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brain 3.2 and brain 4 free together ?
ThankYou, it works.

V.4 made a new set of data based on the translation of my old v.3 brains, and leave the old as it was. Still I am able to open this old brains with v.3.

I like v.4, it shows a brilliant v.3 evolution. Very remarkable all new seach functions, and the navigation in expanded view.

Congratulations TheBrain ppl !

brain 3.2 and brain 4 free together ?
I am satisfied personal Brain user for the last 12 years.

I use Brain 3.2 every day and want to be sure before making any change, so that I will be happy using Brain 3.2, and testing Brain 4.0 free with dummy data, in the same PC.

Is that possible ?

let us say : If I try to install in my PC Fee Brain 4.0, it will be possible to keep my old brain 3.2 installation working ?

Thank you
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