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Just installed it--there was no warning in the release notes. Doesn't display thoughts (even though Statistics says they're there), search box floats around and changes size. How can I go back to (couldn't find a link on the download page). Thanks. 
Why do some thoughts have green borders?
I can't figure out why some of my thoughts have green borders and others don't. None of the thoughts in the attached screenshot are typed.
All except the two in the very center are simple web links. Thanks,


Click image for larger version - Name: green.jpg, Views: 190, Size: 24.57 KB can't drag sibling in normal view
Yes, I was in Normal view. After quitting and restarting PB it is working again. I'll let you know if it recurs. can't drag sibling in normal view
Used to be that in normal view you could drag a sibling of the active thought below it to change it into a child of the active thought. Doesn't work anymore. I used to do this a LOT ........
Floating windows issues
I really like having a floating notes window.

However, there are some issues (at least under OS X):

- Window cannot be resized.
- Moving window is weird--a sort os shadow appears and moves, then the window jumps when you let go of the mouse button.

Both are very un-Mac like. I thought these were OS functions usable by any app, but PB seems to have it's own take on them....
Apple Mail integration
I want to add my voice to the requests for Apple Mail integration. A very loud voice.

EagleFiler (which I have abandoned in favor of PB) has excellent Mail integration and is a far better way of archiving email than simply saving mbox folders. It would be wonderful to have this level of functionality in PB. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can use PB as a central information manager, which is not possible without sophisticated Mail integration.


Sitebrain not viewable on Camino or Firefox
I have just downloaded and it (Sitebrain) works much better. At least I get the plex. Attempting to open documents displayed in the lower pane, however, is another thing.  pdf's get "downloaded",  jpg's pasted into the Notes pane show as a rectangle with a question mark in the upper left corner; omnigraffle files get "downloaded",  Word documents are "downloaded" and identified as MPEG files (!). Definitely not fully usable yet......
Sitebrain not viewable on Camino or Firefox
I just tried making a Sitebrain for the first time.
The sitebrain opens fine in Safari.
In both Camino and Firefox, the following message appears:

Quote: To continue, please enable this window to run JavaScript.
Select the message at the top of the window and choose "Allow Blocked Content..."
If you don't see a message at the top of the window, you may have JavaScript disabled.
Enable it and refresh the browser.

There is no message at the top of the window. Home thought appears at the upper left, TheBrain logo at the upper right. JavaScript is fully enabled in both browsers.

How to open zipped Brains?
stanhoffman wrote: On the Mac, you first have to specify what application will open the brain file. Select it in the Finder, press Cmd-I, under "Open with:" drag down to Other.., select PB, and close the info window. You should now be able to open it from within PB.

Once I did this, I had no trouble opening either Jane's Brain or Travel Brain.
Attachments in window
It seems that many of us want the ability to open and edit attachments within PB and also want more and more functionality that is already available in other applications (such as enhancements for the calendar).

Maybe there could be a way to actually run applications within a PB window so that PB manages the files (naming, saving, etc.) but the application does the work so that PB doesn't have to reinvent all the wheels? Linkback (OS X) and Object Linking and Embedding (Windows) might provide parts of the solution. Or maybe there could be a way to "dock" an application's window to PB, in effect creating another pane. Managing window size/location is almost entirely manual on the Mac, so I don't know if there are any os facilities that allow it.

For a very effective and usable example of configurable panes, check out MOTU Digital Performer. It is incredibly easy and quick to configure DP's "composite window" any way you want. You can save configurations and choose them from the Window menu. Any window can be docked within the composite window or floating. The control panel (shown in the screenshot that has overlapping windows) includes at the far right a series of icons for opening the various window types and adding them to the current configuration. From there you can drag to reconfigure, drag borders to change relative sizes, etc. What's more, any window can be instantly changes to show a different type of data either by buttons along the top or by a drop-down menu (this for the "sidebar" windows--there are some restrictions as to what kinds of windows can open in the sidebar but they all make perfect sense within an audio work flow). I could go on about how customizable, flexible, direct (I'd say intuitive but I know better), and productive this is.

Like PB, I use DP almost exclusively in full-screen mode. In the case of PB this would make the ability to view and work with an attachment in a user-configurable pane even more compelling.

You may also notice that in one of the side bar windows in one of the screenshots there is a list of commands and functions (includes things that don't show up as menu commands). There are two columns for user assigned shortcut keys (yes, you can assign two keys to any function). DP has a lot of functions, which makes the ability to search this list very handy. PB could probably probably do without this feature, but the ability to keep a list of shortcuts in constant view along with the ability to change shortcut keys on the fly would not only be very useful, it also suggests the possibility of similar lists of thought and link types.

Click image for larger version - Name: dp1s.jpg, Views: 98, Size: 126.34 KB Click image for larger version - Name: dp2s.jpg, Views: 98, Size: 125.43 KB Click image for larger version - Name: dp3s.jpg, Views: 95, Size: 123.34 KB
Bug in - Cannot add attachement from templates
Sure. These are all normal files created by the apps. I can imagine that the Curio file might not be listed because it is, in fact, a package. Perhaps the same is true of OmniOutliner.

In any case, of the four that PB does list, ONLY OmniGraffle works.....
Click image for larger version - Name: addattachment_dialog.jpg, Views: 136, Size: 19.55 KB Click image for larger version - Name: templates_folder.jpg, Views: 139, Size: 64.01 KB
Oh. I thought it monitored what you were doing in other apps...

Activated it as you said. Some words it recognizes, some it doesn't. For example, when I put "MP3 Recorder" into the clipboard and then activate PB, my "MP3 Recorder" thought gets activated. However, when I put "Dhamma" in the clipboard and activate PB, nothing happens. Is there some reason PB doesn't speak Pali?
Expanded view suggestion
Just to add my two cents--filtering by link types woud be VERY useful.
Paste Special doesn't always work
So far, only formatting from Word is preserved when pasting into Notes.

Tex-Edit, Safari, and Camino--all formatting is lost no matter which option is chosen under Paste Special.

What is supposed to be the difference between "clean html," "inline" html, and "embedded" html?
Workaround Tips
I agree. Dragging and dropping into PB is well below par for the Mac.
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