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Pasting Plain Text into a Note (#3946)
By the way, this scenario (weird/unpredictable text formatting) is another reason why Markdown support would be a great feature. Several other users and I previously requested Markdown and Harlan asked why we wanted it. There are a lot of good reasons to support Markdown, but one major benefit is that by editing the code directly, you can get the formatting exactly how you want it. With the current rich text editor, you can't see what's going on behind the scenes, so you could have extra spaces newlines, or other invisible characters that mess up the formatting. You can monkey around with it until it looks right, but since you can't view the source code, you don't know if it's really right or if you just tweaked it until it sort of looked right. When exporting the note or sharing it with other users, it may render completely differently in other applications. This has happened to me many times. I create a note in TB rich text editor, then copy/paste it into another application and the formatting is a mess.

With Markdown, you have a standard that will render identically in any Markdown viewer/editor and can easily be converted to HTML and other formats. Additionally, as I mentioned, you can edit the code directly to make sure it's correct. I'd propose that TB's note editor could be toggled between rich text mode (for backward compatibility) and Markdown mode. In Markdown mode, you'd have a View tab and an Edit tab. The Edit tab would be a plain text editor, perhaps with some button shortcuts to insert Markdown code, but giving the user full control over the code. Then you could switch to the View tab to view the rendered Markdown. When you switch to a new thought, it would display the View mode by default.

Pretty much all modern text editors have moved away from old-fashioned rich text editing toward Markdown-based editing. Some of these tools are sophisticated in that they allow you to perform edits in the View mode using traditional rich text buttons, but they still allow you to switch to plain text mode to work with the Markdown code directly. The point is, the underlying code is Markdown, not RTF or HTML, so it's standardized across all editors, human-readable, easily editable and easily converted to many other formats. Given that this is the dominant trend and has been for several years, it's disappointing that TB9 is still stuck in the old RTF/HTML paradigm.
Pasting Plain Text into a Note (#3946)
Has there been any progress on this issue? When I paste text into code blocks, it still loses all the leading spaces/tabs, so you end up with all the text left aligned and you have to manually recreate the indentations.
High Sierra: Clicks are not detected [Fixed in 9.0.220]
Just upgraded to High Sierra. TheBrain 9 opens fine, but anytime I click on the plex or the notes pane (anywhere below the toolbar), the entire window disappears. Clicking on the dock icon brings it back, but it's impossible to do anything. Please fix this ASAP!
Improve Repeating Events
The new Repeating Events feature is nice, but it needs a couple of enhancements:

1. We need an option to repeat only after the event is completed. For instance, there are many tasks that need to be repeated at certain intervals, but the exact schedule is not important. Example, "Read a book" repeat daily. Now, if we don't read the book on one day, the following day will have the original event, plus a new event, which makes no sense. It should only repeat after the original event is completed.

2. For monthly repeats, it should display a calendar and the user should be able to select one or more days during the month when the event repeats. This is similar to how the weekly repeat works. For example, we have to do payroll on the 1st and the 15th of each month. So, we'd create a monthly repeat and select those two dates.

Also, I'm wondering if the reminders are integrated with the iOS version? For instance, if we set a reminder in the desktop version will it display an iOS notification? When creating a reminder, we should be able to specify whether it will be displayed on the desktop, mobile or both.
Importing Webloc Files (#4218)
Hi Matt,

I'm using MacOS. It sometimes works, but frequently does not. It may have something to do with dragging in one webloc file at a time, vs dragging multiple webloc files. It seems to work better if you only drag in a single file, but even then, it doesn't always work.
Importing Webloc Files (#4218)
When you drag webloc files into ThBrain, it doesn't convert them to URL's. They remain as webloc files and cannot be viewed in the internal browser. I'd really appreciate if you could fix this please.
Inline Styles
Currently, it's not possible to apply styles inline. I'd like the ability to highlight some text and apply a style to it, like the Code style.

For example, I frequently create lists to document some coding process. Within the list, I want to insert code snippets. Presently, the only way to to do this is to break out of the list entirely, enter the code, then start a new list. I'd like to be able to highlight text within a list item and apply the Code style to it.
The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
Agreed. Also:
  • The ability to download files, which should be saved as attachments to the thought associated with the web page.
  • Web links that open in new windows/tabs should be handled, either opening in a new Brain tab or opening in an external browser tab. Presently, it seems to just do nothing.
SVG Support (#4004)
Currently, when attaching an SVG file to a thought, TheBrain does not display any preview image. I'd like to request support for internal display of SVG images. You could easily accomplish this by rendering SVG files using the internal web browser.
Viewing Web Pages
Hi Harlan,

That does not work for me at all. When I tap on the icon, nothing happens. If I tap on it a few times, the number "1" sometimes appears on the icon, I guess indicating that there's one attachment. But I can't figure out any way to get it to display the web page.

Also, I'd like it to open web pages in an internal browser, rather than redirecting to Safari. And if it's not too much to ask, the internal browser should support 1Password, lol. 
Viewing Web Pages
Currently, to view a web link, you have to navigate to the attachments screen, then tap on the link, which then opens in Safari.

I'd like to propose something more closely approximating the desktop version. Tapping on an open thought should open the first attachment in an internal browser. The current action of opening the thought properties could be moved to a force touch or vice versa (should be user-configurable).
Suggestions to Improve Attachments
I have a couple of suggestions regarding attachments:

  1. Currently, the option to view attachments as tabs or as a list is a global setting. It would be much better if we could set a global default, but override the setting for individual thoughts. For example, I mostly use attachments for web links, which I want displayed as tabs. However, I just created a thought and dragged 600 font files into the thought as attachments. I want these displayed as a list, but if I change the setting, it will affect all my other thoughts as well. Another idea would be to have a setting to display attachments as tabs by default, but automatically switch to a list view if the number of attachments exceeds a certain number. In my view, the latter approach would be preferable, but maybe you could offer both options.

  2. I'd like the option to exclude attachments from indexing on a per-thought basis. In other words, attachments should be indexed by default, but in the thought properties, we could have a setting to exclude attachments from indexing. Going back to my example of 600 fonts, I don't want the font names showing up every time I do a search, as it creates clutter in the search dialog. I realize attachments are displayed in a separate section within the search results, but it's still too cluttered, as these font names now show up in many of my searches.

  3. An optional grid view would be a great addition, for thoughts containing large numbers of image attachments.
How to Make The Brain Useful as a Productivity Tool
Hi Harlan,

Thank you for your response. I totally understand your point and agree that migrating from Java to native apps is an enormous task, but certainly well-worth it in the long run. I emailed Patrick yesterday to commend him and your entire team for your great service and customer-friendly attitude. I mentioned that after using TheBrain for many years, version 8 was the first time I didn't renew my license. The reasons I cited were slow pace of development, lack of an internal web browser and the fact that it was still a non-native app.

After testing version 9 for a few weeks and after getting some encouraging feedback from Patrick and your team on the forums, I decided to jump back in and renewed my license. I'm happy to be back and looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you guys, in the months and years to come.
Popup Notes Editor

Currently, we have an option to display note icons on thoughts. However, the icons are non-functional; they simply alert you to the fact that a note exists.

It would be better if positioning the mouse pointer over the note icon would display the note content in a tooltip-style window.

Even better if you could double-click on the icon to open a mini note editor in a popup window. This would make it much more practical to use TheBrain in a non-maximized view and would eliminate the need to constantly slide the note panel open and closed.

Pasting Plain Text into a Note (#3946)
Hi Matt,

I've attached two files, spaces.txt and tabs.txt. We should be able to paste the content of either of these into a note and have it retain the exact same formatting as in the plain text file and no extra space between lines. Each line should be treated as an independent paragraph, so it can be indented independently of the other lines, but with 0px top/bottom margins, so the lines display single-spaced.
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