to really support Linux it is enough to tell it.

For James, I have two brains and it is the same for both

No cursor in the search box
There is no cursor in the search box of the last version of Brain 6, even after clicking on it. So it is impossible to enter text into the search box and search anything.

This was an old problem I had with Brain 4. But there was a work-around, clicking on notes and writing something on notes, then gave me the power to enter text into the search box. This worked also with the earlier version of Brain 6. But now, with the last version of Brain 6 not even this work-around works. So it is just impossible to search anything.

I also tried to rebuild database, rebuild instant activation index, rebuild search index, rebuild icon cache. But nothing worked.

In the years I changed notebooks, but this problem always followed me.

all notes disappeared
I am using thebrain
Now a strange thing happened: all my notes disappeared!

Also if I try to paste something on a note I cannot.

What can I do to recover all my notes?

Webbrain attachments
This will be a major achivement. When you are able to do that please mention it very explicitely  on the emailings you routinely send. I'll be very glad to read that.

Best and good luck
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